Monday, June 28, 2010

Media Marxists Intensely Lobbying the FCC for Net Neutrality

Free Press and the Left Have Had At Least 30 'Behind Closed Door' 'Sellout' Meetings with the FCC since January
By Seton Motley,

While Free Press pitches a (staged?) hissy fit about one with AT&T, Verizon – and Google and Skype

Chairman Julius Genachowski and his Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have been for quite some time seeking to drastically increase their regulatory control over the internet.

The Chairman and the Commission lack the legal authority to do this. They have been told this by (at least) a Clinton-appointee led federal appeals court – in the Comcast-BitTorrent case – and a bipartisan Congressional contingent, who wrote Chairman Genachowski letters telling him to cut it out.

Undaunted, Chairman Genachowski headed once more into the breach. On June 17th, he convened the five FCC Commissioners to vote on a proposed reclassification of broadband – from the lightly regulated Title I to the much more burdensome Title II. And the Commission voted to begin the investigative process, on a Democrat Party-line 3-2 vote.

All of this was done to the delight – and the crack of the whip – of the Media Marxists.
For the Media Marxists, fundamental transformation means eradicating all private ownership of all avenues of media and communication – radio, television and the internet – so as to have the government be the sole provider of all information.  The damage this would do to free speech – not to mention the free market system – is of course all-encompassing.  And decidedly frightening.
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