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Conservatism 101 For Those Not Paying Attention

Conservatism 101 For Those Not Paying Attention
By Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

You and I are politically well informed. But there are many Americans like my family who do not follow politics as closely as we do. Their political views are shaped by liberal media bias hit pieces, spin and sound bites.

99.9 % of my family are democrats because Marcus family traditionally taught us that democrats are “for the little guy”. Republicans are “rich white racists”. Liberal media and the Democratic Party jointly support and promote this silly, simple lie, which still wins the democrats 95% of the black vote.

Despite me, the eldest of his five children being a black conservative tea party Republican, my 84-year-old dad's negative view of Republicans remains steadfast. Dad tolerates my baffling political views because he loves me.

However, I would not be surprised if my family scheduled an intervention. A black van pulls up, a hood is thrown over my head and I'm carted off to an undisclosed location. I am denied food, water, bathroom privileges, and subjected to videos of Obama speeches 24/7 until I break.

It occurred to me that my family, like many Americans, are probably clueless regarding the truth of what it means to be a liberal and a conservative. Ironically, the majority of my family lives extremely responsible “conservative” lives. They go to work every day, serve their communities, attend church, and raise their kids. And yet, the liberal media has lead them to believe the term “conservative” equals evil, white racist.

So, I would like to offer my family and others a little “Conservatism 101”. For fun, let's call it “Conservatism for Dummies”.

Let us begin with a parable.

Tale of Two Dads- School is Difficult and Little Johnny Wishes to Stay Home.

Little Johnny says, “Dad I don't want to go to school. The kids are mean and the work is too hard!”

Liberal Dad replies, “I know just how you feel son. School was no picnic for me either. Stay home today”.

Conservative Dad replies, “Boy, you had better get your butt out of that bed and get ready for school. I'll talk to the principal and your teachers to work out any problems. An education is vital to your future success and happiness. I'm forcing you to go to school because I love you!”

I am not suggesting Liberal Dad does not love his child. But Liberal Dad's attempt to be his child's friend rather than a responsible parent is a spineless choice all about making himself feel good.
Patently liberal. Most liberal thinking and choices are about making themselves feel good as opposed to truly helping the people they claim to feel great compassion towards.

Conservative Dad's reply was not that of a friend, but a responsible loving parent.

Liberalism is a religion. Despite failing whenever implemented, disciples of Liberalism faithfully believe if they can spend a little more of “other people's money”, they can bring forth their godless utopia where man is the ultimate authority. Atheists tend to embrace Liberalism.

Conservatism equals true/real compassion; rooted in common sense and honoring the human spirit. Conservatism celebrates achievement and a desire to be all one can be.

Liberalism is harmful and idiotic, while shrouded in so-called compassion. For example. Teachers at an LA school wanted Ebonics to be acceptable speech for black students. They argued that speaking Ebonics was cultural and learning English was too difficult. Black kids are not too stupid to learn to speak English correctly. Also, an inability to speak English is economically stifling.
And yet, whenever compassionate conservatives suggest learning English be required, they are branded racist by liberals.

You would think a “Liberal” is someone who is easy going, embracing a live-and-let-live attitude. In reality, liberals tend to be HUGE control freaks; arrogantly thinking themselves compassionately and intellectually superior to us common folks. This makes them best qualified to dictate how we should live our lives. Liberalism birthed Political Correctness, which seeks to control what we are permitted to think, say, and do.

Unquestionably, America was founded on Godly principles. Liberals want all reference to God banned from government and the public square, while demanding we display great tolerance for every other religion. Am I saying liberals tend to be anti-Christian? Yes!

Liberals are notorious for setting rules for the rest of us while exempting themselves. They want the government to demand we drive little more than lawnmowers covered with an auto body to “save the planet”. Meanwhile, they travel in limos and private jets.

In a nutshell, Liberals believe they know best. They use government to constantly invade our lives with new restrictions and controls. Government control hidden in Obamacare is the epitome of Liberalism.

