Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gyrocopter, Campaign Finance, and Lost Email

As you already know because the media has gone into a frenzy over a Florida postal worker flying his gyrocopter to the Capital no-fly zone to deliver two-page letters to all members of Congress personally there is great concern about Capital Hill security. It was all about dissatisfaction of Doug Hughes over the campaign financing issue. The man did not mean any harm, but it was a stupid action. He could have easily had just mail them like everyone else. Mr. Hughes made a video to let people know ahead of time and informed the Tampa Bay Times what he was going to do. The newspaper staff and editors did not warn the Capitol grounds authorities.
Many Americans are dissatisfied with the way government had been and is operating. This man was upset about campaign financing procedures. Hillary Clinton made the news (again) concerning the Clinton Foundation and accepting funds from foreign sources to use for her campaign treasury – along with refusing to turn over email and deleting them to prevent the State Department rightfully seizing them. It also was against the demand of a special committee investigating the Benghazi tragedy. Still no word as to the investigation of the State Department losing track of $6 billion when Hillary was Secretary of State. Her use of private email for State Department matters was strictly illegal and a national security risk.
The Obama Crime Family administration is definitely the most corrupt in the history of the federal government – and those committing unethical and illegal acts get away with it. Americans have the right to be upset with both Democrats and Republicans for allowing such things to be carried out as far as it has gone.
The mainstream media has carefully hidden the fact that Mr. Hughes is a Democrat.
Nothing new for Hillary Clinton, but this time she may have put herself into a hole she can't dig out of. One could only hope. Boldly she pushes for the presidential election as if nothing happened.

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