Thursday, June 24, 2010

Continued Constitutional Crisis - Thoughts of Impeachment

One thing after another, after performing poorly in the Gulf oil spill crisis, President Obama and associates continue to push their socialist agenda.
The U.S. Treasury and Labor Departments will ask for public comment as soon as next week on ways to promote the conversion of 401(k) savings and Individual Retirement Accounts into annuities or other steady payment streams, according to Assistant Labor Secretary Phyllis C. Borzi and Deputy Assistant Treasury Secretary Mark Iwry, who are spearheading the effort.
The Obama administration, Congressional activists, Ford Foundation, and Rockefeller Foundation are engineering a new regulation and incentive for more taxes. It is amazing how much Obama has learned from studying FDR’s New Deal philosophy and Saul Alinsky – an ideology based on Marxism. The scheme is over $2 trillion dollars in bonds to be sold this year and foreign buying is on the wane. China says it has enough ‘invested’ in America. The goal is to force Americans to convert their 401(k)s, like ObamaCare, and IRAs into government-controlled retirement accounts.
The government hasn’t solved the problem with Social Security, which would be helped if it was turned over to the private sector over a period of time. Now the government wants to add yet another form of retirement directed and controlled by government. Looking at the record of Social Security and Medicare – who do they think they are kidding?

According to Human Events, the 401(k)/IRA de-privatization plan is the scheme of Teresa Ghildarducci of the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis (SCEPA), funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.
Meanwhile, President Obama in collaboration of the Mexican government and in response to Arizona’s effort to thwart illegal alien migration and deport those who have crossed the border illegally and Obama intends to pass a blanket amnesty through an executive order – bypassing Congress.
Eight Republican senators and an independent group that supports tighter limits on immigration are warning that the Obama administration is drafting a plan to "unilaterally" issue blanket amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants as it struggles to win support in Congress for an overhaul of immigration laws.
Those senators wrote a letter to the White House describing their concern that the administration’s plan would not be supported in Congress. It was then the White House reported that President Obama was considering an executive order.
If he is so interested in executive orders, why didn't he produce an executive order that would bypass the Jones Act that prevented the help offered by 13 nations when the Gulf oil spill first occurred?
Mexico has involved itself in America’s internal affairs concerning constitutional law and illegal immigration, a clear policy of hypocrisy, since Mexico has far more restrictive laws. It is high time that a president and Congress put Mexico’s government in place, fueling fire to the issue and having ulterior motives quite obvious to most.
Illegal aliens are being sponsored by the US Labor Department to receive fair ages, people who are taking job opportunities to US citizens, naturalized and American born. It is clearly an indication of the Marxist background in this White House administration and its compliant associates in Congress – which to a constitutionalist is unlawful and insanity. The government wants to continue making new laws when they don’t enforce the ones already in place.
Jefferson’s Rebels is certainly correct that it is time to put a case together for impeachment, which is viable once the congressional elections are over making it possible because of the reduction of influence of the democratic-socialist-progressive party.
This White House administration has turned the disaster into a further crisis for the Gulf coast states, especially Louisiana, by a platform oil drilling moratorium. It has, as of June 24th, been shot down by a federal judge – but the White House made clear that it would still proceed to seek the moratorium. This is against what President Obama made public claim that he would not hinder oil production in the Gulf, but instead seek better safety practices and recovery contingent plans. This is a travesty because the same political element has hindered America’s opportunities, on land and sea, to make America self sufficient when it comes to crude oil.
Lies continue.
America needs to reform and that reformation will takes us back to when the wrong path was taken at the fork between the constitutional republic and the progressive path to socialism.
The Democratic Party and its associated socialist elements are always against capitalism – brow beating the “rich” – yet they represent the richest element in US government, take a look at Congress, especially the Speaker of the House, Pelosi.
Fellow Americans: Are you not sick of the hypocrisy? Are you ready to return our government to practicing constitutional law, not just when it suits their purposes?
We the People are the ones to blame for being apathetic to the issues and believing that government can make our lives better when we can do it on our own as a private, free sector. We the People are also the ones that can fix it and return to the republic that was established so carefully by the Founders. No government is perfect, but the constitutional republic is the best thus far. Just check the history.
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What can YOU do?
Study our constitution and its amendments and especially the Federalist Papers – it is the guide that will create true reform, not false “change” we have been force fed. Be a responsible and informed voter.

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