I hope I have educated my family and others a little to the virtues of Conservatism and why it is best for all people.
Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.
Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin.
Spokesperson for Tea Party Express
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The Media Is Setting Us Up: We 'Must' Have A Perfect Candidate To Defeat Obama

By R. Clayton Strang
November 26, 2011

No one is perfect.  No one.  Not a single one of us has led a completely blameless life.  We've all said something that we wish we hadn't.  We've all lied, cheated, or stolen.  We've all done or said hurtful things.  Imperfection is a reality of the human condition.  We know and accept that we are flawed.  We realize that our parents, brothers, sisters, friends, and neighbors are flawed.  If we accept this as true, why do we expect more from our potential elected leaders?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

O4P-CA: Mamie Eisenhower's Pumpkin Chiffon Pie

Mamie Eisenhower's Pumpkin Chiffon Pie


1 env. plain gelatin

4 tbsp. cold water

1 cup brown sugar

3 eggs, separated

1/2 cup milk

1-1/2 cups canned pumpkin

2 tsp. cinnamon

1/2 tsp. ginger

1/4 tsp. allspice

3 tbsp. granulated sugar

1 baked 9" Pie Shell


Soak gelatin in water for about 5 minutes. Combine brown sugar, egg yolks, milk, pumpkin, salt and spices in top of double boiler. Cook over boiling water, stirring until thickened. Remove from fire. Add gelatin, stir until thoroughly dissolved. Chill until mixture begins to set. Beat egg whites quite stiff; gradually add sugar while continuing to beat until stiff. Fold the meringue into pumpkin mixture. Pour into baked pie shell and chill until set.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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The Donofrio Challenge: Proving Obama's Ineligibility Based On Supreme Court Precedents

After Barack Obama announced his candidacy for the presidency, the vetting of the candidate began in earnest, at least on the conservative and libertarian side of the aisle. In contrast, the left-wing, democrat-controlled media was in the tank for Obama from the get-go. His supporters put on their rose-colored glasses, gave up any semblance of journalistic curiosity, and elevated the man to God-like status. In their minds, criticizing or questioning anything about Obama was, and still is, the equivalent of criticizing or questioning Mohammad. At least for now, Obama's supporters aren't yet calling for the execution of his opponents.

To make sure that Obama won the presidency and maintained his redistributionist grip on the nation's economy, his supporters have employed Alinsky's ridicule tactics, and painted everyone a racist who criticizes Obama. They try to immediately shut down conversations rather than discuss the merits and demerits of Obama's past associations, his policies, and his eligibility.

They have taken great delight in attacking constitutionalists who doubt Obama's eligibility on grounds of his dual citizenship with the U.K., and they have reserved their special arrows of hate for those who doubt Obama's place of birth, even though it is they who have stoked the fires on the latter issue. They hope to distract attention away from the dual citizenship issue, which is Obama's Achilles' Heel.

Leo Donofrio, Esq.
Obama's acolytes know that the majority of Americans are conservative, so to maintain their power, and being without honor, integrity, or belief in a higher authority other than themselves, they have lied about the law, and they have ridiculed people who will not acquiesce to their belief system and bow at the feet of their master, Barack Obama.

One person who refuses to bow at the altar of Obama is New Jersey attorney, Leo Donofrio. Leo earned a J.D. from St. John's University. He passed the bar exam in New York, New Jersey, and the Multi-State bar. For the last twenty years, Donofrio has been licensed to practice law in New Jersey and the federal courts. Politically, Donofrio is a Libertarian.

Leading up to the 2008 election, Donofrio used his wordpress blog, NaturalBornCitizen, to educate the public as to the reasons why Barack Obama is ineligible to serve as President. To synthesize, he argues that a natural born Citizen is a person born in the U.S. to parents who are both citizens. This argument excludes babies born in the U.S. of one or more foreign parents. Barack Obama's father was not a U.S. citizen. Donofrio further argues that this class of citizenship is the only type of citizen permitted by the Constitution to serve as President.  As we all know, naturalized citizens may not become President.  In contrast, a misinformed public has been led to believe that children born here of one or more foreign parents can become President.

In Donofrio's many articles, his arguments cite historical sources which informed the views of our founders. Most importantly, Donofrio primarily discusses Supreme Court precedents, especially Minor v. Happersett, which he claims prove his case.

Now Donofrio is taking his blog to a new level of debate. Rather than allowing comments from the general public, he is inviting only licensed attorneys to argue the case with him in the court of public opinion. Will any of Obama's attorney-support groups come to his defense in Donofrio's forum?

Up to this point, attorneys using pseudonyms have verbally abused people like Leo Donofrio and a host of other conservative bloggers. These legal hotheads littered the blogosphere with vulgarity and ridicule at the now-defunct Politijab blog. Then they moved over to The Fogbow. In addition, they've posted at ObamaConspiracy, and a number of other left-wing blogs. Now they have invaded Jonathan Turley's blog.

