Friday, June 4, 2010

"Tea Are The World" - Don't Miss Lloyd Marcus's Latest Project!

Tea Are The World

We would like to let everyone know to tune into Windows to Liberty Radio Network Friday Night at 9pm Eastern to hear all about Lloyd Marcus’s “Tea are the World” project… Jimmy Jay (DJ of the Stars from the Rewind Show) will be conducting this very special interview with more details to be released live on-air Friday night. (and there is a possibility that Trade Martin will be joining them on-air as well) Lloyd Marcus is a true Patriot who you probably will recognize from the Tea Party Express tour and various other tea party rallies across the nation. This is a can’t miss show, and be sure to tell your friends!

Rock & Roll Legends Join Tea Party Celebs on "Tea Are the World" Project.  Proceeds Benefit Military Families.

This Saturday, June 5th, Tea Party Movement singers from across America will gather at Deltona Records in Florida to record, "Taking Back America" by Lloyd Marcus.  The recording will be done with various artists singing solo lines and everyone joining on the choruses.

From Alternative Rock, Rap, Country and everything in between, artists have submitted their finished recorded original songs to be included on a compilation CD.  Proceeds from the sale of the "Tea Are The World" CD will benefit the families of our fallen military -

Contributing artists include:

Marshall Lytle ~ from Bill Haley and his Original Comets ("Rock Around the Clock")

Danny & the Juniors (they did "At the Hop")

Joe the Plumber and VICTORIA JACKSON (Saturday Night Live) have signed up to sing!

Along with the titled song, "Take Back America", artists may submit songs to be included on the compilation CD. All proceeds from sales of the CD album and the "Take Back America" song benefits -

Radio Player Link
In case you haven't yet heard Lloyd Marcus' music, here are two examples:

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