Sunday, June 6, 2010

Introducing: Gianluca Zanna - Patriotic Music Composer

Recently I came across some great American patriotic music written by Italian-born Gianluca Zanna.  He became a naturalized American in 2005 and lives in Arizona.  Zanna expresses his passion for America not only in his songs, but in these words from his website.  Awesome!
I made an official oath during the ceremony of my Citizenship,  to defend America against all enemies, foreign and domestic...

And I am here to renew my oath, to defend America and its Constitution even with my life if necessary... and I add to my oath, that I am ready and willing to join and defend all the American people that love this Country and they are fighting this historical struggle against Tyrrany, the Illegal Aliens invasion and the New World Order.

So, my dear Illegal invaders that come to America with the object to conquer, divide and suck our Tax Dollars, Dear corrupted politicians on the payroll of Foreign Countries like Mexico or China, Dear Racist organizations with reconquistas' dreams like la Raza, dear New World order and neocons globalists that want to destroy our sovereignty and our Republic, dear Communists and Troja horses on Americna soil that are trying to destroy our Constitution and Heritage...  Today you have a new enemy... and that's me.

I may be just an average person, but I remind you dear enemies that average men and women made this Country Great and Free!  From now on, I am not an Italian, not an immigrant, not anItalian-American, not an American-Italian, not a minority, not a majority or any other bullcrap the politically correct will try to name me...

I am just a proud American who is ready to die for his Country and for his fellow Americans.

Gianluca Zanna
Order Zanna's music here or here.  

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