From this point onward, Donofrio will only allow eligibility arguments from licensed attorneys. He intends to use NaturalBornCitizen as a blogger's courtroom. These are his new rules of engagement.
I put my name and professional reputation on everything I post at this blog.  From now on, if you want to post here, you must be licensed to practice law.  State your real name and the jurisdiction(s) you are licensed in.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
The national dialogue on the legal issues discussed here has often become juvenile at best and intentionally misleading at worst.  If you tried to argue on a bar examination – or law school final – that the US Supreme Court in Ex Parte Lockwood did not acknowledge Minor v. Happersett as a precedent on the definition of federal citizenship, you would fail.  Yet, all over the blogosphere anonymous propaganda pushing blatant falsehoods is rampant.  “NOT UP IN HERE!”
Feel free to use the comment box for submitting letters to the editor.  I am always happy to hear from you and will investigate tips and links alike, but only legal peers will see their commentary published.  And such commentary by fellow members of the bar will be printed in full.  My responses will follow in a separate comment.
Law school is hard.  Bar examinations are VERY difficult.  And attorneys are also required to take continuing legal education for years after admission to the bar.
While I appreciate the love and faith people have shown me in their comments, I cannot print them any longer.  The analysis must stand upon its own merit as filtered through the counter-analysis of other attorneys who are willing to stake their professional reputations upon such dialogue.
Attorneys may not intentionally mis-represent the law.  That is a violation of professional rules of conduct.  Anonymous commenters and bloggers do not have the weight of that responsibility over them, nor are they subject to the same penalties for breaking the rules.
Now we shall see whether these attorneys have the courage to come out of the woodwork and defend Obama's eligibility using their real names and J.D.s, just as they would be required to do if they were standing in a courtroom.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Secret Service Says Obama Is The Sneakiest (Two-Faced) President EVER!

Hat tip to CK.

O4P-CA: #OWS, Got It?

Dear OWS,

Please try not to hurt anyone (else) at your OWS Day of Action today.

I know you think your protest is cool and it must feel good to actually do something but you need to take a step back and re-think this whole occupy thing.

It's really stupid.

We're all for reform too but you gotta realize that there is a right way to make your point and there is a wrong way to make your point.

You probably don't believe in right and wrong. You seem eager to worship at the altar of the George Soros Open Society rather than live and let live as in Margaret Thatcher's Free Society. (choices...people...choices)

It doesn't really matter though because...well..because you are wrong.

Your dirty little protest has achieved nothing but rape, murder, suicide, robbery, tuberculosis, public masturbation, and yes...crabs.

While all of you over educated, under employed, college brats were busy whining and stinking up the streets of America someone else was hard at work.

Sarah Palin adviser Peter Schweizer of the Hoover Institute didn't just stop bathing and feign outrage over bank bail-outs and DC corruption in a misguided attempt to be fashionable.

He did something really really radical.

He worked his butt off for two years analyzing and investigating how it is that congressional leaders make millions of dollars because they have access to information that peasants like us don't have.

And now less than 72 hours after the release of Mr. Schweizer's book, Throw Them All Out, our corrupt little leaders are running around trying to save their jobs.

Both chambers of Congress are frantically producing bills that will restrict our naughty legislators from making money off the information in the law-making activities they're engaged in.

This has happened in the last three days.

Peter Schweizer's Throw Them All Out has already done more in the name of actual reform than any protesting from selfish OWS punks and cry-babies.

And just think. Mr. Schweizer achieved this without raping anyone, exposing himself, shooting anyone, or infecting them with body lice ( even the parasites have parasites - maybe the illegal Obamacare law covers Valtrex and Kwell?)

Funny how diligence and hard work pay off.

This is how it's done folks. This is the American way.

Got it?

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Rep. Allen West (FL) Tells Media To "Stop Being Afraid" To Stand Up To Obama

Gov. Perry Invites Nancy Pelosi To Debate Him In D.C. - She Runs Out Of Town

Nancy Pelosi declines debate challenge, mocks Rick Perry


Saturday, November 12, 2011

BREAKING: Grizzly Coalition Action Report

From time to time Grizzly Fest will be bringing you action items and updates that are separate from the quarterly Grizzly Fest Online Summit's.

This Sunday Sarah Palin adviser Peter Schweizer will be on CBS's 60 Minutes. Mr Schweizer will talk about Crony Capitalism, Insider Trading, and how Barack Obama's pay-to-play Green Jobs taxpayer grants and loans are not shovel ready, but rather another green scam:

Invest some money, secure taxpayer grants and loans, go public, and then cash out.

Listen NOW to the Grizzly Coalition Action Report: HERE

Tune in to CBS's 60 Minutes on Sunday November 13, 2011

Our work continues.

