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Bill Whittle: Getting Even With The Rich

If only we could take all the money away from the rich. How long would it take to create a utopian world?

O4P Los Angeles; Boots on the Ground

In Washington DC Barack Hussein Obama seems to be confused as to whether or not America has boots on the ground in Libya. Here in Los Angeles I am not all. Let me be clear: Organize4Palin (O4P) has boots on the ground in Los Angeles, CA. We don't quite know what to make of a president who assures Americans that we are not in a third war in a muslim country in one breathe; yet signs a secret order to help kill their leader in another. We tend to prefer presidents who say what they mean...mean what they say; and govern with a servant's heart. Not a rulers thumb. California is still Reagan Country after all. Last saturday night I sent out the first O4P CA Newsletter. I introduced myself and talked a little bit about the role O4P CA will play in the coming days, weeks, months, and next two years. One of the first tasks I gave our volunteers was to let me know what kind of special skills or talents they have that would help O4P.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dreams From My Father: ‘Barack Obama’ wasn’t a candidate but a carefully created myth.'

Obama Deconstructed: An Interview with Jack Cashill
By Roger Aronoff
Accuracy in Media
March 29, 2011

Donald Trump’s recent comments calling for President Obama to show his birth certificate have brought added pressure on him to do so, because it seems to have been the impetus for at least some discussion of it in the mainstream media. But in reality, the unwillingness of Obama to release his original, long-form birth certificate is just one piece of a much larger narrative that brings into question much of Obama’s past.

In an exclusive interview with Accuracy in Media, journalist and author Jack Cashill recently discussed his new book, Deconstructing Obama: The Life, Loves and Letters of America’s First Postmodern President. In it, Cashill makes a convincing case that Obama did not write the two books that helped launch his candidacy, Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope. He argues that Dreams was actually written by William Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist who was a founder of the communist Weather Underground.

Through comparative writing samples, comments at unguarded moments by Ayers, and reporting by author Christopher Andersen in his book Barack and Michelle: Portrait of An American Marriage,Fugitive Days: A Memoir, Cashill finds examples of the same unlikely spelling errors in each, a number of the same listed literary influences, and similar qualities and features in the writing that are understandable for Ayers, but not likely at all, according to Cashill’s analysis, for Obama. Cashill is very persuasive. By comparing Obama’s book to Ayers’ book,

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Father of the 14th Amendment Defined "Natural-Born Citizen"

This article is not about Obama's birth certificate. Instead, the attorney writing this article presents legal evidence that even though the Fourteenth Amendment seemingly bestows general citizenship to children born on U.S. soil, it does not confer natural-born citizenship status to children born of one or two foreign parents. Donofrio presents evidence in remarks made by Rep. Bingham (OH). Bingham is considered the father of the Fourteenth Amendment. The result of these findings is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that Barack Obama is ineligible to serve as President because his father was a British citizen, which means Obama Jr. inherited dual citizenship status when he was born. Dual citizenship does not meet Bingham's definition of a natural born citizen.

Click to enlarge
By Leo Donofrio
March 29, 2011

United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Hugo Black, in a concurring opinion in Duncan v. Louisiana, 391 U.S. 145 (1968), emphasizes his reliance upon the statements made by Representative Bingham and Senator Howard in Congress which pertain to the drafting and adoption of the 14th Amendment.  Justice Black stated that “it is far wiser to rely on” the words of Bingham and Howard when analyzing the 14th Amendment.

This is crucial to understanding that Obama is not eligible to be President as it provides the strongest Supreme Court statement – post Wong Kim Ark – indicating that the current occupant of the White House is not in legal possession of the office of President.
Here is the relevant statement by Justice Black:

Stratfor: What Happened to the American Declaration of War?

What Happened to the American Declaration of War?
March 29, 2011

By George Friedman

In my book “The Next Decade,” I spend a good deal of time considering the relation of the American Empire to the American Republic and the threat the empire poses to the republic. If there is a single point where these matters converge, it is in the constitutional requirement that Congress approve wars through a declaration of war and in the abandonment of this requirement since World War II. This is the point where the burdens and interests of the United States as a global empire collide with the principles and rights of the United States as a republic.

