Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Obama Iran Nuclear Deal: No Clause for Israel's Right To Exist

Obama Foreign Policy
You have read in the news about Obama's foreign policy record and how he has insulted and ignored the PM of Israel in his request to be backed up against Islamic fascism; and, of course, the recent disaster of the nuclear 'talks' with Iran. Israel has been wrongly condemned and insulted by the general members of the United Nations. Threats coming from Iran are well documented.
Obama has openly dismissed the notion that Iran must recognize the existent of Israel and cease aggression against Jews (and Christians). Our president has sided with a known terrorist supporter and making way for Iran to be a nuclear armed nation - no matter what delusional rhetoric he has stated or promises (remember Obamacare promises) he makes. Obama is opening a Pandora box that will lead to nuclear chaos and detrimental to our national security and our allies.
Remember how well Bill Clinton handled the nuclear question with North Korea? Giving in to a rogue nation in the name of 'negotiation' is like giving your lunch money to the school bully and thinking that will be the end of violence.

Israel is not only surrounded by enemies that want to annihilate Israelites, but they are being persecuted by nation members of the United Nations, and thanks to Obama, it includes the United States. But what can one expect from the US Democratic Party? FDR put Japanese Americans in interment camps and despite intelligence showing what the Nazi were doing to Jews, Gypsies, and 'political criminals' - he ignored it. Indeed, when a German ship with Jews looking for a safe haven in Florida, after being turned away by South American nations, FDR refused to let those German Jews debark as political refugees. The ship's captain had no alternative but to return to Germany and upon arrival the Jews who had hoped to be free of the Nazi were arrested and sent to the death camp never to be heard from again. After the war, President Truman ignored the reports of American GIs being kept in the Soviet Union, 'liberated' from German POW camps and sent to Russia instead of United States where they belong. Instead the information was suppressed, abandoning men who served their country.

The United States needs to clean up its foreign policy and this can only happen if We the People select only constitutional congressional members and presidents - leadership that establishes confidence and solidarity with our allies and set example for other nations as a constitutional republic - not a democracy, socialist-communist regime, or a caliphate theocracy. When we must get involved in foreign conflict - our leadership must be determined to win. Attitudes must change both in Washington and American society. We the People must be self-educated because the federal government has control of educational institutions and mainstream media is just a political mouthpiece.

In an interview with the NPR, government controlled media, Obama stated that Governor Walker needed to “bone up on foreign policy” a response of what Gov. Scott Walker stated:
President Obama's failed leadership has put him at odds with many across the country, including members of his own party, and key allies around the world. Americans would be better served by a president who spent more time working with governors and members of Congress rather than attacking them.
Last month Governor Walker stated if he were president he would “absolutely” revoke any agreement Obama made.

Charles Krauthammer is a well known Fox News political analyst, but he is also a licensed psychiatrist, and writer for Washington Post who stated :
I mean, we all know that Obama is a narcissist, but this is sort of bordering on the pathological. Given the wreckage that he has left America’s foreign policy in across the world, and I could go through the list of countries but it would take up the whole segment from all the way from Mali to what’s happening in Iran and Iraq and Syria right now. For him to be condescending to anybody on how to conduct foreign policy is quite remarkable.
Looking at the Iran business and other foreign policy issues that Obama has stated were successful, our narcissist president can keep his hypocritical analysis to himself. Hypocrisy is the key word when describing a progressive socialist. Barack Hussein Obama lives up to his name, as he clearly made it clear that Christians are inconsequential when it comes to Muslims at the Easter Prayer Breakfast. Why in the world do they continue to invite him to speak? 
Marie Harf of the State Department has shown that when Obama lies, she is always there to back him up, as Keith Koffler reports. See Also: Six Points.

Progressive Socialists: Obama Fans

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