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JustiaGate: How The Constitution Was Electronically Corrupted To Help Elect Barack Obama

Someone has technologically sabotaged Supreme Court citations on the internet database, Justia, as well as at Cornell's Legal Institute database. The hackers have literally erased sentences, full paragraphs, and page citations, all of which specifically reference a SCOTUS holding in Minor v. Happersett and Ex Parte Lockwood, the later confirming the precedent of MvH.

The justices in MvH resolved a question about voting rights, but before doing that, they first had to define the term "natural born" Citizen, which the Constitution does not explicitly do.  Since the recent links below were published, Justia's CEO Tim Stanley has "corrected" some of the citations and claimed they were regex errors. However, Justia has also recently blocked the Wayback Machine from accessing their entire Supreme Court database. Why?

Because of the sabotage, leading up to the 2008 election, anyone searching precedents concerning the term "natural born" Citizen would not have been able to find them.  In short, the justices in Minor v. Happersett determined that a "natural born" Citizen was a person born in the U.S. to parents who were both citizens when the child was born. As you know, President Obama's father was a U.K. subject. All of the sabotage benefited Obama's candidacy, and de facto benefits all anchor babies. Someone is changing the historical record in order to get around the Constitution.

As conservative bloggers and journalists, you need facts, rather than simply accepting my remarks as accurate, so please take the time necessary to investigate the comprehensive evidence published by New Jersey attorney, Leo C. Donofrio and decide for yourself whether or not criminal actions have taken place. In addition to describing details of the sabotage in a series of articles, Donofrio also includes screen shots of pages before and after they were hacked.

For the love of our country, I urge you to explore this evidence in depth, and then do your best to alert the American public, your members of Congress, legal authorities, the American Bar Association (legal ethics), and anyone else whom you believe can help us bring the perpetrators to justice.

Feel free to copy this entire article and post to your website. I've made the url's visible for ease of linking on your site.

Home page:

11/11/11 - JustiaGate: Say It Aint So, Carl Malamud

11/2/11 - JustiaGate: Keep Scrubbing Stanley...You Missed a Few Spots

10/31/11 - JustiaGate:  CEO Tim Stanley Admits Publishing "Mangled" Supreme Court Opinions - The Oyez Connection - SCOTUS Response

10/28/11 - Look Who Cited To Justia For Supreme Court Holding

10/26/11 - JustiaGate: CEO Tim Stanley Claims Innocence After Blocking Access To Wayback Machine Snapshots Of All Supreme Court Cases Published By Justia

10/20/11 - Surgically Removed "Minor v Happersett" From 25 Supreme Court Opinions In Run Up To '08 Election

10/9/11 - Multiple Instances of Historical Scholarship Conclusively Establish The Supreme Court's Holding In Minor v. Happersett As Standing Precedent On Citizenship - Obama Not Eligible

7/1/11 - Caught Red Handed Hiding References To Minor v. Happersett In Published US Supreme Court Opinions

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sexual Harassment Accusers: Not Automatic Saints Or Sinners

Sexual Harassment Accusers: Not Automatic Saints Or Sinners
By Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Liberal feminist attorney, Gloria Allred held a press conference in which her female client made shocking graphic sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain. Sharon Bialek described a Herman Cain totally alien to the man I know.

Think about this folks. Suppose someone came out of nowhere to make totally out-of-character sexual harassment allegations against your dad, pastor, husband or friend. You would give your dad, pastor, husband or friend the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. This is called loyalty and friendship.

You would not go along with the politically correct way of thinking by demanding your dad, pastor, husband or friend prove they are not guilty. You would insist the burden of proof be placed squarely on their accuser where it rightfully belongs. I mean, we are talking about possibly destroying a priceless possession, one's reputation.

When Republicans or Conservatives are accused of sexual harassment, the left says the facts do not matter; only the seriousness of the charge. Anyone daring to question the accuser of a Republican or Conservative is attacked for being “pro sexual harassment” and a hater of women.

The arrogance and hypocrisy of the left continues to amaze me. ALL the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment were called liars and sluts by the left and the Clinton administration. Paula Jones sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment. In an effort to discredit Jones, Clinton adviser, James Carville said, “Drag $100 bills through trailer parks, there's no telling what you'll find”.

Gloria Allred never came to the defense of Paula Jones or ANY of Clinton's numerous accusers. For crying out load, during his 1992 campaign, a Clinton staffer coined the term “bimbo eruptions” after being assigned to deal with women who might come forward alleging extramarital affairs.

Clinton was given a pass because he is a liberal Democrat. The left which includes the National Organization for Women and the liberal media are not about empowering women as they claim. They are really about furthering liberalism and a socialistic/progressive agenda.