World War II was the last war the United States fought with a formal declaration of war. The wars fought since have had congressional approval, both in the sense that resolutions were passed and that Congress appropriated funds, but the Constitution is explicit in requiring a formal declaration. It does so for two reasons, I think. The first is to prevent the president from taking the country to war without the consent of the governed, as represented by Congress. Second, by providing for a specific path to war, it provides the president power and legitimacy he would not have without that declaration; it both restrains the president and empowers him. Not only does it make his position as commander in chief unassailable by authorizing military action, it creates shared responsibility for war. A declaration of war informs the public of the burdens they will have to bear by leaving no doubt that Congress has decided on a new order — war — with how each member of Congress voted made known to the public.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Iranian Video Claims 'The Coming is Near' - Prepare For War Against The Infidel

Iranian Video Says Mahdi is 'Near'
By Erick Stakelbeck
CBN News
March  28, 2011

New evidence has emerged that the Iranian government sees the current unrest in the Middle East as a signal that the Mahdi--or Islamic messiah--is about to appear.

CBN News has obtained a never-before-seen video produced by the Iranian regime that says all the signs are moving into place -- and that Iran will soon help usher in the end times.

While the revolutionary movements gripping the Middle East have created uncertainty throughout the region, the video shows that the Iranian regime believes the chaos is divine proof that their ultimate victory is at hand.

'The Coming is Near'

Beautiful Pakistani Actress Displays Remarkable Courage As Mullah and Media Try to Defame Her Reputation

Pakistani actress destroys mullah who accused her of immorality
By Allahpundit
March 28, 2011

A dozen or more righty blogs have picked this up since Jonah Goldberg posted it over the weekend, but in case you’re one of the three people who hasn’t seen it yet, here you go. It starts slow but grows more riveting by the moment; by the midway point, she’s metamorphosed into the Pakistani Wafa Sultan before your very eyes.

Terrorist Bill Ayers affirms he wrote 'Dreams From My Father'

By Jack Cashill
March 27, 2011

Last Thursday evening at Montclair State University, with a video camera rolling, Bill Ayers volunteered that yes indeed he had written the acclaimed Barack Obama memoir, Dreams from My Father.

Unprompted, Ayers also noted that while Dreams deserves its praise, Obama's second opus, Audacity of Hope, is "more of a political hack book."
Not surprisingly, Ayers retreated into irony as he ended the session. "Yeah, yeah," he said after confirming again that he wrote Dreams, "And if you help me prove it, I'll split the royalties with you. Thank you very much."

With his final comment, the Ayers-friendly audience laughed in relief.  The media will laugh nervously upon seeing the video as well.  The White House will not.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Anne Frank Museum To Overlook Ground Zero Mosque

Anne Frank museum moving in next door to mosque at Ground Zero
By Daily Mail Reporter
March 28, 2011

A museum dedicated to Holocaust victim Anne Frank is expected to move almost next door to the proposed controversial mosque at Ground Zero, it was revealed today.
The Anne Frank Center is reported to be about to sign a lease in the 20-floor glass and steel tower at 100 Church St.

The building's windows overlook Park 51, the planned 16-storey Muslim community centre and mosque at 45 park Place, just two blocks from Ground Zero.


U.S. State Department Funds Development of Cell Phone Panic Button For Foreign Activists

Will the State Department allow this app to become available in the U.S.? 

U.S. develops cell phone 'panic button' that wipes out address books and sends emergency alerts
By Daily Mail Reporter
March 28, 2011

A 'panic button' that wipes out cell phone address books and sends emergency alerts is being developed by the U.S. government for pro-democracy campaigners.
A special app can be activated if the smartphone is confiscated by security authorities.
The U.S. State Department is targeting countries ranging from the Middle East to China with the technology.

It wants to equip the activists with the tools to fight back against repressive governments.
Michael Posner, assistant U.S. secretary of state for human rights and labour said: 'We've been trying to keep below the radar on this, because a lot of the people we are working with are operating in very sensitive environments.'

