Sunday, June 27, 2010

Muslims: "A grain of truth is needed to make a mountain of lies believable"

Understanding Muslims' Mindset
By Amil Imani,
June 27, 2010

Diffusing the present dangerous confrontation between Islam and the West demand rational, impartial, and cool heads to untangle facts from myth, understand the Muslims' mindset, and redress any grievances on either side.

The Muslims' perennial complaint is that the imperialist West -- all colonial powers of the past, as well as the United States of America -- has victimized them for decades and even centuries and continue to do so in every conceivable way.  The litany of the alleged wrongdoings by the West is encyclopedic.  To begin with, the West has shown utter contempt for the legitimate right of the Muslim nation by arbitrarily dividing much of the Islamic land into fractured entities, plundering its resources, and topping these crimes by installing in its midst its illegitimate stepchild Israel -- a huge thorn in their side, so they complain.  "A grain of truth is needed to make a mountain of lies believable" is an old saw.  In fairness to Muslims, there is some substance to their claims against the West.  For now, let us focust on the general mindset of Muslims, which bears heavily on the hostility toward the West -- a serious hostility that may bring about the dreaded Armageddon.
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  1. Why is it do you suppose that the Obama administration is holding "secret talks" with Hamas as we speak???

    What the hell is going on here???

  2. If Israel is an illegitimate stepchild does that mean Jesus Christ is nothing?