Tuesday, April 14, 2015

FCC Regulates Internet June 12th - What Are You Doing to Stop It?

On June 12th, FCC will implement Obama's plan to regulatory control of the Internet with the agenda to raise higher taxes and fees to counter the Obama administration's over-the-board spending. Unless Congress takes action or a court grants a stay, in less than two months we can say goodbye to probably the last free-market enterprise and symbol of freedom of what is left of constitutional liberties. Without regulations and limited taxes, it represents the last part of the private sector that is not controlled and used as a means to further federal bureaucracy. The FCC already published the regulation in the Federal Register.
Is your representative and senator doing something about this unconstitutional act without congressional oversight and vote for legislation to make the regulatory control legal?
The Internet provided a vehicle of economic growth and opportunity without regulations and stifling taxes. Obama lied when he said it would provide a better avenue for everyone to get broadband Internet. Progressives are control freaks. They want to control your every day life from cradle to grave, and are always looking for new taxes or raising old ones in order to satisfy their spending frenzy.
Federal history has shown that both political clubs (parties) are guilty, more so the so-called Democratic Party, which is a front for progressive socialism with their political agenda right out of the Communist Manifesto and the socialism of Karl Marx. This is not what the Founders created or envisioned. 
Our nation was setup to be a constitutional republic with separation of powers between executive, judiciary, and legislative branches, as well as limitations of power and authority for a good reason. As time passed, those principles have been shelved by the way via selfish politicians and their special interest individuals and groups, and We the People have not performed our duty of protecting OUR Constitution from those who have been elected to protect it and preserve it. Too many of us have relinquished liberties and allowed politicians who ignore their oaths of office and limited powers for the promise of “free stuff”. Too many have voted for politicians who claimed that government can do better than private enterprise coupled with a free-market system that encouraged competition which is a benefit to consumers and the nation's economy. Every major program, especially social programs have not become what was promised.
We do not need politicians, we need statesmen and stateswomen. We should not vote for those who put political clubs above We the People and constitutional law. We need constitutionalists whose agenda is the rule of law, not the rule of the mob or the selected few that operate OUR government. It is why democracy is not mentioned in the articles or amendments of the Constitution of the United States. It is mentioned in the Federalist Papers, but not in a positive light because our Founders were educated in historical events and forms of governments, and were wise enough to create a system that would serve the people and not the political elite or those with money to purchase politicians. Our nation was dubbed as a republic for a reason. A republic that has a central government with specific powers and duties combined with states with individual governments but united under the rule of law – the US Constitution and its amendments.
That form of government became a hallmark of all forms of government and the Founders hoped it would spread to other nations; and indeed, our nation became a role model for other nations. Gradually, this became degraded, despite our military power for defense and our economic power to be prosperous. Socialism infiltrated our system and over the decades the progressive socialists became more powerful with the help of the People. They commandeered our educational system and the idea that more funding would improve that system. It did not because the system had lost the insight of its purpose – to educate our youth, provide them with an atmosphere of open-minded discussion as a tool of learning, and focusing upon the subjects that make a good citizen who can be successful and part of the great economic machine that only free marketing and individual liberties can provide.
As government began to go beyond its constitutional limitations, its bureaucracy grew as well as the cost of government; and over time the federal (and some states) acquired the habit of no longer performing their duty in ensuring that powers were limited and ignoring the budget. They waste funding and spend on programs and purchase their stations within that government. They pass legislation with the pretense of being humanitarian, like the illegal immigrant problem, when in fact it is increased support so their political club can grow more powerful. History shows that his sort of procedure leads to oligarchy and tyranny. It is what the Founders intended to prevent because they had lived under such rule.
Sadly, legal immigrants who appreciate their adopted homeland are more loyal and see the pitfalls of the agenda of the progressives and their naïve followers. They are insulted and angry that the federal government would turn its head, decade after decade, when it comes to illegal immigration. Now the progressives insist that giving law breakers and border invaders a free ride towards citizenship they neither earned or respect. There are always exceptions to the rule, but the majority of illegal immigrants are not here to assimilate, but to invade and change the government system our wise Founders created. They have been brainwashed to believe that portions of the United States is stolen real estate. Among those border invaders are elements of powerful and violent criminal organizations that have created terror and death in Central America. There are among them Islamic Jihadists intent to establish a foothold in the United States like they have in European nations, Africa, and Malaysia. They are enforcing their agenda with the help of those indoctrinated by the progressive socialists who have tainted and ruined our education and political system.
When freedom and liberty is lost, it cannot be regained. Some have the idea that it will take another revolution like what occurred in 1776, when American colonists declared independence from a government who refused to listen to grievances and demand of representation. It is delusional to think a revolution would have the same outcome, for the American Revolution was a unique event in history, and the only revolution that did not end up in chaos and with a government just as bad or worse than the one overthrown.
What should be done is that We the People must take back our power, liberties and rights by being more selective in who they vote for to operate OUR government. We need to reeducate ourselves to what the Constitution is really about instead of what the progressive controlled educational system has indoctrinated. We need to take responsibility as parents and citizens and tell the government they can no longer control our children. We need to return the concept of a solid parent-teacher relationship and put useful and working teaching programs to put the United States back in the top ten educational standards of excellence. We need to teach every generation how and why our government system was created, and, most importantly, why it is necessary to preserve it and protect it from political prostitutes.
Tell members of Congress to block the FCC regulation and let President Obama know we are not putting up with his unconstitutional rule. We the People have mistakenly allowed and provided the avenue of the executive branch gaining power via delusional sense of importance when it comes to operating our government. Powers were separated and limited for a reason.
It is We the People who are going to initiate true reformation and bring back that which the Founders created. To leave it up to the politicians alone is delusional and an ideology that belongs in the fantasy concept of Utopia - a fantasy of socialist-communism.
If you think broadband is expensive now, wait until the Feds get hold of it - and see how your liberties you cherish on the Internet begin to disappear.

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