Wednesday, April 8, 2015

DOJ Issued 100,000 Illegal Alien Permits Despite Injunction

The Department of Justice, like their boss and the Obama Crime Family, apparently do not think they must abide by the law. Despite an injunction, the DOJ issued 100,000 illegal alien work permits and the process for them to collect benefits as if they were legal citizens began.
President Obama is dangerous. He cannot run for office again and it is apparent that he does not care if he operates out of constitutional law. He looks upon Congress and constitutionalists as if they were enemies of the state.
The sad thing, despite plenty of documentation that could start impeachment hearings, it will never happen because as they have claimed all along, it would be racist - and the GOP establishment does not have the intestinal fortitude.
It is sad that the first American of African descent would be the worst president it US history. With all the noble and honest folks out there, could the majority not have chosen someone worthy of that honor? I fear the same thing will happen when a progressive female bids for presidential office, the biggest nightmare would be Hillary Clinton; and anyone objecting to her policies and anti-constitutional actions would be called a sexist - once again staining an historical landmark.
I really do not care what gender or race that an American citizen who becomes president or a member of Congress - as long as they put constitutional law before anything else and get the US out of its domestic economic status as well as clean up our foreign policies we have kept for far too long.

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