Monday, June 7, 2010

Obama's Incompetence Beggars Belief

Obama Fails the Test of Office
By J.R. Dunn
American Thinker
June 7, 2010

Over the past few weeks, we've been treated to a precise and detailed preview of what the rest of the Obama presidency will be like: a sky black with chickens coming home to roost and blaming George W. Bush.

Not even midway into the Obama presidency, we've been hit with two major crises and a scandal.  Constituting the first serious challenges to confront this administration, they arrive quite belated, occurring eighteen months into Obama's first term.  Obama has had plenty of time to prepare (recall that Bush was thrust into his moment of truth less than nine months after taking office).  So what has he done?
Obama got into office under false pretenses, a fact that has now become undeniable. He was omnicompetent, eminently intelligent, the man -- the god, according to some -- with all the answers. Now the lifeguard is at the deep end of the pool, over his head, and floundering, with the bath house on fire and alligators jumping into the children's end. It is our task as citizens (and I include those who voted for him) to assure that he doesn't pull the U.S., not to mention the rest of the world, down with him, while also somehow dealing with all those other challenges. This should keep us busy until 2012. 

And I'll tell you something else: he'll crack before we do. 
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  1. None of the Usurper's actions are out of stupidity or incompetence. When will everyone understand that the Usurper has no allegiance or attachment to American ideals. He means to overload the system, destoy it, and build his Marxist wet dream from the ashes.

  2. Dualer,
    I think you're half right. He intends to do harm to America, but I also believe he is incompetent. I find it incomprehensible that Americans elected a man with absolutely no executive experience to run the most powerful country in the world. Imagine the fate of Microsoft if, instead of Bill Gates, someone like Barney Frank became the CEO.

    Obama may already be strategizing about his future once he leaves office, either by an election rout or by impeachment. See this morning's post on JR about the Kenyan constitution.

  3. In my mind there's no question that he is intentionally damaging America to the max. This is easy to understand when you look at his family background ... his daddy was a drunken communist serial womanizer, his momma was also a communist that hated America and all it stood for - so much so in fact that she lived all but the very first few and very last few years elsewhere.

    You cannot tell me that this background along with the influence of his grandpa whose biggest pal (that the grandson remembers as "old Frank") was a well known communist and passed much of his hatred through to the grandson as well.

    With his family's ingrained hatred of our country and everything it stands for, it is no surprise that he acts as he does. The surprise is why the Fourth Estate (HA!) didn't pick up on this to help educate others ... and still haven't.

    I think the only reason he hasn't ruined a lot more and more quickly is that he is, indeed, an incompetent as well as a fool. The damage being done is hardly accidental but is merely carrying out his "familial hatred" of their own country like many of the stooges that still support and defend him.

    That is, in a word, TREASON!!