Friday, June 4, 2010

Leaders: Andrew Carnegie Was Tough As Steel

Barack Obama is likely to be remembered as the worst President in American history. Rather than reiterate his failings as a leader, periodically I will attempt to direct your attention to articles about individuals who have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, and who have helped to improve the lives of others in the process. The contrast between these leaders and President Barack Obama will be startling.   --Ed

Andrew Carnegie Was Tough As Steel
By Jed Graham, Investor's Business Daily

Andrew Carnegie started down his track to a steel fortune in 1850 as a telegraph messenger boy.  Having emigrated from Scotland to Pittsburgh two years earlier after his father lost his job, Carnegie did what he would later advise others:

"The rising man must do something exceptional and beyond the range of his special department.  He must attract attention."

For 14-year-old Carnegie, that meant arriving at the office early, learning Morse code and practicing to become an operator by communicating with other boys in telegraph offices down the line.
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