If the left truly cared about empowering women, they would not despise Sarah Palin as they do. Palin should be their poster girl; the epitome of a powerful successful woman both inside and outside side of the home. If the left truly desired to offer women a “choice” regarding abortion, they would not have a cow when a mother is persuaded to birth her baby rather than abort it.

My comments have nothing to do with defending Cain as a presidential candidate. While I hold Cain in high regard, I have not formally endorsed anyone. However, I smell the disgusting putrid odor of the left attempting to destroy ANOTHER black conservative.

Does the name Clarence Thomas ring a bell? In 1991, Democrats brought Anita Hill forward with charges of sexual harassment against black conservative, Clarence Thomas in a strategically planned “left wing” effort to deny Thomas a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. They failed.

But the battle was brutal. The liberal media tried to assist the Democrats by digging deep into Thomas' life including investigating the movies he rented from his local video store. Their desperate quest was to find anything they could use to destroy Thomas' character. Anita Hill's graphic claim of a pubic hair on a soda can will live forever in infamy. Stay tuned folks for a Cain accuser to surface with allegations of a pubic hair on a pizza.

The liberal media's enthusiastic attack and attempt to destroy Cain, a black conservative, is deja vu all over again. In both incidences, the black conservatives were on the threshold of winning extremely powerful positions based on their merit rather than the left's sacred cow, Affirmative Action.

And come on folks, you have to admit the timing of this scandal is extremely suspect. The moment Cain stunned the political intelligentsia by becoming the front runner, these women decided to come forward with 20-year-old “vague” allegations.

Then, right on cue, kicking the scandal up SEVERAL levels, Sharon Bialek comes forward alleging that Cain is not just a passive sexual harasser, but a predatory bully as well. Clearly, Bialek's over-the-top allegation was designed to be the “knockout punch” for the Cain campaign.

I remember a comment a woman made to me years ago during the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill scandal, “Something MUST have happened between them!” I thought, “Wow, despite no evidence, Thomas' reputation is tarnished for life”. Thomas, as other black conservatives, paid a huge price to escape the liberal plantation. His scars are deep and life long.

I do not know Cain's accusers. However, after conversations, interactions over the past few years and witnessing his graciousness towards everyone behind the scenes, I admire and respect Cain. The man I know is a gentleman of character and faith. So please forgive me for not accepting the word of strangers and politically motivated spokespersons; especially knowing the modus operandi of the left.

Far too often, whenever one of “ours” is targeted by the liberal media and the left, Conservatives immediately run for the tall grass to distance myself. Until proven wrong, I believe and stand with brother Cain.
Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.
Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin.
Spokesperson for Tea Party Express
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Palin: Fire Eric Holder

By Sarah Palin
November 10, 2011

It’s tempting to get distracted with the horse race aspect of electoral politics during a primary season. But as pundits talk about “who’s up and who’s down” in the 24 hour news cycle, we must keep our eye on the ball with the Obama administration. They rely on distraction to skirt responsibility, but we’re going to hold them accountable for their corruption and incompetence.

When the stories about Operation Fast and Furious first broke, it sounded too crazy even for this administration.

Why would any government official with an ounce of common sense think it’s a good idea to facilitate the smuggling of thousands of guns into the hands of violent Mexican drug cartels? That’s what Operation Fast and Furious did.

You might think Eric Holder’s Department of Justice was setting up a sting operation in which our federal agents would swoop down and arrest the bad guys the minute the guns traded hands. But that’s not what happened. Eric Holder’s DOJ had American gun dealers sell weapons to “straw purchasers” tied to drug cartels without actually following the movement of the guns as they were then sold to Mexican drug lords. They apparently thought this so-called “gun-walking” operation would help them chart the path of gun smuggling, but they didn’t have a plan to actually control the weapons’ movements as the guns were allowed to “walk” into Mexico. All Holder’s DOJ did was arm violent criminals. What manner of fools do we have working in this administration? What’s next? Supplying nuclear weapons components to the Iranians so we can track their activities?

High Tech Software Proves That Herman Cain Is Telling The Truth

Sharon Bialek better think twice before continuing her campaign to destroy Herman Cain. An investigator used voice recognition software to analyze both Cain's and Bialek's statements, and the results say that Bialek is lying. No doubt Cain's powerful attorney, L. Lin Wood, will pursue every possible lead to defend his client.  Wood has won "eye-popping" damages for clients falsely accused of sexual harassment. Bialek has had numerous financial problems in her life. Those problems may now get even worse.  [Hat tip to CK for finding this article.]

