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Tebow Scores One For Christianity
By Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
October 31, 2011

I recently learned President Ronald Reagan designated 1983 as the national Year of the Bible. I seriously doubt such a proclamation would pass Congress today.
President Obama has declared, “We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation”.

The liberal media regards expressing one's Christianity publicly as repulsive as showing Dracula the cross.

For those of you who do not follow football, former college football quarterback superstar, Tim Tebow is an outspoken Christian. The liberal media and pro abortion groups were furious when the story of how Tebow's pro-life mom was advised by doctors to abort him, but refused, was featured in a Super Bowl commercial.

Tebow is now a pro football rookie quarterback with the Denver Broncos. Some sports analysts and media say Tebow does not have the skills needed to “make it” in the NFL. While some of the naysayers and criticism may be justified, some desire to see Tebow fail because he is so outspoken regarding his Christian faith.

My doc says exercise helps control my diabetes. That Sunday, I was at the gym on the ellipse machine watching the Denver/Miami NFL football game. It was Tebow's first start as a pro.

An elderly husband and wife couple approached the aerobic section. They visually scanned the bank of TV sets. I suspected they were looking for the Tebow game. I was correct.

I asked, “Are you folks Tebow fans?” They smiled and replied, “Yes” I said, “So am I”. The woman said, “Thank you”. Something in her voice told me their support of Tebow extended beyond football. I suspect millions across America share similar feelings about Tebow.

Rather than giving you a play by play of the game, let's say for 95% of the game, Tebow's performance was unimpressive. Miami was beating Denver 15 to zero. Then, with 2 minutes left in the game, Tebow brought his team back to tie the score. Tebow's team won the game in overtime. Wow!

When interviewed after the game about his amazing comeback and win, Tebow said the last thing I am sure the liberal media wanted to hear, “First, I would like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...”

Folks, I yelled, “Yes!” and felt a little tearful.

Please do not get me wrong. I am not suggesting Tim Tebow walks on water. I am saying that in our culture which celebrates crudeness and the lowest common denominator, it is extremely refreshing to see this young man boldly standing up for traditional wholesome principles and values.

Unquestionably, the American left has launched a war against Christianity. We are lectured and threatened with political correctness to respect every religion under the sun except Christianity.
It is open season on trashing Christians in movies, political interviews and etc. The Christian is portrayed as the nut job, the loser or the nerd.

Rumor has it, Tebow is an extremely hard worker and a born leader; sounds similar to a fire ball from Wasilla Alaska who is also despised in the liberal media for similar reasons.

Be prepared for an all out campaign by the left, throughout his pro football career, to destroy and discredit Tim Tebow.

Thus far, Tebow has done three things to infuriate the left and secure his name permanent residency on their excrement list. First, Tebow dodged being aborted and went public with his story. Second, Tebow won his first game in the NFL and publicly thanked Jesus for it. Dem there is fightin' words to the left! Third, without being intentionally political, Tebow's life promotes Conservatism.

Culturally, we have fallen a long way from President Reagan declaring a national Year of the Bible. Such a proclamation would be impossible today. Tebow publicly thanking Jesus in a secular setting is deemed fanatical by liberal media standards in America today.

And why is the left so angry and threatened by Tebow's mom's decision not to kill him?

Congratulations Tim Tebow on your super NFL debut. Millions are praying for you. And thanks for scoring one for us Christians.

The 99%: Official list of Occupy Wall Street's supporters, sponsors and sympathizers

By Zombie
October 31, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street movement has received so much media coverage in recent weeks that it’s nearly impossible to keep abreast of all the developments. So many endorsements and criticisms coming from all directions enter the news cycle in such rapid succession that even the most dedicated news junkies may have missed out on many of the pronouncements. Supporters and detractors of OWS both might find it useful to have a handy all-inclusive list of who has endorsed or embraced the protest.

