Thursday, April 16, 2015

Chicago: Taking the Same Road As Detroit

Will Chicago be heading toward what happened to Detroit? 
Street in Detroit or Chicago?
Examining cities that have been controlled by Democrats for decades, it most likely will happen. 
As Margaret Thatcher stated:
The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money.
The answer to the photo question is: Chicago street. 
Larry Elder, Townhall
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, after winning reelection, pronounced Chicago "the greatest city in America." Run by Democrats for more than eight decades, Chicago should serve as a showplace that reflects the wonderful world of "progressive policies." Public schools are a mess, and the city's finances place their bonds at near junk level. In 2013, the city averaged 36 homicides a month, with the majority of them unsolved. CNN aired a series on Chicago called "Chicagoland," starring the city's dynamic mayor. Presumably, Emanuel thought it would show off the mayor as he tackled the city's problems.The eight-part series showed a beleaguered city, struggling to get by on limited funds. In one episode, a valiant but embattled inner-city high school principal literally maps out "safe passage zones" -- routes her students could take to and from school to avoid gang violence. Think of it. A public school principal literally advising students on how they can go to and from school -- without getting shot. Welcome to Chicagoland.
NY Times photo of Chicago after 1871 fire
Mr. Elder concludes his article:
When French President Francois Hollande imposed a 75 percent tax on the rich, the rich said adieu. The revenue from his "rich person's tax" fell well short of projections. Turns out, rich people aren't stupid, French or otherwise. But the lessons of France are lost on Chicago. The lessons of Chicago are lost on the American left.

Chicago today
Draconian strict gun control has not reduced violent crimes.

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