By Mike Paluska
November 10, 2011

Private investigator TJ Ward said presidential hopeful Herman Cain was not lying at a news conference on Tuesday in Phoenix.

Cain denied making any sexual actions towards Sharon Bialek and vowed to take a polygraph test if necessary to prove his innocence.

Cain has not taken a polygraph but Ward said he does have software that does something better.

Ward said the $15,000 software can detect lies in people's voices.

Obama's Chicago Gang Hard At Work Attempting To Destroy Herman Cain's Reputation

By Ann Coulter
Investor's Business Daily
November 9, 2011

Herman Cain has spent his life living and working all over the country — Indiana, Georgia, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Washington, D.C. — but never in Chicago.

So it's curious that all the sexual harassment allegations against Cain emanate from Chicago: home of the Daley machine and Obama consigliere David Axelrod.

Suspicions had already fallen on Sheila O'Grady, who is close with Axelrod and went straight from being former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley's chief of staff to president of the Illinois Restaurant Association (IRA), as being the person who dug up Cain's personnel records from the National Restaurant Association (NRA).

The Daley-controlled IRA works hand in glove with the NRA. And strangely enough, Cain's short, three-year tenure at the NRA is evidently the only period in his decades-long career during which he's alleged to have been a sexual predator.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christians: "We will vote for the man or woman who will give us government small enough to allow liberty, but big enough to preserve it."

George Washington
By John Mark Reynolds
November 9, 2011

Economists tell us how the economy goes, but God tells us how it should go.

Christians know what God hates: oppression of the poor, stealing, and covetousness.

The rich must not oppress the poor. The rotten deals between big business and big government are an odor of death in Heaven’s nostrils. Big government will always be in the hands of looters and moochers with the money to buy favors.

Both parties reward donors with graft, favorable regulations, and special laws while ignoring the rest of America. It sickens me to see President Bush and President Obama declare some corporations “too big to fail” while the jobless rate grows. Big corporations hire lobbyists and lawyers to escape regulation. Mom and pop struggle to run a business, but are strangled by regulations designed to enshrine special favors to those in the economic aristocracy.

Most American Christians favor small government because we know that large government will always fall into the hands of those wealthy enough to buy favor. Public servants face inevitable corruption becoming bureaucrats bloated on boodle.

The power to do great good will corrupt, the power to reach utopia will corrupt absolutely.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Open Letter To Herman Cain From A Fellow Black Conservative

Open Letter To Herman Cain From A Fellow Black Conservative
By Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Dear Herman Cain,

Thank you for your courageous decision to run for president as a conservative Republican. I am sure you anticipated opposition from the left. But, no one could have possibly anticipated the current level of intense hatred and vitriolic desire to politically tie a rope around your neck and drag your black, bludgeoned, dead carcass through the streets in the mud. Wow! Lord help us.

I thank you because your decision to run is much bigger than you. At a time when something has gone terribly wrong in the black community; 70% black high school dropout rate and 73% out of wedlock births, black youths need to see a man such as you; one of character and self reliance.

Your remarkable life story equals a nuclear bomb of truth being thrown into the black community. Your success derails the “you cannot succeed without us and our programs” rhetoric Democrats have been selling to blacks for the past 50 years. Desperate and frantic, the Democrat's clarion call to their minions and the liberal media is, politically, Herman Cain MUST DIE!

Channel surfing, I was stunned, shocked, and outraged. The same white liberal pundits who, without a shred of evidence, declared the tea party racist, were all over TV ravenously “high tech lynching” you, a black man for being a conservative republican. These pious, self proclaimed, most tolerant among us, viciously attacked you in every way, from your character to your intellect. It was shameful and evil. It made me extremely angry.

The Tea Party has grown tremendously, not only in numbers, but in depth over the past two and half years. Tried and true liberal media “hit” tactics no longer work. We began as fragmented bands of frustrated citizens, fearful of the direction Obama and company is taking our country. Today, the Tea Party has developed into numerous organized groups, an army of patriots; well prepared, well-informed and ready for political battle.

Along with our earned political sophistication comes total awareness of the pathetically transparent attempt to knock you out of the presidential race via ridiculously weak charges of sexual harassment. Again, displaying their arrogance and shameful hypocrisy, the same people who are attacking you rallied around their beloved poster boy of “proven” sexual harassment, Bill Clinton.

While the original source of the political sexual harassment attack on you is debatable, the left has joyfully picked up the ball and run with it, piling on daily with unsubstantiated embellishments.

Rest assured my brother, their efforts to destroy you are proving fruitless, as evidenced by the rise in financial contributions to your presidential campaign.

