Thursday, June 24, 2010

Global Climate, Earth's Resources and Governments

Six thousand years ago the Sahara Desert was a lush tropical region abundant with rivers and its tributaries and lakes, as well as many species now found south of the great desert today. Ancient Egypt became a great civilization because of the Nile River with rich silt that grew enough food for the growing Egyptian population. The Sahara region became a desert because of a warming effect, which today alarmists would have one believe is a unique global phenomenon today introducing a forecast of doom upon the planet Earth. But warming and cooling has been part of Earth’s history long before the human species existed and life on Earth learned to adapt. It wasn't easy, but things that are important in life usually work that way.

Yet, we should be concerned about the quality and non-pollution of our fresh water because it only consists of 3% of the Earth’s water content with 97% being salt water non-potable and useless for growing food. Modern science has found ways to make food from the natural plant resources in oceans and seas, like algae, kelp and seaweeds; but this cannot be used if the oceans and seas become polluted.
Water found beneath in the ground, even found desert, arid regions ground water is also in jeopardy because of modern civilization polluting the precious resource. Wells are polluted by farmer’s improper collection of manure, which has been corrected by building holding tanks to prevent it washing into streams and into underground systems that the Earth sucks up like a big sponge. 33% of fresh water on Earth is found in subterranean caverns and pools.

Earth’s atmosphere must also be protected. We are finally realizing that building great cities with little or no plant life, nature’s own air purifier; CO2 being used by plants and in return produces oxygen. So it would be prudent for humans to ensure there is enough of plant life, especially trees even in cities.
Civilizations have disappeared because of not using local resources properly or ignorantly polluting that which they had. This is, of course, a concern today just as it was then, but the difference is that today it has become a political tool because politicians and others with ulterior motives know that fear and doomsayer rhetoric will encourage the people to agree with their goals.
Recently so much dialogue, protests and people believing the alarmists follow those that would doctor scientific data, and in some cases, actually make it up. A computer model can only be as accurate as the data it receives.
We must continue to strive to invent clean and economical means of providing heat, electricity and the rewards of civilization, especially as the world’s population grows. Population, overpopulation, is also an issue. There is only so much room for people and so much land to grow food necessary to sustain that population.
It is not up to the governments of the world to make all of this work, it is the people and the ingenuity of the private sector that will find the best answers; combined with scientists who are more concerned about solving the issues than receiving notoriety and making life better for all. Governments who have statesmen and stateswomen who responsibly pass legislation that private sector businesses do not further pollute. It is far easier and faster to prevent the pollution than to clean it up – the recent Gulf oil spill attests to that.
Governments preach about the Green movement but have laws that hinder people from using alternate energy and coupled with bureaucratic red tape, people who have the incentive to use wind and solar energy as an alternate to expensive carbon fuel. It is time that governments owe up to their preaching of alternate energies instead of playing games with the people and sidling up to the trough offered by unions, tax schemes – like cap-and-trade.
Until we find the means to reduce further the need for crude oil for energy, America must continue to strive to be self sufficient concerning crude oil and responsibly, with level heads, address issues concerning the use of it. Safety measures to prevent pollution should be in place and required of all those who make a living by gleaning black gold from the ground and the seas of the world. We have a great source of energy that has been around for eons, the Sun, a star that if properly and practically harnessed would produce energy that is cheap and clean. It will be here the life of this planet. Without out it or if it eventually changes to a superstar and ends its life as all stars are destined to end; people of this planet need to harness its energy.
We would probably need crude oil for lubrication and other products invented by scientists, like plastics and other products that may be invented in the future - but we would no longer be dependent upon burning carbon, like coal, that pollutes the air we breathe. 
The western world is presently being assailed by religious fanatics, whose goal is world theocracy that governs people like they were governed in the medieval period of human history, and it is being financed primarily with crude oil and illegal cultivation and trafficking of plants that produce highly addictive and dangerous heroine. America should no longer become hostage to foreign oil and its prices. If the price of crude oil is reduced, we could make high-strength plastic timber that could be used to build homes and buildings that are less combustible and build furniture with artificial looking wood that still shows the beauty of natural wood grains – and there would be no need to cut forests except to prevent dangers of forest fires. Managing forests across the world and reintroducing forests in other places would increase the quality and oxygenation of the atmosphere. Crude oil prices would be reduced enough to become a cheap commodity once an alternative energy or series of alternative energies were produced that people could afford to use.
We are at the beginning of the 21st Century and we should already be on the road towards more efficient and affordable energy with methods of production and inhabiting this planet that does not pollute it. This can be the age of renewable resources that will help civilization just as the industrial and the computer age has done. We are a resourceful species, but we must use those resources responsibly and approach it with fact and true science.
Politicians whose answer is taxes and cap-and-trade schemes are not the answer – but the ingenuity of the people who strive to make their lives better and the lives of all.
Earth will never be the perfect utopia, just as humans are not perfect; but there is no reason we cannot strive to make the best possible world for all who live within it. Humans must make education a priority and shun away those who strive to deceive for political or personal reasons, using fear of a doomsday future as their tool. 

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