Friday, April 10, 2015

Lies: Government Takeover Scheme of the Internet and Its Cost

This is a good follow-up of the last article about truth ...
President Obama told us that the new FCC regulation would make broadband internet more accessible to the people. He lied. He said that everyone should have broadband, but failed to mention it was just a scheme for the tax and spend politicians in Washington, DC.
FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler dismissed the idea of new taxes and fees as a myth. He lied.
Big Government politicians have been trying to get their mitts on the Internet for some time now, and, yes, it is reported that the taxman cometh.
Does anyone realize that the government taxes the same money twice? First they grab their 'share' from your paycheck, then they get more from the myriad of taxes from whatever is left of your paycheck, YOUR income.
Did you know that public utilities are taxed at a higher rate than other businesses? It reflects on your monthly bill.
As C. Michael Shaw wrote:
While the order does not hing and of itself create new taxes or fees, it lays a groundwork for others to do so, without ever calling it an Internet tax. Specifically, states and local municipalities can now increase taxes on property owned by Internet Service Providers because public utilities are allowed to be taxed at a much higher rate than other businesses.Wheeler and others who sold Americans on the Net Neutrality scheme point to the Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA) and say that it prevents "state and local jurisdictions from imposing new taxes on the Internet," but since the Internet is now considered a public utility, it would be the providers — not the Internet itself — that would be taxed. Of course the ISPs will have to consider those taxes as business costs and pass them along to consumers. The result is going to be higher and higher Internet bills — the very thing Wheeler and his ilk say will not happen.

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In mid-March, Wheeler told a House panel that he couldn't, in fact, rule out a new Internet fee to help pay for the government's "Universal Service Fund" (USF). By shoving the Internet into the agency's Title II regulatory scheme — which was set up 80 years ago to regulate the telephone monopoly — Wheeler made it possible to do so. He said a special board representing federal and state governments was weighing whether to impose that tax. Right now, the USF is paid for by a tax added to long-distance bills.

Yesterday, the LA Times reported that the FCC Net Neutrality rules opens the door to a new fee. By the way, there isn't any telephone monopoly, so why does the FCC still charge the fees? It is because it is easy for big government political prostitutes to enact a tax or government fee than deleting it.
Why aren't politicians, those supposed to be running our government 'efficiently' – so creative when it comes to the federal budget?
It is because they are like spoiled children, wealthy spoiled children, who think Daddy (We the Taxpayers) will pay the ever-increasing expenditures of an ever-increasing bureaucratic nightmare we now call the federal government. When things get hot, they immediately blame it all on someone else or some entity – like corporations, oil companies, or former presidents and congressional members (only those of the opposing political club).
April 15th, 2015 is almost upon us and the 16th Amendment has not been repealed, replaced with a flat tax rate. It might sell better if people realize what a grand scam the income tax system is – and how inefficient. A consumption tax is less likely to be cheated upon and everyone will pay it. Of course, low income folks will get a rebate under the rules of the Fair Tax Act – so why are they not for it? Imagine the world without the IRS and their Gestapo tactics?
Reformation cannot take place without enough citizens screaming “We've had enough!” - and then take action. We the People still have the power – use it before oligarchy takes over with the progressive socialists in charge. Truth and transparency in our government will not occur if the people are comfortable being lied to – or naïve enough to believe. 
Among other things, the American colonists began a revolution over taxation without representation. Today the same money, our income, is taxed repeatedly after government (state and federal) take their share. The Constitution dictates that Congress is responsible to budget our national treasury. Not happening.

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