Please forgive me for presuming to speak for the Christians in our tea party family when I say we are praying for you. I personally believe and offer this scripture to you, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper”.

So, let the evil left do their thing. Let them relentlessly labor at their “got to take out the n-----” campaign. I gleefully report, “It ain't workin'!”

These knucklehead, liberal, political hacks and their media are stuck in the past. They erroneously still believe they set the rules, can successfully “take-out” our candidates and can anoint our candidates. They are mistaken. There's a new, John Wayne style, sheriff in town called the Tea Party; kickin' butt and takin' names.

Herman Cain, bottom line; we, your Tea Party family have got your back! Hang in there and keep the faith. Millions are behind your efforts 100%.

This letter is not a Tea Party formal endorsement of you as our presidential nominee. It is meant to comfort you with the knowledge that judging from the character of patriots I have met at rallies across America on five national Tea Party Express bus tours, we firmly stand in solidarity with you, our brother patriot, against a vile, sold-out to liberalism and socialism, liberal media and Democratic Party.

In conclusion, I encourage you, my fellow black conservative patriot brother, “Run Herman, run!”

Herman Cain jingle.

God bless.
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Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin

Video: Meet 13 Slaves Who Served As Republicans In Congress During Reconstruction

Another video from under the leadership of Frantz Kebreau.

Tabulated Data PROVE Obama Is The Worst President In American History

By Steve McCann
November 3, 2011

Three years ago, the people of the United States elected someone who has turned out to be the worst president since the pre-Civil War era.  Barack Obama, whether in economic matters, domestic affairs or international relations, has been an abject failure and has severely jeopardized the future of the American people. 

This must be the focus and message of those seeking the Republican presidential nomination, who must not allow themselves to be focused on demeaning each other and sidetracked by falling for the usual tactics of the Democrat and media smear machines (epitomized by the latest specious attack on Herman Cain).

A cursory examination of Obama's overall record compared with other presidents reveals someone driven purely by statist ideology, whose narcissism renders him incapable of change regardless of the long-term consequences.  He does not seem to care what happens to the American people.

Video: The Democratic Party Sees "Blacks" as "Useful Idiots"

Excellent video below which illustrates the twisted history of slavery and it's original masters, the Democrat party. The lie lives on to this day in the party's useful idiots, unless you can help this video go viral.  Tell your friends and neighbotrs the truth.  This video was created by Frantz Emmanuel Kebreau.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fearful Intellectual Conservative Syndrome

Fearful Intellectual Conservative Syndrome
By Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

I was stunned when conservative author Ann Coulter endorsed Mitt Romney for president. I love Ann. I even named her in my tribute song honoring Conservative women, “Our Girls”.

Why would one of my conservative heroes select a liberal-lite to run against the Mike Tyson of political opponents. No, I am not suggesting Obama would bite off the ear of our presidential candidate, but Obama is a Chicago style no-holds-barred politician. If your opposition brings a political stick, you bring a political gun. That's the Chicago Way.

As Chairman of the, I have taken heat from folks on our side angry because of our ad exposing Romney's liberal choices and tendencies.

Folks, here is the deal. Romney is not a conservative. Yes, Romney has made some conservative choices. But, they seem to have come after he has been drug kicking and screaming to the conservative side of the street.

Obamacare is an Obama-nation in regards to freedom. If implemented, Obamacare will end America as we know it. A Herculean effort will be required to repeal Obama's evil socialistic mega-control monstrosity. Can we trust Romney to go “all in” to repeal Obamacare?

Intimidated, fearful intellectual conservatives say Obama has the bully pulpit of the White House, the majority of the media and a billion dollars on his side for re-election. In essence, they believe we have lost our country. They believe a majority of Americans are infected with entitlement mindsets and class envy disease. Obama's media manipulated ill-informed infected zombies are going to vote for the guy (Obama) who promises freebies and vows to punish the rich.

Driven by fear, the game plan of our smart conservative gurus is to offer a liberal-lite candidate who will also promise freebies, but not so irresponsibly; punish the rich, but not so severely.

I believe these conservative colleagues are suffering with Fearful Intellectual Conservative Syndrome.

Intellectuals in our party such as Coulter and others are rallying around Romney because they fear America will not elect a pedal-to-the-metal true conservative. They believe we need a liberal-lite to defeat Obama.

Meanwhile, we not-so-smart naïve tea party patriots believe a true conservative will win in a landslide.

From national to local elections, solid conservatism was a huge winner in 2010. Since then, the pain, suffering and economic bleeding caused by Obama and his agenda has intensified. Thus, the referendum against him will be far greater in 2012. It is crucial that we exploit this golden opportunity to challenge Obama ideologically by selecting a true conservative presidential candidate.

