Saturday, April 25, 2015

It Could Not Happen Here ...?

Jihad Watch by Robert Spencer just posted a news headline coming from jolly old England, a nation member of the United Kingdom, and wrote:
Lutfur Rahman may be looking for work now; I suggest he become the poster child for what is wrong with contemporary Britain. ...because those who should be stopping them are desperately afraid of charges of “racism” and “Islamophobia.” They’re more afraid of those charges than they are of the destruction and damage that these Islamic supremacists leave in their wake. It is good that Lutfur Rahman has been barred from standing for office again, but unless there is a massive change in the British political culture, and this cowardice and appeasement set aside, there will be many more Lutfur Rahmans.
What is happening in the United Kingdom could never happen here, in our beloved United States, right?
Think again …
Stung by a court ruling that would force it to run a controversial ad from an anti-Muslim group on its buses, New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority may adopt a new policy that could let it ban the ad after all.
It is about the AFDI claiming that free speech includes quoting Jihadists who demand genocide or encouraging violence:
The image accompanying the Hamas quote depicts a young man wearing a checkered headscarf over a statement reading, “That’s His Jihad. What’s yours?”
More news headlines and media reports are increasingly reporting Muslims who are arrested for joining the Islamic State and other acts of treachery, siding with and aiding the enemy of the United States and all free nations who murder Christians and Muslims who do not conform to their fanatic doctrine.
Here are some headlines concerning incidents here in US:
Maine” Lacrosse coach loses job for criticizing Islam [criticism was posted on his Facebook page]
After being convicted, sentencing of these Jihadist citizens (those that do not commit a violent crime in US) should be revocation of their citizenship and immediate deportation – never to be allowed to enter US again. Giving them prison time (for traitorous acts) is absurd and needlessly causes problems in crowded prison system and tax funding.
It is time to know that traitorous acts are – and properly dealing with convicted traitors.

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