Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Seniors: The Feds Are Attempting to Deceive You in New Medicare Mailer

Seniors Must Scrutinize Medicare Mailer
By Newt Gingrich and Nancy Desmond
Investor's Business Daily
June 8, 2010

As weeks turned to months during the Great Debate over what to do about health care this past year, President Obama made one solemn pledge to the nation and its seniors:

He said health care would not add one dime to the deficit.  And if all of us liked our doctor, we would get to keep our doctor.

Fast-forward almost 90 days after the passage of ObamaCare and the attitude of most Americans to that pledge is:  "Prove it."

In the past two weeks, the Obama administration has been trying to stem the tide of skepticism towards its health care law with a new mailer sent directly to the nation's seniors, titled "Medicare and the New Health Care Law -- What it Means for You."

Problem is, for anyone who has paid attention during the past 12 months, the message about the biggest government expansion into health care in our lifetime just doesn't add up.

Let's contrast fact from fiction and the language used in the new flier:
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