To satisfy that demand, we hereby present a list of groups, organizations, individuals and entities that have expressed their support for, sponsorship of, or sympathy for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Note: All entries on this list are real and verified. Below each entry you will find a series of source links documenting the support for OWS. We have striven in almost all cases to reference either first-hand statements by the groups or individuals themselves, hosted on their own Web sites; or videos of the people in question voicing their support for OWS at various Occupations; or news reports from reliable mainstream networks; or articles by publications or organizations sympathetic to the Occupy movement; or indisputable evidence, whatever the source. As a result, it cannot be claimed that these statements of support were made up or distorted by detractors of the Occupy movement.
As each new controversial endorsement has appeared over the last month, OWS supporters have dismissed them one by one as “isolated examples” that don’t reflect any overall trend toward extremism. But when viewed in aggregate like this, it becomes much more difficult to dismiss any individual endorsement as an aberration; instead, an undeniable pattern emerges.

This list is obviously incomplete; we hope to update it over the upcoming days and weeks.
If you think we’ve left out any well-known endorsers for which there is solid evidence, then please post suggestions and evidentiary links in the comments section; but please try to supply links that will stand up to any potential claims of misrepresentation.

If you disagree with the inclusion of any of the entries on this list, please post your reasoning and any contravening source links in the comments section, and we will take the evidence into account when updating the list.

Members of the media, bloggers, activists, OWS supporters and detractors as well are all free to repost this list, in whole or in part, without any restrictions. Do note, however, that it may be updated over time, so make sure to get the latest version.

And without further ado, here is…

The 99%: Official list of Occupy Wall Street’s supporters, sponsors and sympathizers

Communist Party USA
Communist Party USA, OWS speech, The Daily Caller

American Nazi Party
Media Matters, American Nazi Party, White Honor, Sunshine State News

Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran
The Guardian, Tehran Times, CBS News

Barack Obama
ABC News, CBS News, ForexTV, NBC New York

The government of North Korea
Korean Central News Agency (North Korean state-controlled news outlet), The Marxist-Leninist, Wall Street Journal, Times of India

Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam
video statement (starting at 8:28), Black in America, Weasel Zippers, Philadelphia Weekly

Revolutionary Communist Party
Revolutionary Communist Party, Revolution newspaper, in-person appearance

David Duke
Talking Points Memo, video statement,

Joe Biden
Talking Points Memo, video statement, Mother Jones

Hugo Chavez
Mother Jones, Reuters,

Revolutionary Guards of Iran
Associated Press, FARS News Agency, UPI

Black Panthers (original)
in-person appearance, Occupy Oakland, Oakland Tribune

Socialist Party USA
Socialist Party USA, IndyMedia, The Daily Caller

US Border Guard
White Reference,, Gateway Pundit, Just Another Day blog

Industrial Workers of the World
IWW web site,, in-person appearances

in-person appearance, Washington Post, CAIR, CAIR New York

Nancy Pelosi
Talking Points Memo, video statement, ABC News, The Weekly Standard

Communist Party of China
People’s Daily (Communist Party organ), Reuters,, The Telegraph

      Sources:, (2), (3), wikipedia

      Sources: (1), (2), (3)

International Bolshevik Tendency
      Sources:, Wire Magazine

Adbusters, The Guardian, video statement

White Revolution

International Socialist Organization
Socialist Worker,, in-person appearance

PressTV (Iranian government outlet)
PressTV, wikipedia

Marxist Student Union
Marxist Student Union, Big Government,

Freedom Road Socialist Organization
FightBack News,

ANSWER press release, ANSWER web site, Xinhua

Party for Socialism and Liberation
Liberation News (1),, The Daily Free Press, Liberation News (2)

Obama Invites His Closest Friends To A Halloween Party

Cartoon by Erin Bonsteel

Marxist Redux: Drumbeat Of Lies Fomented By the White House, Executed By OWS Allies, & Reported By Their Lapdog Media

By Lee DeCovnick
October 31, 2011

The hard progressive left in America has been unleashed into the streets by the community organizer in the White House.  The current crop of street pawns, the banal cattle of Occupy Wall Street movement, are fed, herded, and coldly led by the professional agitators from ACORN, SEIU, and the Communist Party of America.  These hardcore Alinskyites are well-funded and well-organized.  Through a series of set-piece street actions and media events coordinated with the White House, the street cattle's drumbeat attacks on capitalism, property rights, and traditional religious and working class values have successfully dominated the news cycles.