While the democrats, by far, have been the major offenders, liberalism in both parties has been taking us down the road to destruction for years. In 2012, with a true conservative Republican presidential candidate leading the charge, we can begin taking America back from both parties; pointing her in the right direction on the road to recovery.

We did the “liberal-lite thing” in '08 and lost. Remember a guy named John McCain? So, why on earth would we go there again?

We know the drill. Here is the play by play. The lib media and Republican elite convince all the “smart people” on our side that only a reasonable “moderate” like Romney can possibly beat Obama. So, out of fear, we select Romney as our 2012 presidential nominee.

Upon Romney officially winning the Republican nomination, the lib media turns on him. Suddenly, they declare Romney a Mormon religious nut. They release all kinds of stories about how electing Romney would equal the personification of evil in the White House.

And no left wing/democrat exploitation of having a black candidate would be complete without the lib media, NAACP and the Obama administration finding ways to portray Romney as a stealth KKK card carrying racist. This would be the left's 2012 presidential campaign against our “moderate” Republican candidate.

Since we know the left will attempt to demon-ize and destroy whomever our Republican nominee, why not run a thoroughbred “real deal” conservative?

We tea party patriots have more faith in our fellow Americans than do our fearful intellectual conservative colleagues. We believe entitlement mindset and class envy disease has not yet infected a critical mass of Americans. There is still time to vaccinate the infected with the cure and restore our great country to it's former glory. The vaccine/miracle cure is Conservatism spread boldly and lavishly by our 2012 presidential candidate.

Conservatism won a former actor presidential candidate a 44 state landslide victory in 1980 and a 49 state re-election landslide in 1984. Conservatism can win huge again in 2012.
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Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin

JustiaGate: Supreme Court Official Opinion in Blake v. McClung Also Sabotaged

Tim Stanley, Justia CEO

By Leo Donofrio
November 2, 2011 published corrupted versions of 25 US Supreme Court opinions pertaining to the issue of POTUS eligibility.  (See previous JustiaGate reports here, here, here and here.)  Admitting that many Supreme Court cases had, in fact, been “mangled”, Justia CEO Tim Stanley told CNET on Oct. 24, 2011:

“When we discovered the issue, we corrected the script and the cases now render correctly.”

But it’s now apparent that Justia missed a few rather large spots cleaning up their mess.  This morning, I received a comment by prolific Constitutional researcher, Dan Goodman, who published an article entitled, “Natural (native) Born Citizen Defined“, on Aug. 22, 2009 at the Social Science Research Network.  (This post does not intend to comment upon the conclusions of Goodman’s article.)  In that report, Goodman quotes directly from the United States Supreme Court in BLAKE v. MCCLUNG, 172 U.S. 239, 256-257 (1898):

“The constitution forbids only such legislation affecting citizens of the respective states as will substantially or practically put a citizen of one state in a condition of alienage when he is within or when he removes to another state, or when asserting in another state the rights that commonly appertain to those who are part of the political community known as the People of the United States, by and  for whom the government of the Union was ordained and established.” (Emphasis added.  Link to FindLaw version of case.)

Mr. Goodman’s comment (cross posted at The Real Revo) states that since his article was published, Justia sabotaged the quote:

White 'Progressives' Dislike Cain Because He Threatens Their Liberal Plantation

By Peter Heck
November 2, 2011

Just as Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain predicted, he has become the most recent victim of the race-baiting left's high-tech lynching of prominent, conservative black men. Days before the Cain sexual harassment smear emerged from the sewers of liberal trash journalism, MSNBC's Martin Bashir hosted contributor Karen Finney who proclaimed that conservatives only liked Cain because, "they think he's a black man who knows his place." As Bashir actually thanked her on-air for making such an offensive and ignorant remark (far from being a submissive position, conservatives are supporting Cain in his effort to ascend to the highest office in the land), Finney granted, "I know that's harsh, but that's how it sure seems to me."

That's an interesting moment of candor since it now sure seems to any American paying attention that Finney and her fellow liberals dislike Cain because they think he's a black man who doesn't know his place. Diversity of thought amongst minorities -- particularly blacks -- is forbidden in the church of liberalism. Having constructed their entire political kingdom on the back of the dollars-for-votes dependency model, self-made black men who stray from the liberal plantation and threaten to carry the empowering message of personal (not government) reliance to throngs of minorities currently under the left's spell of entitlement, must be dealt with severely. Destroying them professionally and personally is a small price to pay to keep the plantation thriving.