The initiative is part of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's push to expand Internet freedoms, because of the crucial role Facebook and Twitter has had in fuelling pro-democracy movements in Iran, Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere.

Pre-School Ed: "Obedient little collectivists are learning to submit to group wishes in order to be judged "correct" -- politically correct. Resistance is futile."

Preschools Are Using A Marxist's Theories To Manufacture Collectivists
By Chuck Rogér
March 27, 2011

The room buzzes with little voices. Little children engage in "mature, dramatic play." An adult helps the children "regulate" and "monitor each other's compliance" with "rules and assigned roles."[1] Each child knows his or her place. Each child does the group's bidding, nothing else.

Orwell's 1984? No, a scene played out in thousands of classrooms across America. The drumbeat of collectivism begins in preschool. And a long-dead Soviet psychologist helped define that drumbeat.

Months ago, an email from a teacher spurred me to investigate the theories of Lev Vygotsky (1896-1934). My research revealed starry-eyed academics enamored of collectivism.


Michele Bachmann: "...current United States tax code is a weapon of mass destruction."

By Maggie Haberman
March 37, 2011

DES MOINES, Iowa — Michele Bachmann served up red meat to the crowd at the Iowa conservative principles conference Saturday, slamming President Barack Obama as a Jimmy Carter retread, dissing the Mitch Daniels "truce" call for social issues, and saying she wants a "waiver" from the last two years of White House leadership.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

O4P Los Angeles; Run Sarah Run!

Many of you have seen the ads that say, "TEXT 4PALIN to 74679" or CLICK HERE to get involved and receive O4P updates and alerts.

So what's this all about?

Organize4Palin (O4P):

Organize 4 Palin (O4P) is a site many Governor Sarah Palin supporters have been waiting for…a chance to put all of our gifts, talents, and plain old elbow grease to work behind the ideals and leadership of Governor Palin. A sister site to Conservatives 4 Palin and PalinTV, O4P is a grassroots effort and not affiliated with SarahPAC.

With that said, let’s show America what Governor Palin supporters are made of. We are not fans. We are not puppets. We are not easily deterred by the mud slinging left and insider GOP good old boys (and girls). Bottom line? We love our country and have no doubt that Governor Palin is forging the path of common sense leadership we feel confidant in following.

Governor Palin has taken heat from the media, the left, and in some circumstances, even her own party, in her quest to help our government find its proper role and our country find its lost soul. We can watch her in hopes she can do it alone and suffer the consequences if the tide is too strong. Or we can make our stand beside her, answer the call, and not lose the liberty our country fought so hard to win.

Please join us at Organize 4 Palin, and invite your friends. Governor Sarah Palin supporters are the most passionate, honest, and tireless workers, online and off…no surprise, since the Governor herself is the same. We will show everyone across this great nation of ours what Americans can do when they put country first and stand together as one. (Click HERE to read more about O4P)

O4P had great success in the 2010 elections! The Lame Strem Media will continue to ignore and downplay this; but let's not forget the victories of the Sarah Palin endorsed candidates from last November: 37 House Reps, 6 Senators, 7 Governors, 2 Atty Generals, & 1 Secretary of State.

That's a lot of Mama & Papa Grizzlies sent to DC with the same goal: Put government back on the side of the people.

O4P made pages for the endorsed candidates and O4P volunteers received calls to action to help those candidates. We donated time, money, and most importantly our personal skills to help each candidate get elected. O4P helped volunteers connect with each other and circumvent the machinations of the politics as usual crowd to bring about real change.

Now that 2010 is behind us O4P is focused on 2011 & 2012. We will continue to bring real change to American politics and get our country back on the right track.

After you sign up for O4P you will be contacted by your State Coordinator (sometimes County Coordinator if you live in a big state).

She/He will communicate with you directly to find out your contact info, what kind of skills you have that will be useful (actually priceless) to O4P, and any other interests or talents you have that you'd be willing to donate.

For example here in Los Angeles I was contacted by two volunteers who are graphic artists. Right now they are working on the O4P Los Angeles artwork and images that we need for various projects.

