Friday, April 17, 2015

Will Raising Minimum Government Regulatory Wage Be Good for Economy?

The Progressives have everyone believing that raising the minimum wage to $15 will be good for the economy. Will it?
MRC-TV does their thing passing around a bogus petition on campus to raise it to $50 ...

The House of Representatives passed the Death Tax Repeal bill that began in 1916 - the same period under Progressive President Wilson passed the 16th Amendment and favored wealthy American moguls with the establishment of the Federal Reserve System - despite US Supreme Court disapproval initiated the income tax system.The bill passed the House with 240-179 votes. It is expected to pass the Senate as well. President Obama has declared he will veto the bill and continue the most cruelest of taxes ever established. Literally it taxes people after they die, via their beneficiaries, usually their families, unless they are escape artists under the non-profit free ride program. The government does not allow anyone to die without paying their last tax. Oddly, China and Russia have no such evil tax. What does that tell you about OUR government?

Jeb Bush shows his true colors as he tells Congress they should approve Loretta Lynch as the US Attorney General despite her agreement with the Obama amnesty and other ways of doing unconstitutional business. His reasoning is that Holder will remain in office longer. But what would be different if replaced by a person with the same political ideology and agrees with the Holder policies? Jeb's brother and their father ignored the growing illegal immigration problem and border security - establishing NAFTA instead of securing the border and even planned a North American Union behind closed doors with Canadian and Mexican leadership. Obama has continued plans from those established ideas, but you never hear about it from the media because Obama is a progressive Democrat. America doesn't need another Bush in Washington, DC. All of them helped to escalate the problem with invasion of our southern border just as much as any Democrat without the amnesty ploy.

  US Attorney Eric Holder is up to his same tricks against the Second Amendment and Senator Grassley wants to know why so many veterans are being put on the firearm ban list. Progressives are using the race baiting ploy in the attorney general appointment holdup. So, Mr. Obama, why not choose someone else?

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