Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Iran: "A Clear and Present Danger"

Remember the political claptrap coming from the Democrat progressives accusing GW Bush of going to war over oil propaganda
Bush did not lie about WMDs
Obama promised to 'change' that. His campaign promised 'transparency' that Bush was accused of not having, but back-room deals and closed door meetings are a hallmark of this administration. 
He did create 'change', but not in the way people voting for him imagined. His domestic policy is just as bankrupt as the Bush administration and Obama's foreign policy is a joke. His sidling up to Iran is going to be a boon for oil purchase. You won't see that comparison revealed in the media. Is nuclear holocaust worth it?
My youth was spent wondering if a nuclear engagement would happen between the former Soviet Union and US. It was not uncommon for preppers to build fallout shelters. Practice air raid sirens were part of every day life and the emergency broadcast test was a common sight on our television screens.
Deterrence is what prevented nuclear disaster. But how can deterrence be used against a violent culture who believes heaven awaits for those who sacrifice their life for mass murder?
The only time nuclear bombs were dropped on a city was after Victory Europe and it was dropped only after a warning that the Imperial Japanese must stop their aggression and the war. But their militant-religious leadership would not let that happen.
Giving Iran the opportunity to assemble a nuclear arsenal would be a holocaust on steroids. Wimpy national leadership, including our own, are making mistakes previously made in history. Remember the complacency of PM Chamberlain and how well his spineless policies stemmed the tide of the Nazi aggression? It took 'Bulldog' Churchill to make a stand and defy the Germans as London was being bombed by massive aerial attacks. The Versailles Treaty was supposed to prevent Germany from building arms beyond self-defense – but national leadership ignored all the warning signs.
History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme. – Mark Twain

We the People need to stop electing leadership that does not pay attention to history, stop political cronyism, and pay attention to reality, not promises of the nonexistent Utopia.

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