Monday, June 28, 2010

Historical Documents Prove Vattel's Writings Were Used By Our Founders To Define "Natural Born Citizen"

Bloggers on now state they have found documentation from the revolutionary era that proves the framers of our Constitution used Vattel's writings to define the meaning of the term "natural born citizen" -- a hotly debated issue. UR is a group of university historians--not your average blogger, so their research is important. They plan to publish the results of their research either in a professional journal or perhaps a book.

When the link opens, scroll down to the June 18, 2010 comment.  If you haven't already read the column from start to finish, this would be a good time to do so.  If you search Jefferson's Rebels, you will find numerous articles on this topic.  Use either the keywords "vattel" and/or "natural born citizen."

UR folks…
Any progress on locating additional historical documents that show the “natural born citizen” to Vattel link?

Allegedly, there exists some Adam’s family, and Lee family papers that have not been seen by the general public, that prove the framers got their definition and understanding of a natural born citizen from Vattel’s work.

When might they, or other documents, be published?

The country is devolving by the day now.

We need relief from the usurper and his cronies.

Yep. We have the definitive proof of the Vattel link to the Constitution straight from historical documentation. 
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  1. The claims made by the folks who operate that blog seem ill-regarded at best. There have been numerous attorneys who have done significant research into the eligibility issue using the very same resources this blog has used.

    The blog is not that active and in fact sometimes has great time gaps between posts so that also seems odd. It's tough to comprehend why various posters on the blog sound so much alike and seem to take great glee mostly in loudly proclaiming "they found it first" or similar claim in relation to some of the numerous (and available) early American documents.

    Probably even stranger is the almost conbinual hintng of wonderful papers as yet uncovered from this or that Founder that will prove some point they try to make - yet the papers never appear. Seems childish.

    Even more bizarre is the frequent harsh, vociferous public attacks they make on almost all of the other attorneys, military men, and just plain citizens who are part of the on-going effort to help rid us of our Nation Nightmare; an ineligible CIC (Chief IslamoCommunits). One would think they would be pleased with any such efforts whether the efforts are in formal legal actions, in military courts, or in any of the many different citizens grand juries, tea partiesa, and other efforts - I certainly am though of course some are better than others. Regardless of that I don't go around publicly proclaiming how defunct the "rest of the bunch" might be. That merely help those working to help Obama and is exceedingly counterproductive. Quite odd!

    Rather than being pleased and wishing well to the others doing whatever they can, this particular blog-nest seems infested with hate-mongers who are out to denigrate anyone who does not follow what they seem to think is their "lead" ... which I believe is both a self-serving and an inaccurate description of their efforts - sort of a "my way or the highway" philosophy that rightfully turns many away and actually leads nowhere.

    Perhaps this group - which seems to be fairly small - does not realize that if they really WERE withholding "secret information from the Founders" (and that claim has been made many times at other places on the web), that they would not only be helping the man they believe to be ineligible, but they might in fact be committing treason or a misprison of treason or other crimes. Perhaps their legal acumen is so slight that such thinking is beyond them.

    At any rate I've found the blog to be of very little help in understanding why a man who has never shown himself to hold the office he now occupies is still IN that office. Possibly an attitude like theirs helps him to stay there. Could that be their aim?? I don't know but I'll surely look elsewhere for useful unbiased information.