Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meet the NEA Activists Who Indoctrinate Your Kids In Public Schools

By EricaThunderpaws

Have you ever wondered why so many kids in public schools are failing the reading, writing and arithmetic tests, yet they seem to excel in the realms of social justice?  Have you noticed how willing kids are to accept big government as the answer to all our needs, and how adept they are at espousing anti-free market views and pro-environmental propaganda?  Have you fought verbal battles with your kids over their views on sexual behavior?  There's a reason for this state of affairs!

Like many parents, I trusted educators to teach my kids the same things I learned in school.  That turned out to be a huge mistake on my part.  Those straight-A report cards lulled me into believing all was well in the classroom, and that I could go on my merry way in life without paying a lot of attention to the nitty gritty the kids were, and were not, being taught in school.  By the time I realized there were some significant issues, my job as a parent/educator became doubly difficult, because I had to help them realize that they were being exposed to propaganda, and anti-conservative values, and at the same time teach them the basic skills they were not being given in the classroom.  In a nutshell, the school was a propaganda mill for left-wing views, and our kids were being manipulated like balls of clay by their "educators".  Those teachers were members of the NEA.

The NEA is not a benign organization created to serve the children.  The NEA exists to serve the needs and political views of union members. There is no right-wing teacher's union that I'm aware of.  If your kids are in public school, their teachers are most likely members of the NEA.  Thus, if you have conservative values and opinions, you would be wise to acquaint yourself with the activities of the NEA.

Did you know that the NEA recommends Saul Alinsky's book "Rules for Radicals" to its members?  The NEA has promoted this radical book on their web site for some time.  After Barack Obama was elected, they became even more effusive about the book.  Of course, once conservatives got wind of Alinsky's tactics, they turned the tables on the left.  When the NEA discovered that conservatives were onto their use of Alinsky's tactics, they amended their website, mentioning that conservative Michael Patrick Leahy had created a similar book for the right.  The bottom line is that the NEA is now much more open about promoting Alinsky's tactics to its members.  The war of ideas is underway.

I first discovered the NEA's admiration for Alinsky when I located a pamphlet on their site called "Putting Our Values to Work", which I have embedded below the fold.  The cover really angered me because of it's treatment of the American flag (a snippet is shown above).  While activism is an American tradition, the views expressed in this booklet are essentially anti-American.  Be sure to read the section that begins on page 19. 

You can bet your last dollar and your child's education that NEA members are, indeed, putting their "values" to work in your kids' classrooms and into your kids' minds.

School choice anyone?

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NEA - Putting Our Values to Work


  1. For the last two or three generations, the National Education Association (NEA) has been (and remains) a far-left activist organization that controls almost all school systems, administrations, and teachers.

    It is pathetic but not anything new. It is, however, time for the power they wield through government funding be drastically minimized or - better yet - eliminated through getting rid of the federal bureaucracy that infects all of us and our children through "education" which really is not that at all, but is instead indoctrination as you illustrate.

  2. Right on! One of the best things a conservative congress and a conservative president could do for America is to do away with the Department of Education because it is inextricably linked with the NEA.

  3. Which is exactly why we homeschooled our kids starting in 1987 until they both graduated. Our son tested one of the highest scores at that time in his GED exam in that city (a 99%) and any time the two kids were tested by the educational system, they aced them with no problem. We homeschooled not to ostracize them from society but to teach them from the books we deemed relevant and true and not watered down with liberal ideals and socialist ramblings. Even our math books were morally based. All these can be found if you search for them. It was not easy but it was well worth our efforts. I am very aware that homeschooling is abused just as with any teaching system, but we were NOT going to allow the NEA dictate to us what and what not to teach our own children. I feel for those who have to send their children to public schools because of everything aforementioned in the article and in your comments. My are beautiful adults with their own children and I am so proud of them. They respect authority, love mankind and yet never allow anyone to railroad them into selfish and degrading ways of life. I had better stop. Thank you Erica for your diligence to keep an open forum to a more balanced and moral side of the issues out there in our crazy world. My hat is off to you…

  4. When I first heard about homeschooling, I was a little queasy with the idea, and in any case, I trusted teachers without question. That was truly naive. Knowing what I do now, if I could turn the clock back, our kids would have been homeschooled.

    The NEA is doing its best to stop parents from homeschooling, so let me take this opportunity to introduce families to the Homeschool Legal Defense Association -

    Go for it!

  5. Good link. HSLDA is making strides in the courtrooms when the situation is legitimate and well documented.
    People need to be aware of their existance.