Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hillary Hires PR Hit Woman

Karen Finney
Hillary Clinton has a public defender, Karen Finney, her official 'title' is Strategic Communications Adviser and Senior Spokesperson. She is an echo mouthpiece using what Hillary has used all her political life: character assassination on anyone who is not a Democrat and/or a supporter. Hillary has hired her to clean up her public image. Hopefully it will not work this time and enough Americans have awaken from their apathetic trance.
Hinney is using Hillary's tactical ammunition and even key words like “right-wing nut-job (wacko), mean spirited, and all the other labels that she and her comrades play out. The Progressive demonstrations and protests consistently are played out and ends in violence. When was the last time you heard of a conservative demonstration and protest gathering that was violent? It is what socialists do. They could never possibly operate in the vein of truth and when confronted with facts they become like a cornered rat.
If you think Obama is indicative, put Hillary in the White House. If you want to see what Hillary is really like, just talk those who worked for her when she was First Lady - or read the books people wrote about their experiences with her. She makes Obama look like a lamb. Well, come to think of it, Obama is a lamb ready for the slaughter when it comes to his foreign policy.
Hillary is not going to listen to the old advice: “Don't go away angry, just go away”. She is going to go down fighting. She is going to use all of her evil conniving to put the blame somewhere else for her actions. Anyone who disagrees with Hillary or points out her many faults is going to feel the brunt of her attack. By the way, it was Hillary that labeled 'liberals' as progressives; and while she promotes socialist idealism she will deny it as emphatically as her husband when he got caught with his pants down in the Oval Office with a young White House intern, pointing his finger menacingly toward the camera and lying: “I had no sexual relationship with that woman”.

The Hill reports that the recent congressional hearings has revealed the truth behind the facade called “net neutrality” Obama scheme via the FCC …
It should now be clear, even to those who weren't paying attention earlier, that the primary interest these groups had, and have, in net neutrality is their desire to insinuate government in the regulation of speech on the Internet.
The Taxman Cometh ... 
VA Reform? Not an Obama success story - but who believed it would be?

Forty ISIL fighters are back in the United States - or were they trained to perform subversive acts? Why are they not treated as traitors, denied citizenship and exported back from whence they came?

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