Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Your Tax Dollars: Free Plane Rides for Central Americans

The flow of illegal immigrants crossing the Texas border is close to the same level as last year and last summer there was an historical amount of children crossing the border traveling from Central American countries courtesy of freight trains of Mexico. Despite having more strict immigration laws than the US, Mexican officials turn their heads, like US executive branches have done for decades, in the landmark invasion of illegal immigration.
Progressives have no drawn line when it comes to spending tax money. Now the Obama administration is providing commercial airline flights for children of illegal immigrants already in the United States using your tax dollars. It is a program added to the already expensive political move to create instant citizens who will become future dedicated Democrats. Parents on the Obama illegal amnesty program are eligible for the free transportation as reported by Judicial Watch and the Daily Caller. The program is tailored for children under 21 who are living in El Salvador, Guatemala, or Honduras.
The government has no estimate of how much this operation will cost, nor has it performed a study to determine the impact upon the economy – which has still not recovered. With a high employment rate still existing, despite the Obama administration stating it is 'better', it makes no sense in terms of economics. Judicial Watch reported that part of the complimentary benefits also includes free education, food stamps, medical care, and living expenses. Those benefits are more than the illegal immigrants were making by working in their native countries. Chuck Rocha, Democratic political strategist, stated:
Every year, 13 billion dollars are put into the Social Security Trust Fund from undocumented immigrants. So if you have immigrants here who are working, who are doing the jobs that need to be done, that's money going into the tax system. People will say that it's free health care, that it's free education. Nothing in this town is free.

This is coming from the party who has been wailing that the Social Security system is going broke and have dreamed up schemes to reduce payouts for citizens who have paid into the system all their working lives.
When the State Department was asked how much the free plane rides will cost, Marie Harf stated:
The price tag? I don't know.

A clear statement that the Obama administration never thinks about budgeting and why it has and is spending more than any other administration in the history of the federal government; driving our debt and national economy into bankruptcy.
Illegal immigration produces a myriad of problems and hurts everyone. The progressive leadership is concerned about the 'plight' of illegal immigrants they call 'undocumented workers' for one reason: an increase in a constituent voting base to increase their power and stronger grip in operating the statist government. 
The Republican record on immigration issues and enforcement of immigration laws is not much better. A lot of talk lately, but no effective action. Meanwhile, the approved border security and fence program, approved by Congress and signed by President GW Bush, remains unfulfilled and unfinished.

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