Saturday, April 25, 2015

Government IS The Problem - Let's Find A Solution Now

In Ronald Reagan's Inaugural Address in January of 1981, he correctly stated:
In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.
The interstate highway system, California’s aqueducts and UC higher education system, the Panama and Suez Canals, national parks, the Internet, a sustained rural power grid, many small city main streets – these accomplishments and others have helped improve quality of life and economic productivity. They would never have happened without the vision, energy, and resources of government. So government can clearly be the solution.
The Internet, for example, was not created by the government and neither was the power grid. It was invented and put into implementation by private sector inventors with a vision and visionary investors. The Internet has done so well because government was only allowed limited control, but that is soon to change with the control freaks of the Obama administration. Indeed, Bell Telephone was the first communication entity, which was handled by the government until the US Supreme Court decided it best not to be a monopoly entity and turned it over to the private sector.
When Ronald Reagan became president the highest tax rate in the progressive income tax structure was 70%, and coupled with inhibiting regulations and corruption, it had ruined the economy of the 1970s. That changed during Reagan's administration and the economy picked up, and when the Internet took root, that also provided a positive implement toward a stable economy.
Last year, in 2014, a poll was taken as to the list of important problems facing the United States – and the government was listed as the top problem, with the economy following behind along with unemployment, national debt and the healthcare situation. Yet, Americans who think that government creates more problems than it fixes, they still choose politicians that promise them and implement increasing government control over the lives of individuals. Members of Congress have a spend-and-tax attitude in various levels, yet they often serve a lifetime in the US Congress.
Every nation needs government, but a government that is not limited in its powers and a check-and-balance system in place is not efficient nor beneficial to the people. A government that is not For the People and By the People is doomed to chaos and corruption. The founders of the United States and architects of the Constitution of the United States and its amendments knew this. The Constitution was carefully considered and written to make it a lasting document that could be changed as required by adding or deleting amendments. It is a sound system, however, only if the people protect it by ensuring that those they select to be representatives and senators in the US Congress are constitutionalists and abide by their oaths of office. The check-and-balance system has been polluted because of those who seek power and enact corruption; helped along by a people who have pushed the executive office, the President of the United States onto a sort of pedestal. It is also partly because of the ideology that a president is blamed for everything, when it is the legislator is the one who writes the bills and passes them. The president fails in his/her duty when they do not properly exercise the veto, a system improved by the “line veto”. A president does not have to veto an entire bill and can surely send a list of what is thought should be added and/or deleted. Too often, bills passing Congress are not signed by a president because political reasons, and not constitutional or common sense reasoning.
In brief, our government has grown in bureaucracy which in turn has made it less efficient and certainly taking upon itself powers that are limited by articles of the US Constitution. Certainly the blame falls on elected individuals, but in reality, it is the people who put those individuals in office to be trusted to operate OUR government.
The corruption in government is caused by a very old entity: money. Businesses wheel and deal with politicians in order to gain favor and promote what is required for a businesses financial success. Too often, thanks to a corrupt media, candidates for office are judged by how much is in their campaign treasury. Also, it costs a great deal of money to operate a campaign in order to travel and reach out to the people for support and their vote.
No president is going to have a perfect administration or choose perfect people to operate the agencies and departments that the president is in charge of; but when a problem occurs or there are indications of corruption or inefficiency – the president should be the first to announce this and take action to correct the situation. Since We the People have put the office of the president on such a high pedestal, too often the executive administration would rather attempt to cover up such situations instead of addressing it and taking action.
Many people will agree that reformation is required, but the ideas of what reformation should be is a joke, at least that coming from the legislative branch.
True reformation would be getting rid of the draconian, invasive, and complicated federal tax system and replacing it with a more efficient, flat rate, and requiring that it can be changed only with a two-thirds majority of Congress. True reformation would be ensuring that the federal government returns to the principles of the constitutional republic established by the Founders. True reformation would be to make sure that legislators of the US Congress abide by the legislation and regulations they impose upon the People. True reformation would be that members of Congress can serve no more than the limitations put upon the office of the President. True reformation would be a legislative system with a constitutional committee to ensure that bills presented for vote are constitutional and do not interfere with constitutional limitations. True reformation would be justices in the US Supreme Court that respect and protect constitutional law and provide the important check in the check-and-balance system.
Presidents should not sign bills and state that it is up to the US Supreme Court to decide whether it should pass or not, like GW Bush did with the Patriot Act and other legislation. Presidents have a veto authority for a reason.
We the People need constitutionalists operating our government and presidents who choose justices for their record of constitutionality, not political affiliation or ideology. We need reformation of our educational system where it is no longer institutions of propaganda, operated by narrow-minded progressives whose agenda is toward socialism and the destruction of our constitutional republic. Education needs to be put back into the hands of state government and the community through a parent-teacher relationship. Our children should be educated with a curriculum that will provide them with tools to become good citizens and productive individuals who take responsibility for their choices; as well as the ability to discuss without being told that what government mandates is all that is allowed to be instructed. Knowledge has always been an instrument of power of the people, it is why the progressives who have commandeered our form of government ensure that only that which the federal government decides what is relevant or truth is what matters.
Someone once wrote, I fail to remember who, that the people get a government they deserve. That is only partly true, because not all Americans believe that more government control makes our lives better.
It astounds me that voters make their choices and promote an increasing government bureaucracy when so many major programs have failed and our poor economy was created and maintained by the government. They allowed them to control our retirement, our paychecks, private business, automobile and other manufactured products, and now provided the government with the authority over our health care that increases the national debt and increasing taxes.
Those that operate our government have established a policy of continuing the same failed solutions to problems and making people believe that problems are fixed by adding more funds.
True reformation will never be established by politicians enacting an oversight agenda and putting it into place. We the People have allowed politicians to corrupt and ignore problems concerning our constitutional republic; therefore it is up to We the People to demand and ensure that those they choose to operate an office of the government do what they are paid to do.

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