Traditional Establishment (old fashioned) GOP politicians would never dream of operating like this. They would prefer to spend thousands of dollars on political operatives who would spend thousands of dollars on a public relations fim. The public relations firm would spend thousands of dollars to hire a focus group. The focus group would spend thousands of dollars to decide what colors to use in the images, and what words to use. Then the public relations firm would spend thousands of dollars to hire a graphic artist. The graphic artist would then charge the public relations firm thousands of dollars to make the image, the public relations firm (who owes thousands of dollars to the focus group) would charge the political operative thousands of dollars, and the political operative would charge the traditional establishment politician thousands of dollars. WHEW!

Ben and Kelley are making the O4P Los Angeles images for free.

Isn't it shocking that while President Obama continues to spend the Country into insolvency; the GOP experts (with help from the LSM) are trying to shove candidates on us who think nothing of wasting thousands of dollars just so a panel of more experts can decide what color and font to use for a political computer graphic images?

It may be acceptable to Romney, Daniels, Gingrich, Pawlenty, Huckabee, Barbour, and the rest of the GOP boys; but regular, hard working Americans are sick and tired of politicians who don't understand the value of a dollar.

It's hard for Americans to earn a dollar, yet very easy for politicians to spend that dollar.

Wasting hard earned dollars on political operatives, focus groups, and voter profiles is frowned upon in the restoration of America.

Our Los Angeles O4P meet-up brought together a diverse group of people united under just a few simple time tested truths:

A smaller, smarter government.

A constitutionally bound congress who spends less money than they take in from our taxes. (Can you believe that the concept of spending less than you take in is now merely desirous instead of a given?)

A leader who believes that America is an exceptional nation and a force for good in the World.

America’s borders must be secured. We want a leader who will stand up, secure the borders, and enforce the laws already on the books and not be afraid of being called: RAAACIST!

America’s abundant resources must be tapped immediately. We want a leader who will take a stand, un-lock our lands, and have the courage to relentlessly DRILL NOW and not be afraid of the crazy green Anti-Capitalist anthropogenic global cooling global warming global cooling global warming Climate Change Alarmists.

America's leaders must stick to our principles: strong defense, free trade, helping our allies, constant and never-failing opposition to America’s enemies. The United States of America is the most powerful country on earth and the world is better off because of it.

O4P volunteers will work tirelessly to make sure the 2012 presidential election process is in the hands of the people.

We will not allow the LSM or the fancy, hoity toity Country Club Republicans of the East Coast to select our nominee for us in 2012.

The establishment GOP keeps trying to tell us that they fear that Sarah Palin will lose to Barack Obama in 2012. They are lying. The establishment GOP fears that Sarah Palin will beat Barack Obama and owe them nothing.

Los Angeles, just like the rest of the country, is waking up and is hungry to finally live in reality and reject the progressive fantasy that many in the upper echelon of the GOP are so quick to embrace these days.

The biggest mistake our alleged betters have made is that they still assume we're not paying attention to what is being done to our country.

Each day I receive more and more Emails from people wanting to volunteer.

More and more people are paying attention. More and more people want to get involved.

The new volunteers I talk to all sense the same thing. We all sense the new re-structuring of power being brought in by the Tea Party and Sarah Palin.

Being well bred and well paid are not necessarily an asset in the coming power shift. But understanding the proper role of government is.

Sarah Palin believes that government exists to serve the people.

Political Elitists in both parties do not believe this.

When the time for choosing comes; the loyal American electorate will know what to do. Until then, join the thousands of others who have united and Get your Grrr on!

Join your local O4P group today! TEXT 4PALIN to 74679

Register at O4P and get involved now! CLICK HERE

Thomas S Schmitz


Palin Promotions

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As published at Palin Promotions.

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'Obama pronounced questions of his citizenship "uncivil." Likewise, "birthers" find Obama's lack of transparency uncivil, and the existence of divided allegiance, at birth or any time, as evidence of ineligibility'

By Cindy Simpson
March 18, 2011

Sir Walter Raleigh, so the legend goes, once threw his cloak over a mud puddle that sullied the path of Queen Elizabeth I.  His chivalrous gesture served to keep Her Majesty's dainty feet free of dirt and to shield the ugly puddle from the Queen's and her loyal subjects' view.  Although such gallantry is rarely seen today, we witness a similar display of devotion as the media fawns and covers for the present ruler of Camelot.

