Monday, April 20, 2015

Global Cooling: Looking for Common Sense and Plans to Adapt

I am so sick of so-called scientists and 'experts' crying about climate change and sporadic weather patterns that is natural history of the planet we call Earth – Terraforma.
The morons of the Nobel council gave Al Gore a prize for his crusade about what he termed 'global warming'. For that matter, when Barack Obama first became president they gave him a Nobel Peace prize for what reason I still have not been able to surmise. Obama has declared that climate change is a national security - not his amnesty program or border invasion on US southern border. The sad and alarming thing is not enough people are laughing at him or showing their disgust with his lying.
With all of this junk scientific jargon, it is no wonder that the general public has a dim view or look favorably upon the scientific community.
Europe has been in the lead of this climate change, the term that replaced “global warming” when the scientist email scandal surfaced (which the media continues to ignore) where they admit that they were following a false lead pertaining to climate conditions and its cycles. The United Kingdom, along with Americans like Al Gore, continue to lead in the climate change deception. It is not that there have been changes and drastic weather patterns, it is that they spend so much time pointing fingers at the use of petroleum products and condemning corporations as to the cause of the natural phenomenon.
The Daily Mail, UK, now reports that the Earth is cooling, not warming, with the following headline bullets:
  • 533,000 more square miles of ocean covered with ice than in 2012.
  • BBC reported in 2007 global warming would leave Arctic ice-free in summer by 2013.
  • Publication of UN climate change report suggesting global warming caused by humans pushed back to later this month.
The whole affair is junk scientists looking for funding and political motives. One who would be wise would consider the problem to focus upon is the infiltration and subversive acts of Islamic Jihadists in Europe who is incrementally destroying western civilization through acts of terrorism, counting upon fear of reprisal, and using religious tolerance in their agenda to become a theocratic world power enslaving the populace and disregarding human rights and the intellectual world in their quest to return to 7th century human history.
Even after the false plight of the polar bear was revealed, created by false information and photo trickery – condemned particularly in one case by the person who actually took the photograph of a polar bear who swam to an ice/snow covered sandbar, not stranded, but appearing so and making it so by media reporting.
Scrat wishes for global warming
In the 1970s, scientists told us that a possible ice age was approaching in the coming decades. Now they are changing the warming alarm to cooling. What can people believe? We can believe what we experience and can see without the help of the 'experts'.
In their zeal to condemn petroleum corporations and other big-name economically needed business ventures, a plank in the Communist Manifesto platform, they insist that it is all caused by human 'footprint'. Yet, they and their complying media fail to see what factors are in play concerning the star we call the Sun. It too has a history of changes. Indeed, one day, eons from now, it will burn out – destroying the Earth in the process. Humanity is so involved with warring with each other and wasting funding on junk science that humans will not have the opportunity to explore and establish colonies in other places, in other galaxies. Generally speaking, humans have a tendency to not see the big picture when it comes to anything important to the human species and where they inhabit.
Anyone who demonstrates that these changes are a natural process is instantly called a “denier” and ridiculed for not conforming to the consensus set up by politicians and their accommodating scientific community. The same situation occurred during the period called the Dark Ages when it was determined by consensus that the Earth was flat. Yet would stare at a circular moon in its full phase and circular sun during the day.
Newsmax reported that a climatologist insists that we are in the middle of a 30-year cold spell.
It is more concerning to imagine global cooling, an ice age, than global warming – when the Earth was mostly tropical and plant life was prolific and fed the huge animals we call dinosaurs.
If you want to see what a scientific consensus can do and more recent than the flat-earth theory, look at the so-called “fossil” fuels where the consensus is that petroleum comes from pockets of the remains of dead dinosaurs and plant life from another age. Finally someone came to their senses and declared that it was as natural a process of the Earth's interior as the forming of diamonds from carbon. Too bad it has not gotten the media and scientific attention the climate change alarmists have given to global warming, not climate change scenario.
The history of ice ages has been more damaging than global warming. During such a drastic cold climate spell – plants die and food becomes more increasingly scarce.