From the Cold War thriller The Hunt for Red October, Fred Thompson's character informs us, "Son, a Russian doesn't take a dump without a plan."  So too with these Alinsky inspired disciples who obviously have their own version of an American "Red October."  So, why now are the professional Alinskyites emerging from their sarcophaguses and cranking up the OWS media circus?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Prof. Muller Admits World Temperatures Have Not Risen For About 13 Years

By David Rose
October 30, 2011

It was hailed as the scientific study that ended the global warming debate once and for all – the research that, in the words of its director, ‘proved you should not be a sceptic, at least not any longer’.

Professor Richard Muller, of Berkeley University in California, and his colleagues from the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperatures project team (BEST) claimed to have shown that the planet has warmed by almost a degree centigrade since 1950 and is warming continually.

Published last week ahead of a major United Nations climate summit in Durban, South Africa, next month, their work was cited around the world as irrefutable evidence that only the most stringent measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions can save civilisation as we know it.

It was cited uncritically by, among others, reporters and commentators from the BBC, The Independent, The Guardian, The Economist and numerous media outlets in America.

The Washington Post said the BEST study had ‘settled the climate change debate’ and showed that anyone who remained a sceptic was committing a ‘cynical fraud’.

But today The Mail on Sunday can reveal that a leading member of Prof Muller’s team has accused him of trying to mislead the public by hiding the fact that BEST’s research shows global warming has stopped.

Prof Judith Curry, who chairs the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at America’s prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology, said that Prof Muller’s claim that he has proven global warming sceptics wrong was also a ‘huge mistake’, with no scientific basis.

Prof Curry is a distinguished climate researcher with more than 30 years experience and the second named co-author of the BEST project’s four research papers.

Her comments, in an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, seem certain to ignite a furious academic row. She said this affair had to be compared to the notorious ‘Climategate’ scandal two years ago.


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Justiagate Actors Linked To Barack Obama

The following article is a very good synthesis of the recent discovery by New Jersey attorney Leo Donofrio that the databases of, a pre-eminent online database of Supreme Court and other cases, was criminally altered so that legal and lay researchers would not be able to read Supreme Court opinions referencing the term "natural born" citizen. The hidden information proved that a natural born citizen is someone born on U.S. soil to parents who must both be citizens when their child is born.  Anchor babies, or anyone born on U.S. soil whose parent is not a U.S. citizen, become citizens due to the 14th Amendment (still under debate), but in any case, a child born under these conditions, according to the Supreme Court, cannot be defined as a "natural born" citizen. NBC is a subcategory of American citizenship. Those who hid this information wanted to change history, and get Obama into office.

Even though I have already linked articles about this issue on Jefferson's Rebels, this article in particular is a stunner because of the way the authors and commenters thread together a remarkable string of people and coincidences that lead, in one way or another, directly to Barack Obama.

By Miri and Renee
October 28, 2011

Attorney Leo Donofrio has exposed Justia, an Internet-based law library, for apparently scrubbing crucial information from Supreme Court rulings just prior to the 2008 election, possibly to protect Barack Hussein Obama II’s candidacy. 

The scrubbed information included any reference to a Supreme Court ruling, Minor v. Happersett, that defined the phrase natural born citizen.

Had the general public known about the SCOTUS ruling that defined natural born citizen, 2008 would have seen a very different election.  Many more Americans would have known that Barack Hussein Obama II was, and remains, ineligible for the presidency under the Constitution.  

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Justiagate: Tampering With Supreme Court Cases Relevant To The "Natural Born" Citizen Debate

By Cindy Simpson
October 29, 2011

I have never believed in conspiracies -- at least, not in the vast kind that Hillary felt the right wing deployed against her philandering husband.  More often, it seems the cover-up of truth, not the circulation of manufactured untruths, lies at the root of such conspiratorial ideas.

