Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Looney Left's Newest Target: Natural Gas Drilling

Misinformation Fuels Leftists Attacks on Natural Gas
By Nathan A. Benefield,
June 23, 2010

The extraction of shale natural gas is set to become a major growth industry in the United States.  Recently, Amy Myers Jaffa wrote in the Wall Street Journal that natural gas could become “the game-changing resource of the decade.” Already Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Louisiana, and other states are beginning to reap the economic benefits of a natural gas boom.  A study by Penn State University predicted that the natural gas industry in Pennsylvania alone will be responsible for the creation of 111,000 jobs and for bringing in an additional $987 million in tax revenue to the state by 2011.  Natural gas extraction has been one of few industries growing (without government subsidies) during this recession.

However, this promising “game-changer” is under attack.  Some assert that the extraction of shale gas is harmful to the environment.   Josh Fox’s documentary “Gasland,” airing on HBO this week, is full of misleading allegations, inaccuracies, and occasionally outright lies.
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