Thursday, June 24, 2010

Angelic Faces, Lilting Voices, Singing a Prayer for Martyrdom

THIS is how and why Americans face an unending supply of Islamic terrorists.  These children are taught from the cradle to hate Jews and non-believers.  They are brainwashed to expect death to honor Allah. We can only hope that God will save these children from the horrific fate imposed on them by their parents, teachers and religious "leaders."  In my view, this video should go viral across America.

1 comment:

  1. The pre-teen little kids are - like similar ones everywhere - truly appealing and cute. The 20-plus character is apparently their "handler".

    It is truly pathetic that a pagan, barbaric "religion" would have the morel corruption to steal the childhood of the kids, preach unending hate and violence, and help further the deaths not only of these kids as they later try to act-out the brainwashing emplanted in them, but the death of the other people they will kill.

    So much for the "religion of peace and love"!! It sickens!!