Thursday, June 10, 2010

Academia-Gate: Paid Activist Research Request for Mini-Proposals

Academia-Gate:  As Big Labor and Media Push 'Researchprop' on Our Kids, Who's Really Paying the Cost? (Part 1)
By Liberty Chick
June 9, 2010

Yesterday’s story on the “Cry Wolf” project has exposed a dangerous pretense that has been prevalent, yet well disguised, for some time in our institutions of higher learning. It’s an important post.  A small committee of professors and academic professionals, normally held in high regard, have blatantly betrayed the trust of the public and quite possibly smeared the reputations of all colleges and universities nationwide.  By soliciting “paid activists” to create research papers that are intentionally designed to silence opposing viewpoints, they have undermined the political system and manipulated the governmental policy making process.  And in the meantime, they’ve also implicated all of academia in the manufacturing of their propaganda.

It is an abuse of their power, and an abuse of the institutions they represent.  It is appalling and repellent.  Perhaps even against their employers’ rules or the industry’s ethical code.  Consider it an ominous warning -- this will have a dire impact on our political and economic system in the future, if we remain apathetic in the face of such a rhetorical and intellectual assault.
These so-called scholars have freely admitted, in their own words, that they intend to "undermine the credibility and arguments" of those wh happen to hold opposing viewpoints to theirs.  No unbiased research methodology, no respect for the opinions of others, no intellectual honesty.  Just pure propaganda, put to the service of their ideology.  That's not scholarship;  it's naked advocacy.
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