Saturday, April 11, 2015

Reflections: 21st Century Beginning Not As Hoped

Reflections after looking at visits from an international audience, I can see that the Internet belongs to the People – not governments. This is true no matter what nation you live in. Once upon a time, the United States was a role model – not for democracy, but for the constitutional republic, freedom and liberty, and the rule of law For the People and By the People. Because of our bankrupt foreign policy, perpetuated by politicians who approach problems with the same failed domestic/foreign policies; we are no longer looked upon as such.
This does not mean that I have given up on my country, or not loyal to my fellow Americans, or intend to use the apologetic approach of Obama and Kerry; but looking at problems objectively with an agenda toward true reformation. That can only happen by We the People and that being true for all people from any nation.
In order of visits to my blog [I am only a guest writer here], the following are the principle readership of that blog: US, France, Germany, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, Australia, Turkey, and Indonesia. Hopefully the translation widget has helped in the international audience.
It pleases me that France is the leading foreign nation that has the most visits. Americans have not been looked upon with friendliness since the days of the snobbish deGaulle socialism or the Napoleonic period, but that does not prevent my objective look at France and the French. France has been, over the centuries, the icon of culture that spread across western civilization. The French aided us when no other nation would during our revolution to become a sovereign nation.
The Webster American-English dictionary has many French derivative words for good reason. When the first Webster dictionary was published, French was considered the language of diplomacy. Today, it is hard to find French classes in the school curriculum because the government that controls our education is forcing Spanish as the second language – something not required nor wanted by many Americans. English is the official language. The Founders never thought it was needed to put that in writing; despite the warning of Benjamin Franklin (first US diplomat to France) that it was doubtful the constitutional republic would last as generations passed.
It also saddens me that France is becoming overrun by people who immigrated there, not to assimilate, but to subjugate. The same applies to the United Kingdom, particularly England. Such a history it has, good and bad, now allowing Sharia law to infiltrate its system. Our economic system (as well as language) comes from England. It has evolved, but the American economic system was established by Alexander Hamilton, our first Secretary of Treasury, who used the British system as a model.
It is good to see Turkey on the list. The Turks has had a tumultuous history, but should be proud of their change to a republic, thanks to their George Washington: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. He was so impressive that an English lord [Kinross], who was a British officer against Turk forces fighting to against the Ottoman Empire and European nations seeking to carve Turkey up, wrote the first/best biography available of in English. Lord Kinross also wrote about Ottoman Centuries. Like our George Washington, first general and first president of the United States, Atatürk was a competent commander, shrewd politician, a realistic statesman, and a man of visionary enlightenment. It would sadden him if her were alive to see the state of politics in the Republic of Turkey today – leaning toward Islamic Jihadism. But that is the leadership, which does not always represent the people of any nation. When others were persecuting and expelling Jews [i.e fascist Spain in 1930s], Turkey was accepting them as immigrants. The Turks remained neutral in WW2, but joined NATO and participated in the Korean War with US troops, gallantly.
In the vein of the Big Picture concept, looking at things from outside of the box, dreamers believed that the United Nations would be the door to an alliance of nations modeled after the unified states of the United States with a central global government. The problem is that without a universal language established and that centralized global government does not recognize the sovereignty of each individual nation, it would/will end up as the European Union. Others have envisioned this concept only for economic and/or political centralized power. And, as Benjamin Franklin had warned, the People would become apathetic and constitutional law would be weakened by selfish politicians and an selfish, apathetic population of citizens.
In this 21st century, one would think that we could go beyond all of that, united to search among the stars for knowledge and expansion. It is what caused the discovery of the 'New World' in the late 15th century, but this could happen with an alliance of nations.
The 21st century has turned out to be a battle with theocracy, a system that is governed by 7th century thinking and using tools of terror and fear to establish its rule and global agenda. In the meantime, Christianity is once again being persecuted, a religion that has come a long way since its medieval theocracy.
People of the nations should be concentrating on exploring the universe, not war and genocide. The first World War was to end all wars, then there was World War II, which ushered in the Cold War and the concept that if conflicts were fought at a smaller scale, World War III could be prevented. Unfortunately, rogue national leader have muddled those dreams
and the United Nations has become the outcome of a poor social experiment.
Freedom and liberty are just words unless they are implemented and protected By the People who ensure that who they vote for respect the rules of law that promote liberty and justice.
It would be delusional to believe in Utopia, but it should not prevent us from ensuring that a better world, an alliance of nations on planet Earth, who dream and realize the venture into the unknown universe and the advent of knowledge is the best course of the human species.

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