Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Pledge of Allegiance Comeback...Kinda Sorta

Massachusetts School Offers to Allow Pledge of Allegiance -- but Not in Class
By Todd Starnes on Fox news
June 29, 2010

Student Sean Harrington appears to have won his fight to bring the Pledge of Allegiance back into his Massachusetts high school-- except the principal's proposed solution leaves the daily honor to the nation's flag literally hanging in the hall.

Charles Skidmore, principal of Arlington High School in Arlington, Mass., has offered to allow students to recite the pledge before school begins -- but in the school's foyer and not in the classrooms, as 17-year-old Harrington had hoped.

Kathleen Bodie, Arlington superintendent of schools, told Fox News Radio that “The principal wanted to be very respectful about the pledge and be sensitive to the Supreme Court ruling that students are not forced to say the pledge. He wanted to be sensitive to the diverse group of students we have.”


  1. Clearly even when in the classroom - the proper place for it - the flag may be honored with the Pledge and those who don't "wish" to do so would refrain ... and everyone would realize which side of things they are on which is quite proper.

    When I was in class (must have been the dark ages, eh?) even the teacher participated in the Pledge and the teacher was usually the one starting it.

    I surely don't see things have changed for the better despite all of our tax money flowing through the Dept. of Education's coffers. They seem drunk with funding. Time to sober them up to live in the real world!!.

  2. The Pledge of Allegiance has been gone from the schools for so long now that most young people can not even quote it. Yes, things have changed. Much work is needed to repair the damage these insane changes have have caused to our American culture. It is hard to recognize anymore.