Nor do I believe in the kinds of conspiracies seen in movies, with a "spooky dude" in a tower plotting a global takeover while ordering minions to carry out his evil intentions.  Though I sometimes get carried away, especially after listening to Glenn Beck, my imagination does have its bounds.
But I do believe in the remarkable potential of a seemingly unguided force, either good or evil, consisting of great numbers of individuals doing what alone may appear insignificant -- yet, when combined with the work of others moving in the same direction, all this work put together has the potential to become something very powerful.  The history of our great nation is a testament to the notion of the formidable forces of good.

We learned of a force of evil, the Communist spy apparatus of the mid-twentieth century, in Whittaker Chambers' timeless masterpiece, Witness.  The global Communist conspiracy that Chambers described consisted of thousands of faithful worker bees, busily occupied with their own small tasks, often without specific guidance or awareness of what their fellow agents were doing or who those comrades were.
Attorney Leo Donofrio was the first to assert the claim that Obama's dual citizenship disqualified him and also had the first eligibility case, in a long line of others, rejected for a full hearing by the Supreme Court.  In his ongoing quest to prove that the founding fathers never intended to allow the commander-in-chief to have divided allegiance at birth, Donofrio recently uncovered a strange situation he calls "Justiagate," documented in an article by Dianna Cotter.

Cotter describes Justia as an "influential legal research website," and "since Google most often returns's version of the case being searched for as the first or second hit, Justia's version of Supreme Court opinions are most influential in the blogosphere's forums and comments."  She detailed Donofrio's alarming discovery that at least 25 Supreme Court decisions on Justia's database had been subjected to some sort of tampering. 

It just so happens that all of the affected cases are relevant to the "natural born" citizen debate, all of the changes relate to the especially important decision of Minor v. Happersett (which contains a definition of "natural born citizen"), and all of the noted revisions occurred during the period from mid-2008 to when Donofrio's discoveries were published.

Were the anomalies simply innocent programming errors, as Justia's Tim Stanley asserts, or were they created intentionally, with or without direction from somewhere above?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Occupy Impeachment Of Obama Is Now In Play

[Update: Donofrio has corrected my text as follows -- "25 cases that cited Minor, but not Minor far as I recall. They have now removed access to the wayback machine...- Leo"]

Remember the CRS memo on eligibility of the President, which was circulated to members of Congress? Remember how those congressmen used the memo to fawn off constituents' queries about Obama's eligibility for the presidency based on his dual citizenship and questions about Obama's birth certificate?

Attorney Leo Donofrio now argues that the content of the memo might have been influenced by the top-tier legal web service called Justia, which is relied upon heavily by attorneys and legal researchers. This concern is under further investigation.

Most importantly, Donofrio has discovered, and painstakingly preserved, proof that someone made alterations to 25 Supreme Court cases on Justia, specifically Minor v. Happersett and a few other cases, and that all the alterations changed or hid Supreme Court findings which specifically construed the meaning of the term "natural born citizen".  Those findings proved that Barack Obama does not qualify as President because of his dual citizenship.

To summarize, Donofrio claims:
Folks, you have the evidence you need to protect the Constitution.  And the stakes are as high as they come.  It's really up to you out on Main Street.  If you are lazy with this, the Constitution may never recover.  Mark my words.  A full investigation needs to take place.
The Congress was complicit in not vetting the candidates.  But Justia has given them an out of epic proportions in that Justia's bogus cases changed the national dialogue.  If Congress was fooled by Justia (and perhaps this plays into that CRS memo on eligibility which is being looked into more carefully now), they have another chance to make it right.

Protest is in the air.  The movement on the streets is supposed to be about ending secrecy and forcing the powers that be to come clean.  Tim Stanley made $37 million creating databases from our national body of case law.  Then his company took criminal liberties with that body of law, sabotaged the living hell out of it, and probably changed national history in the process too.  You want to talk about the 1% vs the 99?  Here's a textbook example, kids.  Right on!  Power to the people.  Occupy Justia.

That being said, I can only imagine what kind of pressure Tim Stanley is under right now.  He almost certainly did not undertake this sabotage on his own initiation.  Tim Stanley is now in the very scary position of holding the evidence capable of putting Obama's administration in true jeopardy.  If Stanley was asked, forced or paid to sabotage the cases and/or to maintain them that way after Obama became President, then high crimes were committed.  Therefore, Quo Warranto is not the only possible option on the table any longer.