Are the alarmists planning a mass building of greenhouses to grow food in such a climate?
The Darwinian rule is that creatures who adapt, the strongest and who evolve, will survive. Allowing politicians to steal funds by taxing and causing a burden upon “evil” corporations does nothing to prepare for an ice age.
If politicians were the only 'breed' that would become extinct, I say bring on the coming ice age! Have people been dumbed-down enough to actually believe that government can regulate and change natural climate changes? That is what the political establishment and their complying media wants you to believe. Meanwhile, because socialism and oligarchy do not survive economically – the people of Europe and United States are suffering under economic repression and depression. Here in the United States, corporations that provide employment for Americans are being chased away to foreign lands; as well as moving from overtaxed states to other states who see business as a benefit, not something to tax to death.
Solar energy has been around for decades. Why haven't those brainy scientists and engineers who are behind the climate change consensus developing it to be more efficient and affordable. Want to see hypocrisy in action? Try installing a wind-driven electric generating system on your property. A local inn-motel tried and it took two years to get through the paperwork and bureaucracy before the wind mill was installed and generating electricity. And then, despite the owner physically visiting nearby neighbors to ask if it would bother them to have a windmill on the property – after it was installed one of them complained that it disrupted the view of the sunset!
We certainly must continue to be aware of our environment. One of the major reasons why vehicles cost so much today, aside from all the bells and whistles, is because of government emission regulations. It certainly worked because despite what the media and junk experts will tell you – our air is cleaner that it was ten years ago. Part of that is that people realized that plant life is beneficial in the clean-air process. Plants use carbon dioxide from carbon forms of life and then return the favor by providing those carbon forms of life with OXYGEN. Plants and animals are partners in the cycle of life. The more CO2 that is provided for plants the more prolific they are, along with nitrogen and minerals.
The city of Atlanta, Georgia is proud of its prolific plant life in that city – one of the reasons why Atlanta smells better than New York City.
Our Founders established a nation and created the Constitution of the United States and its first ten amendments on the basis of common sense and the wisdom of examining the history of civilization and forms of governments. We the People have lost that common sense because we have allowed political prostitutes and media moguls to rot our brains. The Internet was established and afforded us the opportunity to expand our knowledge and communicate so quickly – but even that form of communication and media source must be scrutinized and sifted to find truth. Now the same government who has failed at every social experiment program is going to take over the Internet, not long after it has taken over your healthcare.
It is time to boo political pimps and media prostitutes off the stage – and insist that we have common sense individuals that operate OUR government. And this should apply to our western civilization brethren in Europe as well in order to provide the rest of the world a good example of what civilized nations should be.
It is a huge task, for sure, expanded by decades of apathy and false assumptions that socialism and communism is better than a constitutional republic that rules by laws of freedom and liberty and government's limited power and authority.
Government and its media, as well as its funded junk scientists cannot solve the myriad of problems we face today. The return of common sense and intellectual discussion that leads to solutions in the field of science and politics will not come as long as the progressives control our educational institutions who teach our children that two plus two equals whatever you come up with and agrees with consensus.
California is suffering from a drought and Oregon got hit with a tornado; while the northeast is battered by record snowfall and rain and flooding combined with an unusual Arctic cold, as well as other places. Is that what progressives mean by 'diversity'?
As I stare at the local weather warning that snow is approaching in two days (April 22nd), I hope no one mentions 'global warming' in my presence - they may get hurt. 
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  1. My hubby and I agree with you about all the 'global warming' climate change hype. He recently read somewhere that sunspot activity has more to do with the climate than puny humans.

    As I understand it, at the time, Obama was given a Nobel prize for what he was *expected* to do. So, I guess they gave it to him for destroying all the racial progress of the last 20 or so years, for turning against all our allies, and for bringing America to socialism than anyone before him.

    Oh. P.s. You spelled Nimoy wrong. ;-)

    Have a blessed week.