Jack Cashill, author of the recently-released Deconstructing Obama, noted that while the liberal media have protectively and selectively reported every step of this President, conservatives have also "created a firewall around the White House and serve as something of a Republican Guard for its chief inhabitant."

Deconstructing offers substantial arguments that it was not Obama, but a domestic terrorist from his neighborhood, Bill Ayers, who wrote Dreams From My Father. If Cashill's description of Obama's authorship puddle gains the publicity it deserves, it should create such a splash that even the mainstream media cloak could not cover the effect on Obama's reelection prospects.

Potholes are numerous along the royal route from Chicago, and new ones are dug whenever Obama speaks without his loyal teleprompter.  Recently, apparently annoyed by that pesky "birther" fly buzzing around his head, he scoffed:  "I was born in Hawaii. What can I say? I mean, I just, I can't change those facts."

These "facts," and Obama's lack of transparency in supporting them, have not been investigated by mainstream journalists beyond mouseclicks to official campaign or unofficial fact-checking websites

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jack Cashill: Another look at Obama's Social Security Number

Click to enlarge
Another look at Obama's Social Security Number
By Jack Cashill
March 17, 2011

While out promoting my new book, "Deconstructing Obama," I have been asked a few times about Obama's mysterious Social Security number.

Not knowing enough to speak authoritatively, I chose to swim upstream through the data flood and head for the source.

Here I found a no-nonsense licensed investigator from Ohio named Susan Daniels. Widowed at 30 with seven children, Daniels went back to school and eventually emerged as a certified paralegal.

After several years working for others, Daniels got her own license as an investigator in 1995. Since then, she has specialized in litigation support for law firms. Her particular strength has been in researching assets.

By her own admission, Daniels is "good with public records." She knows her way around databases and has access to many that the public does not.

Impeach Obama: 'The man is a public menace'

A Scorecard of Negatives, A Menace To Our Future
By Ernest S. Christian and Gary A. Robbins
Investor's Business Daily
March 17, 2011
By any rational standard, Barack Obama gets an F for job performance and should — on that basis alone — either resign or be voted out ASAP before he does further harm.

Obama is a strange man who often seems not to be paying attention. Does he have a second job and work for America only part time? Is he real or virtual?

Other nations no longer look to America's mysterious president for leadership. "President Obama stands mostly mute at the sidelines like a perfectly groomed mannequin," reports Matthew d'Ancona of the U.K.'s Telegraph.

So faint and fumbling is Obama that even his hard-core lefty colleagues are forced to avert their eyes in embarrassment. An exasperated Richard Cohen at the Washington Post blurted out the truth regarding the president: "Like a picture hung in the sun, he fades over time."

Kathy Griffin's GAY-TM Machine vs. Sarah Palin

Hollywood is known for it's irony and hypocrisy. Tuesday evening March 15, 2011 was no exception.

At the exact same time that Kathy Griffin (the 50 year old adult bully & has-been comedienne) was guest starring in an episode of Glee; a political group hosted a meet up at West Hollywood lounge O-BAR.

What's the connection? Well...let's take a look. We'll start with the useful idiot Kathy Griffin.

Kathy Griffin patronizingly blabs to anyone who will listen that, "I love The gays", "The gays this" "The gays that", "Oh I love The gays" blah blah blah...

The reason I say patronizing is because this last ditch career tactic is nothing new. Aging actresses in Hollywood have reached out to the gays for years. Mae West, Marlene Dietrich, Phyllis Diller, Judy Garland, and now the 50 year old Kathy Griffin have all engaged in the same Hollywood scam. As the years go by and a career, declines and deteriorates; an actress suddenly discovers her love for the gays.

A sagging comedienne's career get's a sudden boost of enthusiasm and money as soon as she insincerely declares her love for the gays. Everyone in Hollywood knows this. Yet the reliable GAY-TM machine falls for it every time. Hook, line, and (sparkly) sinker.

