Friday, June 4, 2010

A Challenge To America's Youth on Facebook

The following message comes from the Dallas Tea Party organizers, and is an appeal to young people everywhere to rediscover America's exceptionalism, and to seek their involvement in our future.  To that end the DTP has created a special group on Facebook.  If you will share this message with your young friends and family, who knows what good might come from their participation.

Fellow Patriots,

Whenever I have a serious discussion about the troubling circumstances that this country is facing, inevitably the conversation comes back to Taking Back America's Youth. We all know that our public education system isn't teaching our children about American Exceptionalism. We know that the Entertainment World, the Media, and Higher Learning does everything to tear down the very foundations that our Country was built on.

Today, we are going to start Fighting Back. We are going to start by having a conversation with our Nation's Youth. What better place than a social network?   Facebook. We want this to become a place where Youth talk, inform and challenge each other. Eventually, this will be the launching pad for starting Youth-Led and Run Tea Parties in High Schools and Colleges and Universities. That's my Dream.

The group name on Facebook is "Restoring America". Here's the link.

I'd like to keep this site available for the Under 30 group. Please help me to keep this focused on Youth so that they can share freely. And, for those of us, that have a little more time to be "seasoned", let's try to just observe and let the conversation and networking occur naturally.

Now, here's what I need your help with....

Please forward this Facebook page to all the young people you know: children, grandchildren, extended family, church youth groups, etc. You can help to encourage young people to try it out.

I know you all are committed to our Youth and not just because they are our Future but because We Love Them! Thank you all in advance for helping.

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  1. I don't use Facebook anymore. I had an email attack which came from that website and also, after reading that Facebook is attempting to take over the internet ( I decided to discontinue my membership. Too much of people's personal information and cross-references are being made in all aspects of the internet. If you buy a sweater from the internet, they can detect that and show you 25 of your friends who bought similar clothing. That is the direction they are taking in the "cloud" of communications. I don't want any network, especially the internet, to have that much information on me. So I will NOT recommend it.

    I understand that BECAUSE of that huge resource, people can use it to congregate ideas but I just do not trust Facebook to sell out my information to whoever pays them the right amount of money for the information.