Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Democrats Tend to Believe They Are Above the Law

Rosemary Lehmberg arrest photo from video
Generally speaking, Democrats place themselves above the law, above rights and liberties of others; unless, of course, it is a person that does not belong to the Democratic Party of the United States. President Nixon tried to coverup Watergate and committed perjury; which Democrats immediately put together charges in a plan for impeachment hearings. President William Clinton had sexual relations with a young intern in his workplace (no outcry from the usual feminists), the White House Oval Office, lied on public television to the American people as well as in sworn testimony. He did not resign like Nixon, but instead underwent impeachment proceedings, where the US Senate would not provide enough votes for impeachment. Now, this president with several scandals in his administration, one causing the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and US personnel, remains untouched and still using his executive order pen to bypass the US Congress when they do not do what he wants.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Constitutional Sheriff David Clarke Wins 2014 Primary Election

One of the great victories of constitutionalists across America this election year is the primary election of Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. - defeating the Michael Bloomberg anti-firearm and anti-Second Amendment organizations backed by his wealth. It is expected that Sheriff Clarke will also win the November election, reelected as Milwaukee County Sheriff.
Sheriff David Clarke is a constitutional sheriff, which means he honors his oath of office and encourages citizens to defend themselves and their homes from criminal predators, as well as communities according to the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
It is also a win for the National Rifle Association (NRA) for whom he has been a guest speaker for the right to carry and use firearms in defense.

Another Executive Order: Feds Take Over More Land

The kind of president we have now is the kind one wonders what he is going to do next …
I received an email from Rep. Cynthia Lummis who is trying to stop another federal land grab.
I reprint the letter from Rep. Lummis from her venue she calls “Cattle Call” in Wyoming …

Hillary and Romney to Run in 2016?

Political disaster is in the news, if it be more than speculation …
Mitt Romney is putting together a campaign to run in the 2016 Republican primaries, but a CNN poll has shown that voters would support Hillary Clinton over Romney 55% to 42%.
If the Republican Party elite choose to back the GOP poster boy of 2008, it would be a disaster. If voters vote for Hillary Clinton in primaries or national presidential election of 2016, it will prove that voters do not care about corruption and leadership who takes responsibility (Benghazi tragedy).

Ferguson, Missouri: An Event That Should Not Happen in the 21st Century

Looting Nothing to Do With Issue, AP/David Carson/St. Louis Dispatch
The Ferguson, Missouri events have been well-televised and reported. It is reminiscent of the Watt riot and other incidents of an era of racial violence that should have ended in the 21st century; especially with the first 'black' President of the United States, who promised in 2008 that he would strive to promote unity and dissolve the racial divide. But like the shooting of Trayvon Martin, this president makes comments before any judicial action is taken and renews the flame of racial hatred.