Tuesday, June 15, 2010

STAND UP!: Now is the time for choosing; Global Citizen? or Real American? by Thomas S Schmitz

Our republic is at a crossroads. We are faced with a turning point of fundamental transformation. Those in the beltway mistakenly continue to see this moral compass we are challenged with as left and right. They could not be more wrong. What we are confronted by is two opposing world views battling to the dying end for the essence and conscience of our American republic. This battle is certainly not a new one, but as history shows us countries have fallen and transformed for the worse when an exaggerated crisis is coupled with enormous debt, high unemployment, inflation and financial uncertainty.

What makes this looming conflict unique is that for the first time in modern history these two opposing world views are fantastically embodied by two unparalleled superstars on the world stage. Sarah Palin and Barack Obama actually bring to life the two embattled comprehensive viewpoints Americans must choose between. Branding has taken on a whole new meaning in our political discourse and Americans are faced with a question. Whose America do you want to belong to?

Curiously during the 2008 presidential campaign Barack Hussein Obama standing on foreign soil called for a new world order and smugly crowned himself a, citizen of the world. This self important and self bestowed title was trumpeted in the media as progressive and modern. Yet many Americans were confused and raised their eyebrows as the media worked in full force to pass off this alleged morally superior globalist philosophy as mainstream.

Now, two years later, citizens have quickly learned that our identities as Americans, and the proud love of country that unites us, are not necessarily shared by our commander in chief. American exceptionalism has been publically trivialized; foreign leaders have been bowed before, foreign countries have been endlessly apologized to and warned of American arrogance, terrorists born on foreign soil have been given rights reserved for American citizens, and our president has stood next to a foreign head of state and gleefully joined him in condemning an American law passed to protect our citizens. We have been told by our president that he desires to intentionally put the coal industry out of business for the well being of the global community, and that the world will no longer tolerate Americans driving any type of car they desire and deciding for ourselves what temperature to keep our thermostats on. American sovereignty be damned. Let me be clear; in Barack Obama’s America citizens must obtain a global permission slip before practicing American individualism.

As the Obama problem continues, the spirit of American individualism has taken human form. With her Reaganesque charm and bold American-ness, Sarah Palin is singlehandedly holding the torch of liberty. By mere existence Sarah Palin has proven that in America you don’t need a title to make a difference. This new Momma Grizzly feminist has rallied the troops from coast to coast and hand picked candidates to send to the front lines of November’s battle. Sarah Palin has enkindled a fire in grass roots common sense conservative activists and effected positive change for our country by throwing herself into the national debate and forcing delay to Barack Obama’s dangerous globalist agenda. Her role as Shadow President provides Americans with a consistent contrast to every issue the administration attempts to solve with big government globalist solutions. Sarah Palin is a constant reminder of that shining city on the hill where a smaller, smarter government lives within its means.

America’s crossroads have been clearly defined. Now is the time for choosing. Whose side will you be on? Is American sovereignty outdated? The stakes have never been higher. Do you want to belong to an America bordered by Mexico and Canada? Or do you want to belong to an America bordered by Venus and Mars?

Thomas S Schmitz
Team Sarah
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  1. Spot on Thomas. Let's make a decision. Sarah can do this if we just can get her in. She has been as polarized as Obama and heads will spin if she runs and gets elected.

  2. Thank you Bellodian. I dont think Sarah Palin is polarizing at all. Sarah Palin is only polarizing in the media, not in America. Regular, everyday hardworking Americans loves Sarah Palin, the media paints a different story.

  3. Have you not gotten any flack from people as you post things about her? I have seen it in many other posts. They either love her...or hate her. Not too many inbetween.