Thursday, June 10, 2010

Remember This Picture: Hillary's Hugfest With Ecuador's Dictator Rafael Correa

Someday Hillary Clinton will run for President again, and when she does, I hope this image and story resurfaces.  Clinton is a clone of Obama when it comes to radical left-wing policies.

Hil's Ecuador Lovefest
Editorial, Investor's Business Daily
June 9, 2010

Dipolomacy:  Yes, we know U.S. foreign policy in Latin America is to keep our friends close and our enemies closer.  But Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's flattery-filled visit to Ecuador's Rafael Correa took it a bit too far.

The hug she gave Ecuador President Rafael Correa on Tuesday was enough of an eye-opener.  Then came the olive branch:  "We have reached out and feel very much as though we are forging a new set of relationships," she said at a press conference.  "It's the 21st century.  It's 2010.  We're not turning back."
But Correa's Ecuador is the last country whose goals the U.S. should be agreeing with on anything. Correa is one of the most anti-American leaders in the hemisphere. He has trashed democracy in his own country, taking over the National Assembly by ousting elected lawmakers on spurious legal grounds. His rubber-stamp legislature now structurally resembles that of communist Cuba.
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  1. Hildabeast looks as though she's got the hots for Correa and is about to draw him in and plant a big, sloppy kiss on him - yuk!!!

  2. This is smart. If a democrat had to be President it should have been Hillary. Smart, Tough, Resilient.