Friday, April 24, 2015

Ben Affleck Demonstrates Hollywood Hypocrisy

Ben Affleck made the news involved in a scandal concerning the progressives who operate the so-called Public Broadcasting System (PBS). The gist of it is that Affleck pressured to not release that his ancestors were slave owners while involved in a PBS documentary. Progressives, some erroneously called them "liberals", like to water down and change words to suit their political and cultural propaganda. In this example, censorship is replaced with flowery words/phrase: "collective collaborative process" - key word for socialism is "collective".
The problem with PBS and the NPR (National Public Radio) is that it is big government propaganda and narrow minded - subsidized by your tax money. The question why has never been answered and Congress has never sent its socialist agenda into the private sector where the PBS/NPR would solely rely upon funding and paid advertisement.

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