Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Usual Political Side-Stepping and Campaign 2016 Speculations

Hillary Clinton in her campaign to get support for 2016, has accused President Obama of stalling out the creation of small business in the United States. Kind of like accusing one's boss of something and not admitting to one's own guilt in the matter.
White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest tried to dodge the question concerning the topic by an ABC news reporter, Jonathan Karl, but failed. So, Earnest did what his boss is known for: blamed it on the Republicans. But if any American has been paying attention, it is only recently that the Republicans have had the majority in Congress. Keith Koffler posted an article with a transcript of the WH press conference.

Michelle Malkin, a veteran crusader against the corrupt and broken immigration system has revealed the established corruption taking place concerning the immigration Visa program. Malkin has been targeted by progressive Democrat socialists for some time now.
SleazeBob Menendez” and his staff pressured the State Department to expedite the foreign tourist and student visa approval processes for … foreign beauties.
Michelle Malkin  represents legal immigrants of the United States that is more patriotic and loyal to the US Constitution than people born here. It was falsely portrayed that FOX News "fired" her from appearing on their shows; but in fact it was she who refused to ever be on the O'Reilly show because of entanglement with progressive media mouthpiece Geraldo.

Tom Ufert
The Koch brothers are offering an audition for candidate wannabe, Jeb Bush. One would think that candidates would be leery of their candidate approval with all of the negative publicity generated by the Progressive media. It was thought that the wealthy Koch brothers would be endorsing Scott Walker, but that did not happen. Maybe that will turn out to be a good thing. Unfortunately, the amount of campaign funding is essential to keep up with political rivals in an election campaign, especially a presidential one. Governor Walker's reputation and political record stands out. He also represents the couple of candidates that could actually begin government reformation if elected; whereas Jeb Bush is just another fruit off the Bush tree. Jeb's record and rhetoric do not match. Voters cannot count on him to straighten out the immigration mess and put a stop to invaders crossing our southern border, repeal the 16th Amendment and the Affordable Health Care Act that patriots demand to take place as part of a massive government reformation back to a constitutional republic.
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  1. Pot meet Kettle.
    I will lose any respect I may or may not have had, for the Koch brothers, if they back Jeb bush. Ugh.
    Love the cartoon!