"I love The gays" CA-CHING! (Now I can buy a new lamp)

"My gays need me to protect them" CA-CHING! (Now I can get those fabulous new Christian Louboutin's)

"I am donating lots of money to The gays" CA-CHING! CA-CHING! CA-CHING! (This is the best one of all because now I can write off thousands & thousands of dollars in taxes, just like Oprah!)

What makes Kathy Griffin's looting of the GAY-TM machine extra insulting was last nights appearance on the hit show Glee. The 50 year old adult bully and has-been comedienne played: Tammy Jean Albertson a "Sarah Palin type Tea Party Candidate".

Tammy Jean is an "anti-gay" home schooling Mom and former Tea Party candidate. The character as written was unfunny, uncreative and intentionally insulting to real life multi-tasking, hardworking Home School Mom's (this is Womens Month isn't it? Nice job KG!).

Meanwhile on Santa Monica Blvd...GOProud's Co-founder and Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia invited some Los Angeles conservatives to a Meet-up hosted by GOProud:

(GOProud represents gay conservatives and their allies. GOProud is committed to a traditional conservative agenda that emphasizes limited government, individual liberty, free markets and a confident foreign policy. GOProud promotes our traditional conservative agenda by influencing politics and policy at the federal level.)

As the Los Angeles City & County Coordinator for Organize4Palin (O4P) I loaded up my goody bag with various O4P hand-outs, cards, & buttons and headed over to O-BAR for the Mixer.

Nobody was buying into Kathy Griffin's anti-Sarah Palin bullying.

In fact. I found quite the opposite.

I found that Americans are getting tired of the lefts game of identity politics. Aren't you tired of the left trying to put you in a box?

I found that Sarah Palin supporters consider themselves to be AMERICANS FIRST.

It's time to free ourselves from the top down one size fits all Big Government Bullies.

Let's all pledge to reject the boxes that the left (with help from useful idiots Kathy Griffin) shove us into: the black box, the gay box, the hispanic box, the asian box, the gender box.

Hey Kathy, Hey Obama, "One size does NOT fit all, take your identity politics and....."

We are proud, hardworking Americans. We refuse to be thought of as bribable voting blocks any longer.

We will no longer surrender our rights so that Busy Bodies in Washington DC (often endorsed by Hollywood) can take more of our money and tell us how to run our lives.

Talking with these guys in West Hollywood last night I kept hearing the same thing. "I voted for Change, and now all I have left is...Change".

Trust me, confiscating the accomplishments of some of West Hollywoods most productive members is not going unnoticed during Obama's Golden Age of Hope & Change.

Discrimination by taxation is alive and well.

West Hollywood is home to some of the most creative and innovative people in the country.

During this impromptu Tea Party I had the pleasure of meeting some of them.

Last night while Kathy Griffin was busy insulting women, insulting Home School Moms, insulting Sarah Palin, and insulting the Tea Party; we were busy being productive actually having a Tea Party and trying to figure out how to save America from Obama.

Check out this video. It's from Bravo TV's: Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. In this clip, Host Andy Cohen reveals to guest Kathy Griffin the results of a poll. The poll is: Whose Side Are You On? Kathy? or Sarah

Can you guess the results?

Let's put it this way. By my calculations, the score is PALIN-2 GRIFFIN-O

Duh, winning...

Sign up for Organize4Palin (O4P) Alerts HERE

On your Cell Phone TEXT: 4PALIN to 74679

Thomas S Schmitz


Palin Promotions

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As published at Palin Promotions.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

54 Republicans Defect on Spending Bill
March 16, 2011

Defections among rank-and-file House Republicans on the latest short-term U.S. spending bill exposed divisions that may complicate negotiations with Democrats on a broader budget plan.

In Tuesday's House vote, 54 Republicans opposed a measure to fund the government until April 8, forcing their leaders to rely on support from Democrats to pass the bill, 271-158. The legislation aims to give lawmakers more time to break their stalemate over funding the government through Sept. 30. The stopgap measure goes to the Senate, where Democrats who control that chamber expect it to pass and be sent to President Barack Obama.

