Saturday, June 26, 2010

Introducing: Republicans for Black Empowerment

The word "empowerment" in this group's name reminds me of the words we hear from groups like the New Black Panthers, so I wish RBE had chosen a word with different connotations.  Nevertheless, I believe it is vitally important for black conservatives to do all they can to bring others with them into the fold.  Thus, I encourage you to introduce others to this new Facebook group.  When you follow the link, you will find they are attempting to start state chapters.  Maybe you could start one as well.  In addition to Glenn Beck's Founders' Friday programs, this group hopefully will spread the good word about conservativism, and change the minds and hearts of friends and family.

Next to terrorism, one of the biggest threats to our nation is the divide between the races that was created by Democrats and their ilk.  As I learned by watching Beck's programs, Democrat President Woodrow Wilson took the leading role in destroying race relations.  Click the above link to understand more about his role.  RBE and other conservative groups like this one offer a constructive way to change our world for the better.  

Republicans for Black Empowerment is on a mission to raise the value of black America's political capital by increasing awareness of the upside offered by conservative solutions to the black community's concerns.  For over 40 years, black voters have staunchly aligned themselves with the Democratic Party on Election Day.

However, an increasing number have begun questioning the wisdom of supporting . . .
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P.S.  In case anyone is wondering, I am caucasion.  I hope and pray for a world without racial issues.


  1. We have some very good Black conservatives running in 2010.
    Quite a good number as well as both sexes. I am watching some of their races.

  2. Blythe,
    I'm always pleased when I learn that black conservatives are not only running, but winning. Did you see Frances Rice's recent congratulatory article?