Sunday, April 19, 2015

US Supreme Court: Oral Arguments Concerning Gay Marriage on April 28th

On April 28th, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on whether to attempt, once and for all, the deconstruction and redefinition of the institution of marriage. The court will then hand down a decision by the end of June.
Read Matt Barber's article at Townhall.
Also read about the fraudulent Kinsey Reports that started it all. The Kinsey Institute still exists at the Indiana University. A film was produced in 2004 as a biographical drama, Kinsey being portrayed by Liam Neeson. It's a Hollywood masterpiece of deception, just as Kinsey's claim that 30% of males have homosexual tendencies.
Matt Barber wrote:
While his “research” has been universally discredited and exposed as fraudulent, ideologically motivated and even criminal, it remains, nonetheless, the primary source behind today’s “sexual orientation science.”
The Liberty Counsel has submitted a court brief to the Supreme Court.

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