Impeachment is now in play.
To those who believe that "real lawyers" would never rely upon Justia as a citation resource, think again. Barack Obama is represented by one of the most distinguished law firms in America, Perkins Coie, and that firm has cited Justia as a resource.

Donofrio proves his case in Look Who Cited To Justia For Supreme Court Holding. Donofrio then quotes at length an interview with Justia's CEO, Tim Stanley, about the algorithms which control Justia's searchable databases.

Finally, Donofrio debunks Stanley's arguments that Minor v. Happersett and related cases were altered due to a Regex error.  For the shocking story,

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big Brother To Watch The Public Using Street Lights

By Paul Joseph Watson
October 26, 2011

New street lights that include “Homeland Security” applications including speaker systems, motion sensors and video surveillance are now being rolled out with the aid of government funding.
The Intellistreets system comprises of a wireless digital infrastructure that allows street lights to be controlled remotely by means of a ubiquitous wi-fi link and a miniature computer housed inside each street light, allowing for “security, energy management, data harvesting and digital media,” according to the Illuminating Concepts website.

According to the company’s You Tube video of the concept, the primary capabilities of the devices include “energy conservation, homeland security, public safety, traffic control, advertising, video surveillance.”

In terms of Homeland Security applications, each of the light poles contains a speaker system that can be used to broadcast emergency alerts, as well as a display that transmits “security levels” (presumably a similar system to the DHS’ much maligned color-coded terror alert designation), in addition to showing instructions by way of its LED video screen.

The lights also include proximity sensors that can record both pedestrian and road traffic. The video display and speaker system will also be used to transmit Minority Report-style advertising, as well as Amber Alerts and other “civic announcements”.

Obama's OWS America vs The Rest Of Us

Obama's OWS America vs The Rest Of Us
By Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

The wealthiest man in the Bible was King Solomon. Along with huge amounts of gold, silver, land, houses, exquisite furnishings and elaborate gifts from numerous foreign leaders, Solomon owned 4,000 chariots, 40,000 horses and 1200 horsemen. Debatable as to whether it was an asset or a liability, Solomon owned 700 wives; just kidding about the “liability” remark ladies.

Clearly, Solomon owned far too much for one man. Obviously, the “fair-minded” citizens of his kingdom surely must have, in protest, organized “Occupy Israel”. I wonder how King Solomon dealt with the angry Occupy Israel protesters and the sympathetic to their cause, Israel Daily Scroll newspaper? We can pretty much guess how King Solomon resolved the matter.

According to the Bible, Solomon's extreme wealth was a gift from God. God gave Solomon an opportunity to ask for whatever he desired. Solomon asked for wisdom to best govern God's people. God was so pleased with Solomon's request, He gave Solomon wisdom, honor and peerless riches.

Occupy Israel protesters must have been outraged and furious by the unfairness of God choosing not to distribute wealth equally.

The biblical concept of God-ordained wealth does not jive with the belief of the OWS crowd. OWS signs and interviews confirm they subscribe to the typical liberal belief that man is god; and given proper control can fix everything.

The OWS mob believe all wealth is ill-gotten on the backs of the poor/workers and is therefore evil and MUST be redistributed.

It occurred to me that we have two Americas; a majority which aligns with tea party principles. The second much smaller America is the OWS parasites and Obama administration who embrace a negative view of our great country and a desire to fundamentally transform her.

Obama knows how to fire up his base, but is clueless when it comes to communicating with most Americans; people who do not, nor desire to, view themselves as victims. Due to his roots as a community organizer, Obama feels most comfortable ginning up hate in entitlement-victim-minded losers well represented in the OWS crowd.

In essence, the democrats took a Chicago community agitator from the local community center to the Illinois Senate. With slick marketing and liberal media support, they successfully sent Obama to Washington to pretend to be president of all Americans.

When you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out because that is what is inside. In other words, pressure reveals what is truly inside a person. Plummeting poll numbers has forced the real Barack Hussein Obama to surface. To fire up his base, Obama dropped the charade of being a post-racial unifying president. Obama has resorted to who he truly is and what he knows best how to do; rabble-rouse.

