Monday, March 30, 2015

Fight Against FCC Title II Regulation of Internet

On February 26th, the Federal Communications Commission unlawfully voted to impose Title II that will ruin one of the most dynamic and innovative sector of the private sector economy: the Internet. The FCC is a branch of the executive administration of the federal government and the President is in charge of its operation. President Obama, once again, bypassed Congress and the FCC went along with his will in a ruse to fix something that is not broken.
Western Free Press
Remember that George Soros backed Obama with 200 million dollars and the underlying implications of the various actions that is against our check-and-balance system. They both have an agenda.
The Democrats, which should change their party name to 'Democratic Socialists Party', have countered against our Constitution for decades with little help from the Republican establishment. Indeed, the GOP has gone along with their antics in the name of 'compromise'. No compromise when dealing with constitutional law!
Now that the GOP has majority in Congress, will they echo when they had majority before and let the progressives continue their march to power and eventual destruction of constitutional law? I hope not because that is why so many voters ensured that the Republicans would be afforded the opportunity to begin true reformation back to what the Founders created: a constitutional republic. Not a democracy nor a socialist welfare state.
Congress must convene a committee, yet another, against this new unconstitutional action by the worst president in our history. That means that Republicans are going to have to have intestinal fortitude to fight against not only the propagandists of the Democrat Party, but the complying media as well.
When it comes to the Constitution of the United States and its amendments there is no compromise. If the Constitution requires updating or reforming, that is what amendments are for. For example, when the Prohibition Act was passed, it was later repealed. The same thing must be for the 16th Amendment: the income tax system – an unfair, intrusive, and corrupted system of taxation – replaced with a consumption tax. The Fair Tax Act will do this and We the People will finally be rid of the dreaded, draconian power of the IRS; which also is another executive branch/agency that ignores constitutional rights like putting a lien on one's home and freezing accounts before a person has the opportunity for a trial.
John Thune is the Commerce Committee Chairman and We the People must let him know that he cannot give in to the pressure of the Democrats and Obama.
We the People must never settle for Title II or any such form of tyranny to exist in our republic – along with other problems the federal government has created.
How can anyone trust a government with the Internet, the last icon of freedom in the United States, after the results of their handling our retirement, refusing to set term limits for congressional members like the president, ignoring immigration laws and back-door unconstitutional acts like 'amnesty'; and the Obamacare fiasco?
It is time that Americans wake up, and those no longer in apathetic sleep make sure that the federal government knows we have had enough.
The GOP calls this a 'Trojan Horse' against the Constitution and the Internet. It is time they stop talking and start action.
Hillary Clinton approves of the Title II Internet regulation.
An organization has been established to fight this issue and can be reached at:
Protect Internet Freedom
P.O. Box 2372
Alexandria, VA 22301
Don't forget to contact your representative and senator, US Congress.

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