Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Obama Administration Culpable in Oil Rig Explosion

Resign... or Change, Mr. President
By Kevin McCullough
June 21, 2010

While defending his own policies President Obama has routinely been rude and sarcastic to his precedessor, George W. Bush.  Yet Obama appears to be making the resident of the previous White House look like a genius compared to his own serious misssteps in office.

Case in point -- Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's performance and the communication of priorities on the issue of oil rig safety in the Gulf of Mexico.

It seems incomprehensible that the president and other members of the administration still have jobs when it is now being reported that the federal government was apprised by BP on February 13 that the Deepwater Horizon oil rig was leaking oil and natural gas into the ocean floor.

In fact, according to documents in the administration's possession, BP was fighting large cracks at the base of the well for roughly ten days in early February.

Further it seems the administration was also informed about this development, six weeks before the rig's fatal explosion when an engineer from the University of California, Berkeley, announced to the world a near miss of an explosion on the rig by stating, "They damn near blew up the rig."

It's also now being reported that BP was asking for the administration's help on this matter long before the deadly accident and the now gushing well of tar.
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