Joining 186 House Republicans in backing the bill were 85 Democrats. Republicans opposing it included tea party-backed freshmen, other fiscal conservatives who wanted more spending cuts and social conservatives seeking to include policy directives in the measure on issues like abortion.

The vote underscored the challenge for House Speaker John Boehner, an Ohio Republican, as he works to reach agreement with Democrats on the longer-term 2011 budget.

A Murdered Child's Prayer

By William A. Jacobson
March 16, 2011

Via Israel Matzav, a translation of the Hebrew prayer hung above the bed of 11-year old Yoav Fogel, murdered in his bed by an intruder who also killed several members of his family, including his baby sister, as they slept:   READ THE TRANSLATION . . .

[Ed.  I debated with myself about linking to images of this horrific crime scene in Israel which was perpetrated by two Hamas terrorists who entered an Israeli home while the family slept. In the end, I have reluctantly decided to provide that link in order to prove beyond a doubt that Hamas is even more evil than we imagined. The terrorists didn't blow themselves up this time. Instead, they butchered their victims one-by-one, and then went back to their Palestinian enclave where they were celebrated as heroes. According to jihadist logic, the Fogel family members were not innocent victims. So, when the Muslim Brotherhood or one of it's front organizations shows up at a public event in your town or on your campus, remember the Fogel family so that they did not die in vain.]


Sarah Palin: '2012 can't come soon enough'

By Sarah Palin
March 16, 2011

Is it really any surprise that oil and gas prices are surging toward the record highs we saw in 2008 just prior to the economic collapse? Despite the President’s strange assertions in his press conference last week, his Administration is not a passive observer to the trends that have inflated oil prices to dangerous levels. His war on domestic oil and gas exploration and production has caused us pain at the pump, endangered our already sluggish economic recovery, and threatened our national security.

The evidence of the President’s anti-drilling mentality and his culpability in the high gas prices hurting Americans is there for all to see. The following is not even an exhaustive list:

Jihadi Women

By The Investigative Project on Terrorism
March 15, 2011

While this week marked the 100th anniversary of International Woman’s Day, which celebrates women’s rights around the world, a new pro-jihad publication is pushing for a different form of empowerment in the “path of victory for Allah’s religion and raising its banner.”

“A Muslim woman lives a tough journey today, with enemies raging at her from the east and the west. It gets to the point where Muslims are targeted as strangers,” the magazine Al-Shamikha – The Majestic Woman – tells female readers. “The enemies wish with the greatest desire to remove her from the truth of her religion and the truth of her role, because they know well how the situation will be if the women entered the battleground.”
The Majestic Woman is the latest in a series of texts speaking to the role of women in jihad, with articles ranging from “Pages from the notebook of a female warrior” to beauty tips and the five pillars of the “Majestic Woman.” The magazine also touches on material and financial support for jihad, but steers clear of military instruction and jihad training.

What Happens During A Nuclear Meltdown?

By James Matson
Scientific American
March 15, 2011

Nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi station in Japan are critically endangered but have not reached full meltdown status. Our nuclear primer explains what that means and how the situation compares with past nuclear accidents

How does a nuclear reactor work?
Most nuclear reactors, including those at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi generating station, are essentially high-tech kettles that efficiently boil water to produce electricity. They rely on harnessing nuclear fission—the splitting of an atom into two smaller atoms, which also yields heat and sends neutrons flying. If another atom absorbs one of those neutrons, the atom becomes unstable and undergoes fission itself, releasing more heat and more neutrons. The chain reaction becomes self-sustaining, producing a steady supply of heat to boil water, drive steam turbines and thereby generate electricity.

How much electricity does nuclear power provide in Japan and elsewhere?
With 54 nuclear reactors generating 280 billion kilowatt-hours annually, Japan is the world's third-largest producer of nuclear power, after the U.S. and France, according to data from the International Atomic Energy Agency. The Fukushima Daiichi station, which has been hit hard by the March 11 earthquake, houses six of those reactors, all of which came online in the 1970s.