Thursday, June 17, 2010

Opening a Pathway Into the US?

Todd has a good point---DadJohnson

US cedes border region, land to Mexico
By Todd Fitchette
June 16, 2010

This has gone beyond ridiculous and is now firmly ensconced in embarrassing!

The federal government — you know, those folks who are more concerned with the civil rights of terrorists than the Constitution they swore to uphold — has formally ceded our sovereignty over 80 miles of the international border between the United States and Mexico. This stretch of land in Arizona includes a US National Wildlife refuge and is, according to published reports, a corridor for human trafficking and drug smuggling. It’s apparently so bad that US officials are warning Americans not to go there.

Not to go there? This is OUR soil! In fact, much of this land is public land, which means that we the people are directly paying for this land! Part of it is a national wildlife refuge where, I’m pretty sure, there might even be some endangered species living. For the federal government to tell Americans not to go there because foreign nationals with guns might be there is tantamount to ceding our sovereignty to Mexico.


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