Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tax Freedom Day: April 24th and Progressive Tax System

April 24th is Tax Freedom Day, days after the dreaded April 15th tax burden day executed by the infamous IRS. Republicans are sending out email with a questionnaire and a general poll that claims they are for “tax reform” - without any specifics as to how and when it will be implemented. This year the government (federal, state, and local), will take 114 days of your labor to pay into the income tax system. The slick tax system promises a 'return' in the early part of the next year – some will get most of it back, some will get all of it back, and others will pay for both. It is forced income redistribution at its best.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Will Raising Minimum Government Regulatory Wage Be Good for Economy?

The Progressives have everyone believing that raising the minimum wage to $15 will be good for the economy. Will it?
MRC-TV does their thing passing around a bogus petition on campus to raise it to $50 ...

Rand Paul in Poll Lead of Possible Candidates

Rand Paul is still strong in the polls against conservative hopefuls for 2016 - even Queen Hillary. There is among good possible candidates that intend to run for the 2016 primary election, to include Scott Walker, who made himself known fighting against unions and Democrat control in Wisconsin. He is still running well nationally, but his job approval in Wisconsin has dropped from 56% to 41% according to the LA Times. The Progressives have tagged him as a radical, as they have Governor Walker.

FBI Indicts Doctor for $6.5 million Medicare Fraud

This is why Medicare has had financial problems: Doctor is indicted for charging Medicare for services not provided for the total amount of $6.5 million.
Be a responsible citizen.

Hillary's Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

In all of her political campaigns, unethical and illegal practices have been uncovered, most notoriously is the use of Hillary and Bill's “Clinton Foundation” - continuously showing how the income tax system works well for those who can find loopholes in the 10,000 page income tax system.
In a statement that demonstrates Hillary's shameless hypocrisy and on her Iowa campaign tour and speaking to a community college in Iowa, she stated:
We need to fix our dysfunctional political system and get unaccountable money out of it once and for all, even if that takes a constitutional amendment.
If you recall …
Though President Obama’s DISCLOSE Act eventually failed to pass in Congress, the IRS agency responsible for approving the status of 501(c) groups effectively shut down approvals of new conservative groups for two years. The long delay was eventually publicized when an Inspector General investigation uncovered the divergent treatment given to conservative groups. The acting IRS director was fired in the wake of the targeting revelation. Lois Lerner, the government official who oversaw the portion of the IRS responsible (and who had echoed President Obama’s concerns about Citizens United) refused to testify before Congress about her involvement.
Time magazine has dubbed Hillary as "America's greatest modern creation".
Good grief.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gyrocopter, Campaign Finance, and Lost Email

As you already know because the media has gone into a frenzy over a Florida postal worker flying his gyrocopter to the Capital no-fly zone to deliver two-page letters to all members of Congress personally there is great concern about Capital Hill security. It was all about dissatisfaction of Doug Hughes over the campaign financing issue. The man did not mean any harm, but it was a stupid action. He could have easily had just mail them like everyone else. Mr. Hughes made a video to let people know ahead of time and informed the Tampa Bay Times what he was going to do. The newspaper staff and editors did not warn the Capitol grounds authorities.

Chicago: Taking the Same Road As Detroit

Will Chicago be heading toward what happened to Detroit? 
Street in Detroit or Chicago?
Examining cities that have been controlled by Democrats for decades, it most likely will happen. 
As Margaret Thatcher stated:
The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money.
The answer to the photo question is: Chicago street. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

FCC Regulates Internet June 12th - What Are You Doing to Stop It?

On June 12th, FCC will implement Obama's plan to regulatory control of the Internet with the agenda to raise higher taxes and fees to counter the Obama administration's over-the-board spending. Unless Congress takes action or a court grants a stay, in less than two months we can say goodbye to probably the last free-market enterprise and symbol of freedom of what is left of constitutional liberties. Without regulations and limited taxes, it represents the last part of the private sector that is not controlled and used as a means to further federal bureaucracy. The FCC already published the regulation in the Federal Register.
Is your representative and senator doing something about this unconstitutional act without congressional oversight and vote for legislation to make the regulatory control legal?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hillary Clinton is Officially Running for President in 2016

Proving that she has no conscious, Hillary Clinton is officially on the campaign trail for presidential election 2016. To begin, in an interview, she found it difficult to pinpoint her accomplishments as Secretary of State and her campaign rhetoric is all generic and general points of what she actually did.
What should be revealed is two important events that happened while she was Secretary of State: (1) $6 billion unaccounted for, and (2) Benghazi fiasco.
As Patriot Post put it …
You build a marketing campaign around the mirage with a tightly controlled, choreographed public-relations script. And you delete a few thousand emails along the way. Hillary’s Sunday afternoon video announcement was characteristic of a weak candidate with enough unclaimed baggage to open an outlet store. After all, Hillary’s known for three things, none of which are her personal achievements: Her marriage to Bill, her corrupt influence peddling and her personal email server.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Reflections: 21st Century Beginning Not As Hoped

Reflections after looking at visits from an international audience, I can see that the Internet belongs to the People – not governments. This is true no matter what nation you live in. Once upon a time, the United States was a role model – not for democracy, but for the constitutional republic, freedom and liberty, and the rule of law For the People and By the People. Because of our bankrupt foreign policy, perpetuated by politicians who approach problems with the same failed domestic/foreign policies; we are no longer looked upon as such.
This does not mean that I have given up on my country, or not loyal to my fellow Americans, or intend to use the apologetic approach of Obama and Kerry; but looking at problems objectively with an agenda toward true reformation. That can only happen by We the People and that being true for all people from any nation.

