Monday, April 13, 2015

Hillary Clinton is Officially Running for President in 2016

Proving that she has no conscious, Hillary Clinton is officially on the campaign trail for presidential election 2016. To begin, in an interview, she found it difficult to pinpoint her accomplishments as Secretary of State and her campaign rhetoric is all generic and general points of what she actually did.
What should be revealed is two important events that happened while she was Secretary of State: (1) $6 billion unaccounted for, and (2) Benghazi fiasco.
As Patriot Post put it …
You build a marketing campaign around the mirage with a tightly controlled, choreographed public-relations script. And you delete a few thousand emails along the way. Hillary’s Sunday afternoon video announcement was characteristic of a weak candidate with enough unclaimed baggage to open an outlet store. After all, Hillary’s known for three things, none of which are her personal achievements: Her marriage to Bill, her corrupt influence peddling and her personal email server.

Of course, thus far, the Democrats have few presidential candidate prospects to run against her.
Hillary’s voiceover proclaimed that “when America’s families are strong, America is strong.” Yet her party has done so much to dismantle and undermine the family through redefining marriage and 50 years of destructive “Great Society” wealth redistribution. Her party ensures single moms receive their government check and cheaper ObamaCare insurance while married couples are left paying a tax penalty.Hillary Clinton has been first lady, U.S. senator and secretary of state. Yet her campaign website looks more like a cross between a Lady’s Home Journal and an HGTV landing page — nice pictures with places to sign up and engage, but not a single issue stance. But hey, if she wins, maybe she’ll return the silverware she stole when she left “dead broke” last time.

That was one thing I forgot about Hillary – when she left the White House as First Lady, she was informed that items in the presidential residence stays and is not the personal property of the Clinton's. In addition, things on Air Force One were missing when they flew in that plane for the last time with cronies. And the Clinton's White House admin staff glued keyboards and filing cabinets before they vacated as a present to the incoming Bush admin staff. Surprised no one else brought up that moment. It is documented and true. …

Computers were left unusable, pornography was found on both computers and walls, and telephone systems were trashed by the cutting of cables and wires”. [Truth-or-Fiction]

$28,000 worth of furnishings, which two donors were quoted as saying had been intended to become part of the permanent White House collection, not gifts to the Clinton's … the couple had originally sought to leave with $190,000 in gifts”.

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