Whenever Obama feels the need to rally his troops, his speech delivery strongly resembles that of a cliche character seen in old Western movies. In the movies, a loud mouth guy addresses a crowd from the steps of the town's jail-house. His goal is to work the crowd into a frenzy; then, get his hate-filled mob to overrule the sheriff, break the law, drag out the prisoner and hang him without a fair trial before the circuit judge arrives on the train the next morning.

What I find so insidious and evil about Obama is his masterful ability to inspire his minions to act badly without dirtying his hands. For example. During the Obamacare debate, Obama instructed his supporters to get in people's faces.  To strengthen democrat senators in their fight to pass Obamacare, the White House said, “...we will hit back twice as hard”.

Around that time, a black conservative was beaten and sent to the emergency room by SEIU thugs.

Then there was the time Obama instructed an Hispanic audience to “punish our enemies".  Such language sounds far more like a clarion call by a community agitator rather than the president of the United States.

Obama outrageously said Republicans want, “Dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance”. His agenda is to portray Republicans as heartless SOBs.

This is what I mean when I say Obama reverts back to his rabble-rousing community agitator days; sounding like the loud mouth guy on the jail-house steps in the movies. The underlying, unspoken message coming from Obama and his administration is:  those low-down, dirty Republicans are against you! Republicans want you to die, and the rich to live! If I were you, I would not allow them to get away with it! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?!!

I do not think it unfair to suggest much of the Occupy Movement is the result of Obama administration rhetoric.

Barack Hussein Obama is incapable of being an inspirational president to non-victim-minded, mainstream, traditional Americans who love their country. It is simply not in his DNA. Obama appeals to the lower nature of a minority of Americans; OWS, arrogant, ungodly, lazy and stupid. As I stated, we have two Americas. We have Obama's America and the America of us patriots.

The greatest nation on the planet deserves and requires a president of “all the people” divinely led to inspire the best in us.
Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.
Please help me spread my message by joining my Liberty Network.
Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin.

"The dictatorial aspects of the Obama administration must be called out for what they are: lawbreaking"

By Mark J. Fitzgibbons
October 26, 2011

President Obama's proclamation on Monday that he "can't wait" for congressional action to help underwater homeowners raises two questions.

If he already had the legal authority to take action, then why did he wait?

Some may frame the second question this way: does Obama's plan exceed his constitutional authority?  Perhaps the better way to ask the second question is whether the Obama plan is unlawful.

Either way, I can't wait for Congress to conduct some oversight hearings before the plan kicks in.  This isn't just a figurative slap in the face to both Congress and the rule of law; this is a kick in the groin.

Ignoring the Constitution is so liberating for Mr. Obama that he intends to do it on a "regular basis."  The subtitle to Emily Miller's piece at The Washington Times following the announcement of Obama's "can't wait" plan is "President unveils lawless scheme to bypass Congress with executive orders." 

JustiaGate: Further Evidence of Tampering With Supreme Court Cases Regarding The Definition of Natural Born Citizenship

By Leo Donofrio, Esq.
October 26, 2011

Yesterday, in a stunning development, Justia CEO Tim Stanley blocked Wayback Machine access to all US Supreme Court cases published by  This is the epitome – the textbook definition even – of hypocrisy.  As Dianna Cotter previously reported:

“Justia founder Tim Stanley has for years prided himself and his companies on principles of ‘freedom of information’.  On June 19th, 2008, Stanley addressed the Legislative Council Committee at the Oregon State Legislature with the following…

‘In the end, we both recognize the importance of providing the public with online access to our nation’s laws because such actions promote understanding, participation in and respect for our democratic institutions and legal system.’

Furthermore, commenting on a legal dispute Justia had with the State of Oregon, Stanley stated:

“We agree that public policy demands that state laws remain in the public domain. To otherwise permit the State of Oregon or any other governmental body to restrict access to the laws that govern all of us would make a mockery of the legal doctrine that all persons have presumed knowledge of the law. “

Does Tim Stanley believe that his publication of Supreme Court cases should be held to the same open standard?  Not so much.

