Thursday, June 3, 2010

BP Video Explaining Company's Efforts to Kill The Spill in the Gulf

Senior VP, Kent Wells, Exploration and Production for BP, explains in this May 24, 2010 video the methods and teamwork the company is using to kill the oil spill in the Gulf.  You will not see this video on the nightly news.  The video cannot be embedded here, so click Technical Briefing to watch the presentation.


  1. Gee ... I wonder why they didn't have the "expert" James Cameron of "Titanic" notoriety do this video???

    A very helpful presentation by BP which helps to explain the true difficulties with such an effort. Sorry, Mr. Cameron, but positioning a robo-vehicle is not even in the same ballpark and so far as I know you've never drilled, completed, nor fracced a well - let alone one that has "gone wild" thousands of feet under water.

    Perhaps if you keep kissing up to Barry, you'll become our new "underwater czar"???

  2. Very well said Wells,your explanation is very clear and the plan is such a big help in order to kill the oil spill in the gulf..!!Thanks for this post..!!

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