Obamacare Is Working As Expected - Poorly

The Massachusetts health reform legislation, signed into law by then Governor Mitt Romney, was a model of the so-called Obamacare, perpetuated by the same architects. John Goodman wrote:
More evidence comes from a study of Massachusetts health reform – the supposed model for national health reform. A new study, published in the BMJ policy journal, examined hospitalization in Massachusetts for 12 medical conditions that wouldn't normally require hospitalization if a patient has good access to primary care. These are thought to be a good measure of access to health care, according to Danny McCormick of Harvard Medical School, the study's lead author.Interestingly, 50 years ago many people expected a surge of demand for care in response to the creation of Medicare. It didn't happen.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Lies: Government Takeover Scheme of the Internet and Its Cost

This is a good follow-up of the last article about truth ...
President Obama told us that the new FCC regulation would make broadband internet more accessible to the people. He lied. He said that everyone should have broadband, but failed to mention it was just a scheme for the tax and spend politicians in Washington, DC.
FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler dismissed the idea of new taxes and fees as a myth. He lied.
Big Government politicians have been trying to get their mitts on the Internet for some time now, and, yes, it is reported that the taxman cometh.
Does anyone realize that the government taxes the same money twice? First they grab their 'share' from your paycheck, then they get more from the myriad of taxes from whatever is left of your paycheck, YOUR income.
Did you know that public utilities are taxed at a higher rate than other businesses? It reflects on your monthly bill.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Truth: What A Concept

For too many truth is unbearable to realize, as Derek Hunter points out in his article, Truth Is For Suckers.
Rolling Stone magazine made money by lying in a story entitled A Rape On Campus. The lie hurt people because a college fraternity and several of its members were named. The magazine was about a rape victim known only as Jackie. It turned out that Jackie is a really expert fabulist storyteller. Eric Wemple, Washington Post, stated that the story was a complete crock. The author of the article was Sabrina Erdely who as of this writing is still employed as a 'journalist'. Too bad she can't be treated as an unethical lawyer and be 'disbarred' from journalism. Maybe if the journalism society and its universities would develop such a system we would have more reliable news reporting and journalists who want to discover and reveal truth rather than suppress it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

DOJ Issued 100,000 Illegal Alien Permits Despite Injunction

The Department of Justice, like their boss and the Obama Crime Family, apparently do not think they must abide by the law. Despite an injunction, the DOJ issued 100,000 illegal alien work permits and the process for them to collect benefits as if they were legal citizens began.
President Obama is dangerous. He cannot run for office again and it is apparent that he does not care if he operates out of constitutional law. He looks upon Congress and constitutionalists as if they were enemies of the state.
The sad thing, despite plenty of documentation that could start impeachment hearings, it will never happen because as they have claimed all along, it would be racist - and the GOP establishment does not have the intestinal fortitude.
It is sad that the first American of African descent would be the worst president it US history. With all the noble and honest folks out there, could the majority not have chosen someone worthy of that honor? I fear the same thing will happen when a progressive female bids for presidential office, the biggest nightmare would be Hillary Clinton; and anyone objecting to her policies and anti-constitutional actions would be called a sexist - once again staining an historical landmark.
I really do not care what gender or race that an American citizen who becomes president or a member of Congress - as long as they put constitutional law before anything else and get the US out of its domestic economic status as well as clean up our foreign policies we have kept for far too long.

Obama Iran Nuclear Deal: No Clause for Israel's Right To Exist

Obama Foreign Policy
You have read in the news about Obama's foreign policy record and how he has insulted and ignored the PM of Israel in his request to be backed up against Islamic fascism; and, of course, the recent disaster of the nuclear 'talks' with Iran. Israel has been wrongly condemned and insulted by the general members of the United Nations. Threats coming from Iran are well documented.
Obama has openly dismissed the notion that Iran must recognize the existent of Israel and cease aggression against Jews (and Christians). Our president has sided with a known terrorist supporter and making way for Iran to be a nuclear armed nation - no matter what delusional rhetoric he has stated or promises (remember Obamacare promises) he makes. Obama is opening a Pandora box that will lead to nuclear chaos and detrimental to our national security and our allies.
Remember how well Bill Clinton handled the nuclear question with North Korea? Giving in to a rogue nation in the name of 'negotiation' is like giving your lunch money to the school bully and thinking that will be the end of violence.