Monday, June 7, 2010

Puzzler: Why Is Obama Hurrying Kenyans To Accept A New Constitution?

President Obama is pushing Kenyans to accept a new constitution which was recently drafted by their Parliament.  Typically, Obama wants Kenyans to accept the document in a hurry.  Not surprisingly, the new draft raises several highly contentious issues due to the document's stance on abortion, gays, a provision recognizing Islamic courts (i.e, Sharia law), and issues about dual citizenship.  Hmmm.  Do you feel the hairs rising on the back of your neck yet?

Kenya's Parliament opens June 8th, which explains why VP Biden will arrive in Kenya this evening, where " . . . as a show of confidence in the Proposed Constitution by the Obama Administration, Biden is expected to announce funds the US will be dishing out to the Government in support of the process, according to US Ambassador Michael Rannerberger."  I guess America has a lot of spare money to give away to Obama's 'homeland'.

'No' Team:  Why is US interested in our internal affairs?
By Munene Kamau
Standard Media
June 7, 2010

Leaders opposed to the Proposed Constitution have defended themselves against claims they are opposed to having a constitutional dispensation.

At the same time, the group that took its campaigns to Runyenjes in Embu questioned the interests of the US Government in the Kenyan constitutional affairs, saying President Barack Obama’s administration was pushing the local leadership to adopt the draft.
Questioning the interests of the Obama’s administration in the "country’s internal affairs", Ruto and Linturi claimed the visit to the country of US Vice-President Joe Biden was intended to push the country’s leadership into ensuring the passage of the draft constitution.

"What is the interest of the US Government in our review process? This is an internal affair and Kenya is a sovereign state," said Mr Linturi.

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  1. Barry just wants to shape up his country of birth so he can be prouid of them - or maybe to ensure he has a place to exile to pretty soon ...