Thursday, June 24, 2010

STAND UP!: The substance of McChrystal's criticism

General McChrystal’s statements to Rolling Stone magazine exposed the Obama’s administrations inexperience and lack of ability in winning the War on Terror. This was perhaps the only way he could openly disapprove of the misguided Obama Doctrine. By sacrificing himself and putting country first General McChrystal exposed the incompetence of Barack Obama and his advisors.

While this is certainly not the coup d’état many Americans feel should be on the table in dealing with The Obama Problem, by speaking honestly and candidly with Rolling Stone, McChrystal has revealed something very important… the emperor has no clothes.

The highest ranking Military leader and General in charge in Afghanistan gave Rolling Stone an exclusive behind the scenes look into the War on Terror. It is hard to imagine that the general and his staff did not know that the reporters would include their justifiable concerns of Obama’s unacceptable level of performance and ineptitude in the afghan war. Did General McChrystal knowingly commit possible political suicide for the good of the country? Did he put his own job and career at risk because he knew this is something Americans must be told about their commander in chief? The coming days, weeks and months may shed some light to this potential selfless deed.

We live in a time where politicians will say, be, or do anything to be elected. Once safely elected they do as they please, poll by poll, day by day, crisis by crisis. By using endless crisis to repay political favors and campaign donors, they become less accountable to the people and more accountable to the unions and special interests groups that put them in office. Unfortunately, this cynical political self promotion has become the new normal in today’s political discourse.

At heart, most Americans believe in the kindness of others and would gladly take a step backward so a friend, family member, or even their country could take a step forward. Americans are good people and when left to our own we generally do the right thing.

The War on Terror is a serious matter to Americans. Unfortunately, our commander in chief and those in his administration believe the utopian fantasy that America should build bridges not borders. This naïve approach to military tactics means they engage and understand terrorists instead of expelling them. From Eric Holder finding himself unable to say the Ft. Hood terrorist attack could have been the result of radical Islam, to Janet Napolitano’s ridiculous man caused disaster explanation; Americans know one thing for certain, the War on Terrror will never see victory by building bridges.

As the media narrative of General McChrystal proceeds it is almost certain that one thing will be omitted. By discussing every aspect except the actual substance of McChrystal’s criticism, the lame stream media will again protect their pie in the sky community organizer. The misleading news cycles will continue through November. In November the electorate will have the chance to set a new narrative.

If anyone could have done have more than General McChrystal to expose Obama’s incompetence they should stand up and take a bow. By risking his career to warn the American people General McChrystal echoed our voices in a message to the commander in chief; “hey Obama, it’s we the people, not me the president.”

Thomas S Schmitz

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