Stanley is blocking access to Justia’s previous publications of US Supreme Court cases which are in the Public Domain.  Nothing being blocked is owned by Justia… other than the evidence our nation needs to have an open dialogue.  Stanley’s blockage makes a mockery of his prior statements concerning free legal information.  Past versions of SCOTUS cases which were – until yesterday – open to the public, exhibit with absolute clarity the changes made by Justia to these cases between the years 2006 and 2011.
The Slaughter-House Cases citations were tampered along with Minor in Snowden v. Hughes, and this is very important.  Tim Stanley’s claim that this was all an innocent code error is further strained considering that 8 of the 9 justices from Minor v. Happersett decided the Slaughter-House Cases where the Court stated:

“The phrase, “subject to its jurisdiction” was intended to exclude from its operation children of ministers, consuls, and citizens or subjects of foreign States born within the United States.”

Stanley is peddling a response to JustiaGate which requires one to accept that all 25 cases were accidentally altered to remove the words “Minor v. Happersett” and the official citations to Minor, while various portions of relevant text pertaining to the eligibility issue were also removed from other cases along with the Slaughter-House Cases name and it’s official citation… along with further references to citizenship precedents such as Osborn v. Bank of United States and Scott v. Sandford (removed from US v. Wong Kim Ark) which features the following definition of natural-born citizen:

“The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.”

Sound familiar? It’s the same definition of natural-born citizen as in Minor v. Happersett.  That’s some incredibly goofy code you got there Timmy.  Your code sure seems well-educated in the POTUS eligibility cases, bro.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gov. Perry's Tax and Spending Plan Will Keep Politicians' Sticky Fingers Off Social Security Contributions

By Rick Perry
The Wall Street Journal
October 25, 2011

The folks in Washington might not like to hear it, but the plain truth is the U.S. government spends too much. Taxes are too high, too complex, and too riddled with special interest loopholes. And our expensive entitlement system is unsustainable in the long run.

Without significant change quickly, our nation will go the way of some in Europe: mired in debt and unable to pay our bills. President Obama and many in Washington seem unable or unwilling to tackle these issues, either out of fear of alienating the left or because they want Americans to be dependent on big government.

On Tuesday I will announce my "Cut, Balance and Grow" plan to scrap the current tax code, lower and simplify tax rates, cut spending and balance the federal budget, reform entitlements, and grow jobs and economic opportunity.

The plan starts with giving Americans a choice between a new, flat tax rate of 20% or their current income tax rate. The new flat tax preserves mortgage interest, charitable and state and local tax exemptions for families earning less than $500,000 annually, and it increases the standard deduction to $12,500 for individuals and dependents.

Monday, October 24, 2011

O4P-CA: Halloween Grizzly SWAG

In case you have not heard (coming to a Laptop near you) next Saturday October 29th is GRIZZLY FEST!

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O4P-CA wanted to lend a hand and help out our friends at Grizzly Fest in any way we could. One of our distinguising strategies that was highly effective in the 2010 election cycle was our use of donated and/or at cost SWAG.

SWAG = Stuff We All Get

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There are no big marketing budgets in grass roots politics. So, in order to get around that challenge we focus on: creativity, the present, fortitude, and of course...pizzazz.

Last year O4P-CA used guerilla marketing campaigns to target specific groups of people in unexpected places. The impromptu Mama Grizzly March in Beverly Hills was a great example of unconventional interactive political marketing with the electorate.

The anti business policies of Barack Obama and the permanent political class have made it a cinch to talk to small business owners about the state of our country and our economy.

Oftentimes Mom and Pop small business's are willing to donate their products and/or services when they find out what we're doing, what we're working towards, and what we believe.

Just ask.

It's no surprise that small business owners have absolutely no desire to see America fundamentally transformed. Just like most Americans these small business owners instead seek the restoration of our magnitude, our benevolence, and our constitutional republic based on the rule of law.

Because Mom and Pop's believe in the power and the opportunity of a restored American free-market economy; many of them are eager to lend a hand to our cause and help get our message out to the body politic.

Just ask.

As we approach an unconventional election cycle we need to think outside of the box, call in a few favors, and circumvent the shackles that America's permanent political class use against us.

Our work continues. Let's restore America.

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