Sunday, April 19, 2015

Loretta Lynch: Facts Against Her Appointment Are NOT Racial

Clarice Feldman (American Thinker) artfully points out that if there is any racism it is coming from the Obama administration ... replacing a black with a black instead of replacing someone who believes in constitutional law. Like President Obama, Lynch is being chosen for her race, not qualifications. Eric Holder received unanimous confirmation vote to become US Attorney General, so what could be against him except his record in office and ignoring constitutional law? Indeed, his actions demonstrated that he believes that he, and his boss, are above the law.
Write to the Senate and tell them we do not need another Eric Holder, we need a constitutional US Attorney General, whatever be their race. Why would We the People want another Holder in office? She has proven during interviews that she sees nothing wrong with the unconstitutional act of Obama's amnesty and his defiance against a court order to stop his amnesty program until court action is taken is a hallmark of many unconstitutional acts disregarding the separation of powers and limited powers and authority of the executive branch.
If the Democrats want to examine racism, just take a look at the Ferguson, Missouri affair or how Obama treats long-time ally, Israel; while not addressing the problems with global Islamic Jihadism or ignoring the plight of Christian persecution and murders. Anti-Semitism and anti-Christian in actions, inaction, and words.

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