Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tax Freedom Day: April 24th and Progressive Tax System

April 24th is Tax Freedom Day, days after the dreaded April 15th tax burden day executed by the infamous IRS. Republicans are sending out email with a questionnaire and a general poll that claims they are for “tax reform” - without any specifics as to how and when it will be implemented. This year the government (federal, state, and local), will take 114 days of your labor to pay into the income tax system. The slick tax system promises a 'return' in the early part of the next year – some will get most of it back, some will get all of it back, and others will pay for both. It is forced income redistribution at its best.
The mainstream media announced that this year was a good year in receiving tax revenue (federal government). Tax revenue increased 4.3% ($1.478 trillion) in the first 6.5 months of 2015 fiscal year. The federal government continues to spend unabated, which does not decrease national debt, but increased it in the amount of $439 billion. Unabashedly, President Obama declared that things are looking better. Like his 'Hope and Change' program the devil is in the details, of which the ignorant indoctrinated progressive peasants fail to realize.
The income tax code was created in 1913 with 400 pages. By 1984 in increased to 26,000 pages, tripling in size between then and now. It is the most heinous scam every devised by a government. Obamacare alone caused 3,300 pages to be added, which now amounts to 74,000 pages of bureaucratic mumbo jumbo that even IRS staff cannot fully fathom.
Jeff Crouere wrote at Townhall that 94% of Americans need professional assistance in completing their tax return.
According to the National Taxpayers Union Foundation, Americans spend $32 billion to prepare complicated tax forms and waste 6.1 billion hours each year. The loss in productivity and cost of implementation of the draconian tax system is $234 billion.
About 119 million Americans are working and they are seeing that their wages do not match close enough to the cost-of-living, and some suffer reduced hours because of the economy that Obama promised to fix in 2008 (and falsely bragged it was better in 2012). In order to make ends meet, both parents must work and about 6.7 million must work more than one job.
Obama brags that the unemployment rate is at 5.5%, but that is a percentage of illusion because the amount of people who have left the workforce makes the total of 93 million Americans not employed, which is a labor force of only 62.7%. This makes the labor force to pay even more of the share of taxation and why the Obama Crime Family continues to seek avenues of approach for new taxes – many that are transparent or given another name.
The estate tax that the House has approved to repeal currently taxes estates at 40%. Democrats continue their lie that it only hurts the wealthy – people they claim they despise, but whose elite political establishment is part of, like Hillary and Bill Clinton. Small businesses run by families have and are falling by the way and/or unable to employ more Americans because of the unfair and cruel estate tax.
The entire income tax system is unfair, cruel, intrusive and unconstitutional. It is a direct tax against what the American people earn and it constitutes a system of multiple taxation and so-called fees.
Even the proposed system offered by Senator Ted Cruz (TX) is second best to the repeal of the 16th Amendment and instituting a consumption only tax system at a flat rate: close down the IRS and allow Americans to complete their tax forms on a postcard. That alone would boost the economy and bring heart and ability of investors to invest more.
 “No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.”... Samuel Adams

The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money. [Margaret Thatcher]


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  1. Yup. I have always done our taxes. Prior to 2012, pretty much every year we had to pay in, as our boys one by one, became too old to count, even though they lived at home.

    In 2012, we retired and moved and found someone to do our taxes for a very reasonable amount. Last year, and this year, we finally got some of our money back.
    And two of our boys are living with us again because they can't find work.

    As annoying as taxes are, what annoys me is the double taxing. When we get a refund, and then THAT money is taxed as income next year.

    I had hoped for change after the Republicans were given control of both houses. They showed their arses to us all and have done nothing worthy of our loyalty.

    I quite frankly don't expect that any candidate for President next year will actually change or be able to change anything. I just know I don't want another bleeding muslim communist in office.

    Thanks for standing strong. God bless you and your family.